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If they ever do a Banjo-Kazooie remake, I want this guy rearranging the music. He does perfect modern recreations!


Anybody else get one of these on Friday? It just showed up at my house without any notice. Last I heard Amazon said it would be delivered in June.


I used my Best Buy Bucks™ to buy the new Smash fighter pass for $5. Can't believe I didn't think of that earlier.


Alright guys, I have $25 in Best Buy Bucks™ that I need to use by the 23rd. What should I buy?


Using gift cards to buy practical items hurts my soul.


Covers day, eh?


This was, like, my fourth quickpost. Good to see nothing's changed.


#MyFirstQtoid was really boring... just sharing a trailer for the original Destiny's Taken King expansion. So instead, here's this classic post that you guys definitely absolutely did not hate.


Look at this goof lounging in the garage.


The island gang! They're in the order that I got them. Got some real bottom tier starters and then the game blessed me with some amazing ones to make up for it. Still only have 8 because I'm taking my sweet time.


Excuse me!?


Just realized I can FINALLY map the run button in 2D Mario games to a trigger. They're finally playable!


Tried the wand in Animal Crossing for the first time today. Apparently, I have to buy six beards because you can't use the same item in multiple outfits. Completely useless feature.


I love the classic skin in Doom Eternal because it makes you look like just some regular guy in a helmet rather than a super soldier. Really hilarious that everyone is afraid of you looking like that.


Enjoy those eggs, bitch


Played Doom Eternal all night last night, so of course I dreamt about time traveling pirates.


I've seen every single person online converting images to QR codes to make custom designs in Animal Crossing using the same site (acpatterns.com) but it doesn't work for me at all. Says the code is in the wrong format. Anyone else have this problem?


We'll never know what was in that chest in Steven's pocket dimension.


So it turns out YouTube DOES archive your comment history, and you can search through it. It was a PapaGenos video. Guess we'll find out in June, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be 100% accurate.


I fucking GUARANTEE YOU I am the ONLY person who thought an Arms character was coming to Smash Bros. I had a theory about it, that it was a character from Arms 2 (which it still could be), but the only place I wrote it down was a random YouTube comment...


Haven't been this excited for two games on the same day since Portal Kombat Tuesday 2011!


The secret to surviving corona is 711. I wasn't even looking for these because I never expected to find them, yet there they were.


When the stalk market collapses. This was $20 this morning...


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