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I was going to order Scarlett Nexus the other day but then I saw you all saying he demo was a big letdown, so now I’m playing it. All I have to say is you all are nuts. Game ordered!


If Nintendo wants Metroid Dread to sell, all they have to do is describe it as a metroidvania.


As much as I am loving Mario Party Superstars, I hope they get to revisit the ideas from Super Mario Party in the future because that game had a great foundation to build upon.


So is Link left-handed again now?


Why are Metroid armor suits always so cool?


Vergeben is the real prophet, guys. They leaked Metroid and Wario Ware before the last E3, two years ago. Everything they said was 100% true.


You're welcome for Metroid Dread. October release, just like I thought.


If Nintendo announces an F-Zero game today, I will eat a bowl of Grape Nuts with orange juice.


Who’s ready for some new Metroid?


Heads up: you can skip the Namco thing tomorrow.


This year's E3 has been like watching The Game Awards stretched across five days.


Limited Run presentation was the best one so far. Hysterically funny, too.


Samurai Jack arrived just in time for the Limited Run E3 showcase!


I just realized– the benefit of Halo Infinite multiplayer being free to play is that I don't have to buy Xbox Live to play it!


Having said what I said, I still am probably going to dig out my crusty old Xbox One to play Halo Infinite. They appear to be doing things right, and I like it a little more every time they show it. Not going to buy a new Xbox to play it, though.


Minority opinion again, but I thought Guardians of the Galaxy looked great and I really appreciated them announcing a new game and showing it off for 25 minutes instead of just having a CG trailer with a logo.


Seems like I'm the only one who feels this way, but I don't think I'll ever get over the many Microsoft acquisitions. I'm probably going to stop watching Xbox presentations in the future so I don't get royally pissed off.


So that was the worst presentation Ubisoft has ever had. Kind of impressive, actually.


Name the SpongeBob episode.


Doom Slayer’s worst nightmare.


I posted my last post without really thinking about it then went away for a few hours, and now that I see the response I removed it. Instead, I'd like to point out that the Sunset Overdrive Twitter account posted for the first time since 2018.


Heads up because somebody asked a few weeks ago: Season 2 of Amphibia was added to Disney+ yesterday, way sooner than usual for some reason.


Got me a new keychain, but it’s so beautiful I don’t even want to use it now because I know my keys will absolutely destroy it.


Heads up that some news stories appear to be getting lost in the void now. Saw the Nintendo Direct post earlier, but now it’s disappeared from the news feed and can only be accessed by the featured thing at the top of the page.


This reminds me of the time about 10 years ago that Destructoid was redesigned and it was so bad that the change was almost immediately reverted. That Medal of Honor ad where the old site was blown up with machine guns still gives me nightmares!


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