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I love the classic skin in Doom Eternal because it makes you look like just some regular guy in a helmet rather than a super soldier. Really hilarious that everyone is afraid of you looking like that.


Enjoy those eggs, bitch


Played Doom Eternal all night last night, so of course I dreamt about time traveling pirates.


I've seen every single person online converting images to QR codes to make custom designs in Animal Crossing using the same site (acpatterns.com) but it doesn't work for me at all. Says the code is in the wrong format. Anyone else have this problem?


We'll never know what was in that chest in Steven's pocket dimension.


So it turns out YouTube DOES archive your comment history, and you can search through it. It was a PapaGenos video. Guess we'll find out in June, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be 100% accurate.


I fucking GUARANTEE YOU I am the ONLY person who thought an Arms character was coming to Smash Bros. I had a theory about it, that it was a character from Arms 2 (which it still could be), but the only place I wrote it down was a random YouTube comment...


Haven't been this excited for two games on the same day since Portal Kombat Tuesday 2011!


The secret to surviving corona is 711. I wasn't even looking for these because I never expected to find them, yet there they were.


When the stalk market collapses. This was $20 this morning...


Steven Universe Future has done such an incredible job of making me uncomfortable. I'm trying to watch the newest episodes right now and I keep having to stop because I'm cringing so hard my face is going to tear in half. It's too damn real!


The most pointless sale in the world.


Today, you guys have been exposed as a bunch of fake Anna Kendrick fans. Where is she on your lists, huh? WHERE IS SHE!?


I assume the cancellation of E3 will not change Nintendo's Direct plans, but I hope they still do three days of live demos. That's my favorite part of E3!


Happy Martin Day, I guess.


Damn it, I don't know why I thought the 6th was tomorrow. Now I missed new Steven Universe episodes!


Surprise delivery!


I'm the latest Dtoider to see Birds of Prey, and I enjoyed it! I have to say, though, I don't understand why they went with that title because it was literally a Harley Quinn movie.


Eggs are just meat fruit.




New Gorillaz song of the month! Really good!


Ever go though your old YouTube favorites and rediscover solid gold like this video?


Well, it finally happened. I couldn't update a game because my PS4 had insufficient space. It's a 2TB drive! Game are way too big now, man...


It all makes sense now.


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