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If you thought the final boss of Planet Robobot was cool, just wait till you get to the end of Star Allies! Besides that amazing boss, I'd say Robobot was better as a whole but I almost always enjoy Kirby anyway so I had fun.


Sega is making a Sonic Mania animated series for YouTube with the same team from the game! It's a continuation after Sonic gets back from the worst timeline.


Maybe the best use of a meme I've ever seen.


Inkopolis Square right now, in a nutshell


What to you guys think this year's Elder Scrolls Online expansion will be? My money is on the larger Summerset Isle. It seems perfect for it.


I keep getting Switch friend requests from people I play in Splatoon 2. It's not like I can even interact with them so what's the point?


This is the best video I've ever stumbled upon.


Looks like Cartoon Network also greenlit Victor and Valentino in addition to Infinity Train.


Happy Martin Day!


The splatfest ink is actually white this time, unlike whatever the fuck color they thought mayonnaise was. It looks really nice as a hair color!


The most underrated part of the Nintendo Direct!


Did anyone notice how similar the Smash Bros logo animation was to Melee's?


Picture this: A new trailer from Nintendo. The familiar scene of Inkopolis Square. It's Inkopolis news time with Pearl and Marina! Tell the people the good news, Marina. What was it again? Oh yeah, SMASH BROS IS HERE WITH INKLING AND SPLATOON STAGE!


Wow, Cartoon Network actually greenlit Infinity Train. I didn't think they'd do it!


I can't seem to redeem my physical copy of Rocket League for My Nintendo coins, and I'm apparently not the only one with this issue. Has anyone else had trouble with this lately?


A surprise arrived in the mail today!


Well, I had the schezuan sauce. It went with McNuggets pretty well, but definitely not worth rioting over.


I spent 80 orbs and only got one 5 star hero, but it was worth it!


Habby birdy Nimtabo Smish


From now on when someone is triggered in the comment section I'm going to post this picture.


So I played Oxenfree. It was pretty good, though short and a little confusing because 1)the spooks were hard to understand sometimes and 2) I kept cutting off other characters with my dialogue. Am I meant to play through it a bunch of times?


Battle Chasers has been submitted to Nintendo so it should finally come out on Switch soon!


I find this extremely funny for some reason.


I've had this saved on my computer for eons and I don't know where I found it.


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