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Night in the Woods on Switch February 1st with all the extras!


Watching somebody play DBFZ and it's in English. Why the fuck is my beta in Japanese!?


Got one of those year in review emails from PlayStation. Switch came out last year, so now it's basically an Elder Scrolls Online machine.


Kirby Star Allies: Gather a foursome together and run a train with your friends!


New DLC for Pokken Deluxe has unexpected and interesting implications. So... champions DLC for Hyrule Warriors when?


This makes me uncomfortable.


This is the best Steven Universe theory I've ever seen.


Never been so nervous to watch an episode of something as I was for this week's RWBY.


For anyone that imported the pink & green joycon, or bought the Splatoon bundle, the standalone release of them happening later this month in North America has inverted colors. RIP, $80.


Now that Anime Strike is dead, I might actually reactivate my Prime membership since I can watch anime without having to pay twice.


The PSN holiday sale added a lot of very cheap very mysterious indie games this week. I always like to pick up some games I've never heard of for a few bucks just for the hell of it to see if anything surprises me.


This popped up in my Amazon suggestions, and it comes out in only a few weeks! I don't know why or how this happened, and I wish it was the whole series at once, but I will buy the fuck out of it!


Bah, forgot the Arms party crash again! Nintendo keeps having these things on weekends when I'm doing stuff. I have a feeling once they get through all the characters they'll stop them forever, too. I'll be missing out on so many badges and credits...


I saw an episode of Twilight Zone yesterday called "The Encounter" which aired in 1964 and never again for 52 years until 2016.


2018 is off to a good start.


I forgot about the Limited Run year end inventory blowout sale today. Barely anything is really left now.


I just watched the new episode of RWBY that I forgot about on Saturday. What a horrible way to start the year! What have I done!?


Slappy nude rear! No, wait... happy new year!


The Twilight Zone has so many episodes that every time I watch the marathon on July 4th or New Year's, I see at least one I've never seen before.


I thought you guys would appreciate this sticker.


Definitely getting Oxenfree on Switch for $5, but I also want Worms and Gungeon which aren't on sale. But I ALSO want Hob, Pyre, and Songbringer on PS4 that ARE on sale. I need shop credits!


Happy Valentine's Day!


So far, my rare blades in Xenoblade have been either cute girls (Ursula and Electra), busty babes (Dahlia and Perun)... or DAGAS, PRINCE OF FLAMES.


There's too many of these editions for Dragon Ball FighterZ. I just want one that's a disc and all the extras but not a statue or anything like that. Does such a thing exist?


Made a new Christmas friend.


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