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Hello everybody, if you have a Cohost account you can now bookmark the qtoid tag to see all the posts without having to follow everyone. Remember to tag your posts, though!


Welp, we crashed it already.


I have followed everyone I could find so far on Cohost, as well as everyone that followed me. I'm Fuzunga on there! We will either singlehandedly be the reason the site succeeds or we will overwhelm and destroy it.


This is the best Twitch poll I have ever seen.


They finally had Charles Martinet record new lines for the first time in like 15 years and now people think he was replaced lol


Excuse me, but where in the hell was Splatoon 3: Side Order? The one thing I wanted to see that would obviously be there!


I remember somebody recently complained about Limited Run's packaging. Got this mystery envelope today and it turned out to be Night in the Woods. Return address is literally "Shipping Dept Main Warehouse". Last time it was a purple LRG mailer.


I don't know why it took over half a year for me, but YouTube randomly started displaying handles in the comments instead of channel names this afternoon. They are much harder to read...


Ganondorf is Ganondead. Nintendo really went crazy with their game endings in the Switch era. A lot of incredibly memorable ones over the last six years.


Guys, I found the best game from Summer Game Fest.


All I'm saying is Xbox should not be announcing even more games with no release dates when they already had like 20 announced games they've never even shown footage of.


Xbox, I’m not an idiot. In the year 2023 “in-engine footage” is the same fucking thing as a CG trailer! Come ON!


My expectation for the Xbox show is that it will be a waste of my time, as it has been for the last 10 years. As always, I'll buy an Xbox if they announce a new Banjo-Kazooie 3D platformer, which is about as likely as Nintendo announcing a new F-Zero.


Sonic Superstars is being developed by Arzest, formerly Artoon, responsible for such classics as Blinx, Vampire Rain, Yoshi's New Island, Hey! Pikmin, and Balan Wonderworld. They've also done some good games, but that track record... Tee Lopes, though!


“Speaking of Final Fantasy... get a free burrito from DoorDash.” Legendary moment.


Metal Gear Solid Triangle


It's been ages since she streamed! 😭


Zelda sure does have some weird balancing. I’ve fought two bosses now and took 1/4 heart of total damage, but random enemy mobs have killed me in one hit. Wasted all my fairies to a moblin once.


I don’t understand why Nintendo would lie about Zelda amiibo giving exclusive paraglider fabrics. I spent 90 minutes scanning the same amiibo and got every other item at least four times. Anybody had luck with this?


Zelda protip: The lightroots grow directly beneath shrines, so if you've found a lot of them you can change the minimap layer to the surface when you're underground to easily navigate between undiscovered roots.


I just read that the 4th SpongeBob movie scheduled for 2025 is being directed by Derek Drymon, the show's original creative director from 99-04, and now I am VERY interested.


Actual thumbnail for an official Cartoon Network YouTube video.


Now Discord wants to take away my precious number :(


Nintendo, why would you have the Zelda splatfest when you just released Xenoblade on Tuesday? I'm completely distracted by that! Wouldn't have remembered this was even happening if I didn't follow Splatoon on Twitter...


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