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Tried some more to get that SD card to work on my Switch. After reformatting it directly from within the system and transferring the data, it now recognizes the card, and that there's stuff written on the card, but none of that stuff actually shows up.


I don't understand why Nintendo tires to be family friendly but then lets people name themselves whatever they want and use their console profile name as their online ID. I played with someone in Splatoon tonight named SwingnDick.


The time has come to retire my old Zelda keychain.


This is absolutely the most cursed image I've ever seen.


Guys, check this out! Coming in September from Hori!


There are so many things wrong with this picture.


Tuned into the Nintendo E3 stream earlier and was met with this:


New music from Grant Kirkhope!


I was thinking Moze looks amazing and Flak would have to be pretty incredible for me to play them at this point... then I find out Flak is voiced by ProZD!


Somebody really thought September 13th was the best day to release Daemon X Machina? The same day as Borderlands 3? RIP.




Square-Enix and I have very different ideas of what classic competitive first person shooters are.


How dare you guys not report on this!


I can't believe they made me wait almost an hour for the dancing panda suit guy!


This box art upsets me. Why is it so bad? The logo sucks, the composition sucks, all the empty space sucks... It sucks!


Are you kidding me with this?


E3 2019: the year of FUCKING NOTHING. Can I get some gameplay of any of these newly-announced games? Anything? Please!?


There was not a single live demo for any game at that Xbox conference. What's even the point of having a stage show? They might as well do a Nintendo-style live stream. These things really have become lame now.


Behold my impossible Halo Infinite E3 bingo!


I waited for Friday so I could share my phone wallpaper!


If Death shows up in Darksiders again, he better be voiced by Michael Wincott. He really only had a cameo in 3, but the guy who voiced him was so bad! Also, sounded like Strife had a different voice in Genesis but that one I'm okay with.


I wish X & Y had the rental Pokemon instead of HMs, then those games would be perfect.


Spotted minutes ago! It's fate!


I tried upgrading my Switch storage to a 200 gig card and it didn't work. I followed all of Nintendo's instructions and made sure the cards were formatted the same, but when I put the new one it it says the card can't be read. Any tips?


Apparently the new All That produced by Kenan & Kel starts in about two weeks.


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