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I just realized there's no chance of getting a Samus Returns faceplate for 3DS because they just discontinued it and now I'm upset.


Definitely fight the Splatoon 2 final boss a second time. It's hilarious.


I figured out who put all the glitter in the ink.


I was going to give that Destiny 2 beta a shot, but since I literally cannot find the download anywhere I guess I'll just go back to playing Splatoon 2.


The charger is just the worst. I die a little inside every time I have to use it.


Stage 20 in Splatoon 2 has a cool surprise!


Trying to beat the Splatoon 2 campaign before I do multiplayer. The level with all those snipers is really hard.


Wow, Regular Show literally just ended! You guys ready for round two?


Now I hear there's some kind of new YouTube convention going on this weekend. THERE'S OTHER MONTHS IN THE YEAR, PEOPLE!


Were there always so many events this densely packed together? There was E3, Anime Expo, RTX, D23, Evo and now Comic Con all in the span of a month!


Who spilled glitter in the Splatoon 2 ink?


Someone at Best Buy fucked up!


Everyone is always getting upset about these dying musicians, and I guess now it's my turn. I'd like to point out, though, I have seen a single person express a fond memory of post-2003 LP. "Hybrid Theory & Meteora" was even trending on Twitter today.


I don't own any sleeveless shirts.


"How tough am I? I rescued the great zap fish!" "So?" "Without any ink."


In my last quickpost, I was referring to this cool alternate future RWBY series I was reading called Henceforward. I'm wondering if it would be worth doing a clean English translation of it.


I feel like every time I find a good fan comic of something it's written by someone who doesn't speak English natively and I have to rewrite all the dialog in my head.


Here's a thing you'll be able to buy soon, if you want:


Weiss short is here!


Alright, Disney, I'll buy another one of your replica books! But next time you better release a box set of one of these shows!


So, Star has an anime theme song now. I predict this will be the season it explodes in popularity. It started out as a pretty innocuous fish-out-of-water slice of life comedy but I think now it's definitely achieved Steven Universe levels of storytelling.


Gee Pearl, what are we gonna do tonight?


Splatfest time!


No wonder Pearl looks familiar.


Jotun was the fastest I've seen a Limited Run game sell. I was out to lunch and tried to order on my phone, but they were gone by the time I entered my info. At least I can get the digital version for free instead!


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