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I don't know, guys... the Switch is great, but is it a nut you can play with outside?


I like this blood vs semen Splatfest we've got going on this weekend.


Does anyone else think Nero kind of sucks? He's just not fun compared to Dante and V. I kind of hate being forced to play as him.


I was being overdramatic earlier, but thanks for your concern, guys. It's not a dimple nosebleed, though. More like the mucus is red or has tiny clumps of blood and/or scabs in it. Throat's irritated too. Also, sorry for that imagery.


Been blowing blood out my nose so I made an ENT appointment and the soonest they had was the 25th, so I hope I survive that long.


Just as I expected, but much faster than I expected. Wouldn't surprise me if we started seeing Rooster Teeth content on TV soon.


A while back, somebody asked about favorite opening song lyrics. I couldn't think of any back then, but now it's come to me. "Life is hard, and so am I"


Love Dtoid but it's given more more trouble than any other website. Comments work now on my phone, but not my desktop in Chrome. It does work in Safari browser but I can't log in, which has been a constant problem for me for the last ten years.


Hey guys! I found some of these Rooster Teeth First trial codes I got back during Christmas. They should be valid till the end of the month. Use them to watch Gen:lock! It turned out way better than I expected.


Happy Martin Day, guys.


Canada finally gets something cool that we don't get.


Hmmm... Something is not right here...


Lawrence Schick had to leave his job as ESO "loremaster" for personal reasons. No man in history had ever fit a job title better than this guy. He was born for it.


I found this on my old Tumblr and it cracked me up.


Weavile is the only evolution introduced in gen 4 that was an improvement. All the others are horrible monstrosities abandoned by god.


I think I'm actually going to skip Crafted World and buy the 3DS version of Woolly World instead. Apparently it's doing the New Island thing where it only has one song and I really can't stand that.


Man, now I have a craving for French Toast Crunch and I can't find THAT anywhere!




Step 3: Make sure to completely fill the grandma with mustaches. Set aside any excess mustaches for later use.


Crunchyroll anime awards had some questionable winners. Best animation and best ending were all wrong, but mostly I have to wonder how Darling in the Franxx won over this masterpiece.


Tried fixing those overdesigned new Pokemon with some crude edits. Sobble is fine to me, but those other two needed work.


These are the starters I've picked over the years, and my favorite design so far for gen 8. Guess I'm not a big fan of fire designs. I will say, though, that I don't actually like any of the starters from gens 4 & 5, but I do like most of the other ones.


Humble has a bundle just for you guys.


Pokemon YouTube channel has been putting up travel vids for every region. Probably just a fun countdown to the new game that means nothing, but imagine if it did. A Pokemon game where you could visit all the regions!


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