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The best part of the Sony Direct was learning that with Crash 4 on PS5 I can “really feel the suck.”


Who's ready for that Elden Ring info blowout?


Viacom just opened up a studio dedicated to making new animated Avatar content for Paramount and Nickelodeon. The original creators are heading it up. Animated film starts production this year


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: my face!


VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: The pretzel crust pizza is back at Little Caesar’s! It’s the best worst pizza I’ve ever had.


Infinity Train is back, Pyra and Mythra in Smash, Splatoon 3 announced...


This song better be in Smash now.


The best part about getting a Smash character revealed in a regular direct is that you never know when it's coming. Any trailer could turn into a Smash trailer.


We did it, boys.


These auditions are open to anyone, and I think it would be absolutely hilarious if they hired one guy just because.


Apparently Microsoft wants to make a new Killer Instinct but "there's just not a developer available to make the game." Didn't think it was possible for the people at Microsoft to be any more brain-dead.


It’s the 12th anniversary of my favorite Super Bowl ad ever.


How come Destructoid didn't cover the Gearbox story?


How much additional content was added to Borderlands 3? Apparently this much. I played Persona 5 Royal every night for months and yet Borderlands still beat it.


What's your best Pokemon nickname? I think my favorite is the Toxtricity I named Serj. Works on a lot of levels, you know?


This is some absolute grade-A bullshit right here. This set costs $160 in North America!


Nahfahlaar, the friendly dragon.


I thought I was over this meme but then I saw this and still cracked up.


Today I learned Uraraka has pads on her fingertips that activate her quirk. Literally never noticed until it was pointed out to me.


Happy Inauguration Day!


Everybody is always saying “they’ll add a new Pokémon or Zelda character to Smash for sure” to promote a game. No! Those are going to sell 20 million regardless. A series that would actually benefit from Smash promotion is Metroid. Think about it.


I’m more of a YouTube guy than a Twitch guy, but these are three excellent channels everyone should follow.


I'm 30 years old and I just now discovered BY ACCIDENT that ctrl+backspace deletes an entire word and alt+backspace deletes an entire line of text.


Has anybody played Cyberpunk 2077 as male V? I’m wondering how the guy’s performance compares, because Cherami Leigh as female V is award worthy.


How the heck did I miss this news from last October? Parismio, did you know about this the whole time!?


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