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I'd buy this game again without hesitation. I'm sure some would have even bought an Xbox One X for it if they did a 4K remake. In a year where Xbox almost literally had no games, they decided it was a good idea not to remake this masterpiece. Happy 10th!


This cactus guy voiced by Jonathan Davis is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.


I can't believe Nintendo has been doomed for 128 years already.


Also, does it bother anybody else that the buttons on the joycon are in a perfect diamond shape but the ones on the pro controller are offset?


Does anyone else feel like their Switch Pro controller dies too quickly or is mine defective? Like, I don't use it for a couple of weeks and then the battery is dead every time.


Just want to buy Steamworld 2 and Nintendo is making me reenter my password. Chrome logs me into their site automatically but the password it's saved doesn't work. Nintendo account shows it's 6 characters but then I try that and it says it should be 8+!


Microsoft needs to advertise the Xbox One X with an Imagine Dragons song. Those guys are good luck at this point.


Rumble Roses bomber... Konami has officially lost it!


New Mario Odyssey footage is floating around and I'm trying SO HARD not to look!


Mario+Rabbids should explain those skill orbs better. For the longest time, I thought they were shared and was spending them very conservatively. Other than that, it's a pretty great game!


Nintendo has some limited edition Metroid shirts for sale. The green XL is sold out already so I got the 2X hopefully it's not too big and/or it shrinks a bit. Apparently they're printed with metallic ink!


If Nintendo ever makes another F-Zero game, do you think they'll call it "F-Zero Returns" or "F-Zero: Captain Falcon Returns"? Maybe "Captain Falcon's Return to F-Zero"?


I don't know who's been in charge of the Fire Emblem music since Awakening, but it's some of the best stuff Nintendo has ever produced. Memorable melodies, interesting time signatures, lively percussion, and great instrumentation. Even Heroes!


I have made a horrible decision and that is to buy every neon colored joycon because I love those things and I hate money.




Here is my current wallpaper!


I don't think it works the other way, and I'm not sure if you need to beat Olberic first, but playing as Primrose you can travel all the way to Olberic's demo area and recruit him!


Wow, I'm an idiot. I'm playing through the Primrose demo of Octopath Traveler and I just now realized you can use boost with your abilities. No wonder I struggled so much with Olberic!


Best Buy has all the joycon colors for sale right now and I'm so tempted to buy the dual red and dual blue ones but they're so expensive even at MSRP!


Octopath Traveler looks great, except for that vignette effect. That needs to go. It literally obscures my vision of enemies and the landscape.


Spider-Man was still playing for some reason so I finally saw it. I'm surprised they put together such a solid movie so quickly. Also, it had the best after credits scene ever.


My birthday reminds me that another year has passed without me accomplishing anything. Also, that I've been living in hotels for a year. Thanks for the well wishes, though!


Oh, I guess it's my birthday today. I almost forgot because of the hurricane. I'll probably still be in Orlando till next week. At least I can play Metroid tomorrow!


Doom and Wolfenstein were the biggest surprise BY FAR. I never ever expected ports of current-gen games. Then again, I did say the other day that Doom could run on a smart fridge.


I'm watching Cartoon Network and it said Teen Titans was coming up next so I was ready to change the channel, but then it turned out to be the original series! I don't know why they're airing it again, but I'm happy!


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