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Am I going crazy, or did they make it FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to catch Pokemon in Sword and Shield?


In Sword and Shield the boxes have an option to make "battle teams". Does anyone know what this is for?


I feel really weird playing Pokemon and not knowing all the Pokemon ahead of time. It's neat encountering new ones for the first time, but I usually have planned out what to catch ahead of time and it's messing with me. I wanna know what's good!


Pokemon Sword and Shield look about the same as Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Where was the outrage then?


Finally got a good look at the Scorbunny line, and its final evolution is far and away the best of the starters to me. Grookey's has too much going on, and Sobble's also has a lot going on in a different sense.


Hey, the new SpongeBob movie looks pretty good despite being CG for no reason. They finally got SpongeBob's cheeks eight for the first time in like 15 years!


I hop on to the quickposts today and I see people appreciating the Xenoblade X and Lords of Shadow soundtracks. You guys have some great taste.


New movie Sonic was designed by Tyson Hesse, so that explains everything.


I love the way they textured the fur between Sonic's eyes to give the illusion that they're connected without actually making it one continuous eye, because that probably would have looked terrible in this style.


Apparently I might be eligible for a free year of Disney+ through Verizon. If you have them as a service provider, check your account add-ons once Disney+ goes live tomorrow.


Today is the 15th anniversary of Halo 2. I'm pretty sure everyone forgot. I just realized it myself.


This is the best thing Sakurai has ever said.


That scene near the end of Star vs the Forces of Evil where they're eating tacos and Tom pours hot sauce on every individual bite is the most relatable thing I've ever seen. I think about it every time I eat tacos.


This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.


In honor of Halloween, I bought myself a candy bar that's only eaten on Halloween.


Dear Google, this shit sucks. Get rid of it immediately.


Man, you guys are great. My Halloween traditions also consist of watching Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island and Over the Garden Wall. I also enjoy the cheesy Scooby movies from the 80s. This rear I'm watching Night Gallery.


Just started playing the Bloody Harvest event, and I have to say I appreciate them giving the best rewards away for free instead of having them be unlocked by grinding.


"I can't wait to play that Borderlands 3 Halloween event today!" *3 gig patch* "I can't wait to play that Borderlands 3 Halloween event tomorrow!"


I don't know if you guys have heard, but I told you so. Still no word on other consoles, though.


Almost bought Celeste last year but waited for the physical version to go on sale after it was announced. That ended up being January of this year, and ten months later I can finally play it! They wanted the farewell DLC on the cart, and I appreciate it.


So apparently, the first five episodes of Primal were recut into a movie with a limited theatrical run in LA so that it could qualify for the animated film category of the Oscars. That seems like cheating, but it should totally win anyway.


*X-Files theme plays*


Crazy RWBY fact from a new behind-the-scenes book. The crew had originally intended Neo to be voiced by Sarah Silverman, but when they couldn't get her in time they left out the dialogue. Fans thought it was interesting so they left Neo mute instead.


As you may already know, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has ended after 9 years. And what an ending it was! I'd been watching since 2012, between seasons 2 & 3. The show had always been a source of uplifting positivity for me, and I'll miss it!


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