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Something I learned finishing Xenoblade 3: When you continue with a completed save file, you gain the ability to freely change your level without starting over in NG+. If you want to do a lot of side content, maybe wait till you finish the story.


I have finished Xenoblade 3! Truly the longest final boss battle I have ever experienced, so take that as a warning when you get there. In the end, the story wasn’t at all what I expected, and it didn’t click till the end, but it was’t bad.


100 hours and I finally have a use for all those odd shards!


Mio does the same thing with her hands that Pyra did, and it's adorable. Also, did anyone else notice that Juniper inherited Rex's goofy pants?


They didn't mention it in the direct, but you can now change primary abilities on gear in Splatoon 3! Also, if you have Splatoon 2 save data you can play ranked right away with your rank from that game, and get 3 tickets that unlock any weapon.


Nintendo of Europe finds some really great up-and-coming talent for the Xenoblade series. I don't know who does the casting over there, but they sure know what they're doing.


Today will be chill sidequest day in Xenoblade 3, after yesterday's insanity. Still thinking about chapter 5.


I’m on chapter 6 now but I still need a hug.


Gonna need a hug after Xenoblade 3 chapter 5.


I really want to take my time and savor Xenoblade 3, but part of me wants to blast through to the end to see how it all comes together.


I can’t believe the mad lads at Monolith created an entire gameplay mechanic for Xenoblade 3 with its own tutorial and UI element that is used in the first chapter for an hour at most and then disappears forever.


I can't believe I missed Sana's graduation stream because of time zones! Of course it was on the 31st IN AUSTRALIA!


Yep, no other big releases today. Nothing else to get excited about.


Riku has the best casting in the entire Xenoblade series. This is not up for debate.


I wonder how they determine which music videos get animated in GC and which ones are hand drawn.


Well, guess I'm done with MultiVersus since all the characters I play are now inexplicably locked for no reason. I hope it's a bug they'll patch soon.


Apparently, it's the 6th anniversary of my favorite comment being posted.


I know this is a weird thing to post about, but you've all been complaining about the heat so much I'd like to recommend the extra breathable Pair of Thieves SuperFit underwear. Floridian approved! Helped me survive the last two summers.


I think my brain is finally broken because I can’t stop laughing at this even though it shouldn’t be funny.


The Powerpuff Girls is being revived yet again, but this time it's an actual continuation lead by Craig McCraken. He's also doing a new Foster's Home preschool cartoon. No idea why they're using the European studio, though.


The second half of Xenoblade, summed up in one image.


I was not expecting Digital Extremes to announce their new MMO on a random Saturday.


MultiVersus "open beta" starts on July 26th. If you were in the alpha, you can start playing on the 19th. Progress carries over to the "full game", which this totally is and they should just say so.


Looks like Multiversus release news is dropping tomorrow. Or, today I guess in some regions.


Brb, becoming an industry analyst.


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