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GUYS. They're making a PC Engine add-on for the Analogue Pocket! (Also, they're making a new Turbo console called the Duo, but that's not important.)


This is the most important feature to me, so it’s good to hear they still care about it!


Important news:


Guess what today is? HINGA DINGA DURGEN


Apparently the Mario pins are back but you can only get them if you were given a code already because they don’t appear to be sending out new ones.


This popped up in my YouTube recommended and I'm so glad I clicked on it.


Heads up: If you're looking for some Halloween spooks, Amazon has MediEvil on sale for $14. Bought a copy yesterday since I haven't played it yet!


I feel kind of bad for Gods & Monsters or whatever the hell it's called now. Why would anyone buy that game when you could play Genshin Impact for free?


Alright buys, hear me out: Fire Emblem Warriors but it's just Three Houses. With Age of Calamity now I feel this has like a 70% chance of happening.


Excited for the Smash presentation tomorrow.


Not bad at all! PRO TIP: In the radial menu, select the compass and the third option down lets you test out characters that are currently featured in summoning. You get free stuff for completing a combat challenge with them.


I couldn’t resist that HBO Max promo price they had gong on, and last night I blasted through the 3rd season of Infinity Train. It was crazy intense, glued to my seat kind of stuff! Please watch it with a free trial so they can make more!


I think Zelda is probably the only game I'm preordering this fall, because I know the rest of them are going to get some nice Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts.


“Renew Infinity Train” is tending today. Please sign up for a free trial of HBO Max and watch it if you haven’t, or watch it again if you have. Each season is less than two hours long!


Move over untitled goose!


I am never going to want Game Pass no matter what Microsoft does. I like to buy things and own them and play them again later. I already feel like I barely own anything with digital games, and Game Pass gives me literally nothing.


Well, I guess my copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars is lost and gone forever. Supposedly it was delivered in the afternoon but I never got anything.


FedEx has ruined my day.


The director of FFXVI, Hiroshi Takai, worked on the game S.C.A.T. that's being added to Switch Online. It's all coming together...


Well, I guess nothing of significance happened at that Nintendo partner showcase. Haven't seen a single news story about it.


Best anime opening? There is only one choice!


I almost forgot my own birthday in these crazy times. Three decades old today, and I hope the next ten years will be better than the last ten years.


Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you "Happy Halloween, Scooby Doo!", written and directed by Maxwell Atoms, the creator of Billy and Mandy, in which the gang teams up with Bill Nye to defeat Scarecrow from Batman and save Halloween.


Probably nobody else cares, but I found out recently that Raison Varner moved from Gearbox to Obsidian a few months ago. He made my favorite music in the entire Borderlands series and his contributions will be missed!


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