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Drawfee exclusive look at the new Flintstones reboot.


They're still doing it! Bless these people.


I can't believe Sony even copied the Nintendo Direct transitions.


I can't stop listening to this stupid thing. Somebody send help.


Black or white Analogue Pocket? I think I like the look of the white one more, but I also like how the screen of the black on just fades away.


So apparently Halo Infinite was delayed internally so they could rework the story. That would also mean it wasn't originally intended to launch with Series X, i.e. it is and always has been an Xbox One game. (4:37 in this video)


The music from the Halo Infinite demo today was by Gareth Coker, the Ori composer. So that's interesting.


I feel like Oliver Twist begging for a smidge more gamaplay and Xbox says "NO".


The only thing I can think of when I see a news story about Carrion:


I was looking at a very long list of things being added to HBO Max next month and this caught me off guard. News to me!


Nintendo may or may not post a Direct tomorrow at 10am eastern, so I'm going to get up and check their YouTube channel just in case then go back to sleep if they don't post anything.


Big news, guys. Ann's cream puffs are finally mine!


I don't know who made this, but I'm convinced the actual graphic designers for the these companies are incompetent.


Man, Yves Guillemot is hilarious. He said Ubisoft makes a diverse range of games! They guy should go into comedy.


Disney is inexplicably airing Tron: Uprising right now from the beginning. I'm very curious as to why this is happening.


Only 106 today! It's really cooling off!


I waited an entire year for news about the physical release of Night in the Woods, and I still got nothing.


A manly drink for a manly man.


Can anyone confirm if this has happened yet?


If anyone is wondering why Min Min has such a weird series symbol in Smash, it's a typical Sakurai obscure reference.


This made me laugh way too much.


I searched for images of Spring Man and all I got was Spring Man from Arms and Spring Man from Mega Man. What manga character was Sakurai talking about?


Is the Summer Game Fest stream going to have anything worthwhile besides Crash Bandicoot? I'd like to go back to sleep.


Somebody brought up Kirby's Arms copy ability, which a never thought about before, and the only way that even makes sense is if the character was Twintelle because then he could wear a wig with stretchy arms.


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