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Heads up: The Salmon Run shift today is all mystery weapons, which is the most fun way to play!


Almost forgot to share this amazing Blake before the day was over!


Well that's unexpected.


I kind of want this to my my avatar, honestly.


I always wondered if Patreon changed their logo because it was literally identical to Polytron's logo with fewer colors.


You guys ready to ride Penis Mountain?


I hate Nintendo for making this.


Have a good one!


Hmm... so Nordic has acquired Koch Media, owners of Deep Silver, which basically means old THQ is restored. Normally, I hate stories like these but this seems like a good outcome. Deep Silver has been struggling, and the Noridc folks seem like good people


Anime in a nutshell


Now with answers! 1)I was once slapped for squeezing a girl's tiddy. 2)My yoga class was held in the girl's locker room & I was one of only 2 guys in it. 3)During drama productions, us boys and girls shared the same changing room.


We've finally done it. We've reached the end of all memes.


This keyblade is amazing.


These Kill la Kill bloopers are amazing!


The physical collector's edition (meaning the one with a bunch of DLC) of Rocket League for Switch is on sale for $20 at Best Buy, or $16 with gamer's club. I just got a copy!


That Kingdom Hearts 3 leak about Monsters Inc turned out to be real. So that's neat.


PSA: There's a demo out for Crossing Souls where you can play the beginning of the game.


As little as I care about a Venom movie, I will see it day one if Carnage is also in it.


Shadow of the Colossus limited edition was up for sale on Amazon again today and I missed it. I give up.


There's a 711 I stop at frequently at night on my way home. All the employees are my friends now, but none of them are hot girls WHICH IS BULLSHIT.


I ordered the Shadow of the Colossus special edition at Amazon, but ended up canceling it when Best Buy put it up for sale. Except I apparently never ordered another copy and now I won't get one!


Guess who else likes Blake's fluffy ears.


Fluffy ears for catgirl Friday!


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