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I don't know who runs the programming schedule for Adult Swim, but they need to get it together. Cartoon Network had two new episodes of Steven Universe Future today and then Toonami is a marathon of One Punch Man reruns. They're totally out of synch!


This better be the first thing to go in 2020. Starting January 1st I never want to see this meme again.


As a writer, someone who spent years studying it and has a degree in fiction writing, The Rise of Skywalker sounds absolutely terrible. Yes, I read a summary of it. No, I don't want to see it. I might be left with permanent cringe face if I do.


True facts.


1/3 of that time was spent playing Fire Emblem.


The internet is fucking illiterate. This happened last month too, when #PokemonSwordSheild was trending.


A Christmas gift for my best friend. He's always saying how much he misses 3D Doritos so I got him some from Mexico, where apparently they still make them.


I finally saw Promare today! I'm glad they did another dub showing. There was a short before the movie in Japanese and I was thinking there's no way I'd be able to appreciate this while reading subtitles.


I'll be left wondering forever.


I finally caught a wild Goomy, which is a 2% encounter rate when it's raining in Lake of Outrage... and then the very next Pokemon I ran into was another Goomy. Now I have two!


I started watching The Mandalorian yesterday and he sounds exactly like the 5 Gum voiceover guy and it's driving me insane.


Which one of you guys dropped a Destructoid head into the Drawfee Twitch chat?


Nintendo is adding Link to Mario Maker 2 on Thuraday. Not just a costume... ACTUAL Link with sword, shield, arrows, bombs, and downward stab. This literally changes everything.


Cartoon Network released info about the Steven Universe Future air schedule and we now know it's longer than ten episodes. Four episodes next Saturday and two a week for the rest of December. I think it's going to be 20 episodes at least.


The time has finally come.


Been saving this for a Wednesday. Enjoy, Wes!


How can you tell how much experience your Pokemon gets from a max raid battle? It doesn't say anywhere, as far as I can tell.


I waited so long to play Spider-Man, that I was just able to buy it with all the DLC for $15.


This is cooler than I ever could have imagined. Also, if you haven't heard, Steven Universe Future premiers December 7th!


I'm fine with most of the changes in Pokemon Sword & Shield, but they literally ruined online trading. I tried to do a surprise trade for fun, and it was "searching" for 30 minutes so I gave up. Wonder trade took about 30 seconds in the 3DS games!


Nyakuza Metro is out today on Switch!


I'm barely making any progress in this Pokemon game because every time I turn a corner there's another 20 great Pokemon to catch.


Remember in January '18 when they released the first season of Teen Titans remastered on bluray and it seemed like that was all we were getting? Well, every other season individually and the entire series together are releasing on December 3rd!


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