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I only wish this song had gotten into Smash Bros somehow. A battle remix would have been so cool.


Hello, my name is Fuzunga and I'm the only person excited about Byleth. I wanted Three Houses in Smash but thought it was too late. New game tie-ins are back on the table, baby!


Only Sakurai would take the time to teach us how to count in binary.


It gets better every minute!


Dude, the music with that new PS4 theme is so good! I'm never going to play games again because I'm just going to sit at the home screen!


I played over 300 hours of ESO in 2018. Just goes to show how many Switch games I was playing last year.


Garfield Monday, eh?


Just watched The Owl House, and I gotta say Disney has really cornered the market on teenagers in magical dimensions.


Infinity Train season 2 was like if Tron: Legacy and Kingdom Hearts 3 were combined into one thing.




Found this masterpiece yesterday.


Did you know Shadow's favorite anime is Kill la Kill?


Reminder that Infinity Train is on tonight at 7:30 ET!


JANUARY 2020 CARTOON UPDATE: Infinity Train season 2 premiers tomorrow at 7:30 and airs every weeknight. Owl House premiers on Disney Chanel Friday at 8:45 for some reason.


The next Nintendo Direct will be late this month and the new Smash character will launch the same day b/c they've all been slightly early. It will end with the announcement of a new Meteoid sidescroller, which will release this year. No Prime 4 news yet.


Here's something strange about Oddity: On December 31st, this video was posted to a channel using the name Oddity. It has some of the same footage as the actual trailer, but is played off as a joke at the end.


RWBY was the most-watched anime of the decade on Crunchyroll in Japan. That was probably the only place to steam it, but still.


Holy moley, my secret Santa gift JUST shipped. I have no idea what happened, but sorry about that!


Beat nothing recently. Saw a lot of people giving updates and thought I'd chime in.


Crossniq+. that puzzle game Holmes recently mentioned, is on sale for $1 right now. Basically free if you have any gold coins.




"Make sure to snap the picture while I'm falling over backwards!"


I don't know who runs the programming schedule for Adult Swim, but they need to get it together. Cartoon Network had two new episodes of Steven Universe Future today and then Toonami is a marathon of One Punch Man reruns. They're totally out of synch!


This better be the first thing to go in 2020. Starting January 1st I never want to see this meme again.


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