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Found this picture on Twitter. Looks like it's time to burn down the Internet.


Started watching Night Gallery yesterday for the first time and was immediately taken by theincredible theme song in the pilot, only to be disappointed that it was never used again. Easily rivals Twilight Zone.


That reaction image I posted yesterday was on point. Maybe my favorite RWBY episode ever today!


My dreams have spoken to me once again: The next Smash DLC character is Raiden from Metal Gear. His look is based on Rising.


Tried to write Twitter on my phone and it came out Tittler, so brb inventing Tittler.


Tomorrow's episode of RWBY:


I can't believe Activision terminated their deal with Bungie early. Even though Destiny never seemed like the success they wanted it to be, it also seemed like they were all in on it. Wonder who will scoop up future publishing. Sony?


The new Elder Scrolls Online expansion is being teased, with a reveal for next week. Based on the dragon motif, I'm making the wild guess that we're going to Akavir for the first time in series history, which would be amazing.


Nintendo just dropped a release date for Yoshi's Crafted World in a random trailer out of the blue: March 29th.


Sonic movie is looking good.


I am now a millionaire.


Hey acefondu, nice job winning that 10x Splatfest battle. You're famous!


According to Grant Kirkhope, Sumthing Else has shut down. Over the last 20 years they have released numerous soundtracks including Bungie's Halo games, Assassin's Creed, and many classics from Rare. Sad times.


Just a heads up that Cartoon Network has gone against the grain and has been airing new episodes of Steven Universe on holidays, meaning there was on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, and this will continue for the rest of the January on Mondays.


I wish that Celeste cassette soundtrack was sold separately. I don't want anything else in that collector's edition, and it ain't worth it just for that. But I do have the B-sides cassette and I'd like to complete the collection. Oh well...


Happy birthday, 2019! Also Soulbow, I guess.


Seems legit!


This kid is going places.


It looks like I once again cannot change my username. Someone help, please!


Hope you all are having a maximum Christmas!




My very own #cursedmas picture I took a few years ago. I call it "We wish you a murder Christmas"


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