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Everybody's watching Game of Thrones and I'm over here in cartoon land watching my own version. Been wanting to start a blog series for a while and I think Star is the perfect place to start.


You can cleave something apart or you can cleave something together. Goodbye forever, you lovable goofballs.


You guys excited for the epic series finale tomorrow? I am of course talking about Star vs the Forces of Evil.


Rage 2, if you're going to have motion blur at least make the intensity adjustable. Nobody is going to play with this on! It's ridiculous!


Oh, hell yeah! Checking my emails and I've won a copy of Duck Game! I knew transcribing the Ducktales theme song as quacks would pay off.


Saw Detective Pikachu and I definitely understand now why they didn't want to cast Danny DeVito.


Everyone on the internet today:


Saw a guy on Twitter today calling himself N-man. Super weird for me because that was the name I used everywhere when I was younger. Same spelling and everything.


Behold my divine power.


They haired Ray Chase to voice Rhys in Borderlands 3. Not a bad choice, honestly. You can hear him in this video at 15:40 and 38:00, although he's a hologram so there's a filter over his voice. Also, that's some lvl 30 co-op gameplay, which is cool.


I'll bump this tomorrow so more people will see it, but this really nice God of War art book is on sale for $16, normally $80! The price listed on the page is $64, but at the end of checkout it reduces to $16. bamp


The real Sonic The Hedgehog movie is already here.


Heads up if you're interested! That Borderlands Twitch extension is now available and people have poked through it to look at Zane and Amara's skill trees. You can read them here if you want!


While all you guys were watching Avengers: Endgame, my friends and I want to a screening of Gattaca. Never heard of it before, but it was great!


What the hell happened to the DLC cutscenes in the Borderlands rerelease? They look like ass and sound like farts.


What do you guys think? Physical release? Next chapter? Both!?


Me going through Smash Ultimate custom stages: "Hey, it looks like Nintendo managed to filter out all of the inappropria– oh... OH NO."


Hey able to think, I inadvertently discovered where your sexy Frozen poster came from and I'm calling the FBI.


Smash online sharing page is a glorious meme hell. I was lucky to get in early enough to download the stage "climax" which is literally two people having sex, complete with, uh, moving parts. Also found this gem and almost choked from laughing so hard.


There's always a price.


Banjo-Kazooie confirmed


Sony didn't even have anything going on today and they showed up Microsoft. The next year is going to be interesting.


Somebody recreated Haloid. Fantastic work!


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