DeS: PUBG sues Fortnite for copyright infringement
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This looks incredible! Exactly what I always wanted from modern Dragon Ball. I hope it looks this good when it comes back to TV.


Look at this Donkey Kong ripoff gum!


Once an update is finished downloading on my PS4, the system spends a long time "copying" it. I'm not sure what this means, but I swear it wasn't always the case.


The music in Sunshade sounds like a sultry version of Traverse Town... Perverse Town?


I don't understand why Switch memory cards are apparently so expensive when SD cards are so cheap. What's the difference? Can someone explain it to me?


Remember Death Jr?


This drink is made by a company called Advanced Bio Develipment, Inc. It's probably some sort of experimental formula made by mad scientists that will give me super powers or turn me into a zombie or something.


I had the greatest dream last night. There was a new Smash trailer that had Dixie and K. Rool fighting on a pirate ship. The camera zoomed in on a banana pile and a character slowly rose from the bananas. It was Crash Bandicoot. I laughed my ass off!


There was recently an interview with a level designer from HAL, and... what the fuck!?


Speaking of Darksiders 3, I've been trying to figure out who's doing the music. Definitely doesn't sound like Jesper Kyd, as I expected. Honestly, it kind of sounds like Mick Gordon to me, which would be awesome.


Am I the only one who bought the regular version on Octopath because I didn't want any of the special edition stuff?


A surprise delivery is here!


Alright, which one of you nerds was this?


For those worried about it, your party members in Octopath do interact with each other. It sounds kind of like heart-to-hearts from Xenoblade.


This was on a video for Kirby: Star Allies. They were talking about Gooey's tongue whipping Morpho Knight, but I did a double take.


When Kirby inhales Joseph Joestar


So apparently the $40 Darksiders Fury collection actually includes a deluxe version of Darksiders 3, which is normally $90, at least on Xbox One. I have no idea why this is, but you might want to get in on it if you play on Xbox.


If anybody is interested, you can buy Destiny 2 at Best Buy for $5 with free shipping. I think you need a free membership to get the offer.


Can we finally get a new Steven Universe opening now!?


I never see anyone talk about it, but the writing in The Elder Scrolls Online is 100x better than the main series. Just more interesting stories and characters all around.


That Marina top is super padded >.>


Today, there is a 24 hour livestream of Detective Heart of America and you should definitely watch it.


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