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Almost bought Celeste last year but waited for the physical version to go on sale after it was announced. That ended up being January of this year, and ten months later I can finally play it! They wanted the farewell DLC on the cart, and I appreciate it.


So apparently, the first five episodes of Primal were recut into a movie with a limited theatrical run in LA so that it could qualify for the animated film category of the Oscars. That seems like cheating, but it should totally win anyway.


*X-Files theme plays*


Crazy RWBY fact from a new behind-the-scenes book. The crew had originally intended Neo to be voiced by Sarah Silverman, but when they couldn't get her in time they left out the dialogue. Fans thought it was interesting so they left Neo mute instead.


As you may already know, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has ended after 9 years. And what an ending it was! I'd been watching since 2012, between seasons 2 & 3. The show had always been a source of uplifting positivity for me, and I'll miss it!


I just got the mother of all random drops! Too bad I'm not level 50, but I'll probably continue to use this forever anyway considering Moze's skills increase gun damage by a lot.


Hey guys, don't forget Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal premiers tonight!


Just finished Borderlands 3 and caught this in the credits. What music did Mick Gordon do!? It can't just be easter egg related, can it?


Cartoon Network just announced a new Steven Universe series. Pretty much what I was expecting! They uploaded the opening on YouTube but the thumbnail has spoilers so I'm putting it in the comments.


This I the weirdest Halloween decoration I've ever seen.


So I got to Devil's Razor in Borderlands 3 and the enemies and side quests were around my level (33-35). Then I moved to the next story zone, Splinterlands, and everything was 10 levels below me. Am I missing something here?


I have to admit, every once in a while SpongeBob is still funny.


They saved Spider-Man, you guys


Had a doctor's appointment today... or so I thought. Apparently somebody scheduled me for 2020 by accident. Thought it was weird my reminder card said 9/21/19 since it was a Saturday. They took me today anyway but I did lots of extra waiting.


Cursed image of the day:


Moze is great because you can continue to use your favorite weapons and shields for a long time since they get stronger when you level up. Got a legendary Torgue pistol that's level 14 but still destroys everything at level 22.


The drop rate for legendaries in Borderlands 3 has been vastly improved. I've already gotten 6 legendaries, whereas I might have gotten two or three total my whole time playing the precious games.


Nobody is talking about the absolute wizardry of Borderlands 3's new instancing working in split screen. My friend and I playing the exact same game on the same tv are looking at the same chest and each half of the screen has different loot! MAGIC!


Saw this on TV today. Definitely more what I was expecting from a Gears of War trailer.


Man, that was a great birthday. My friends cooked me dinner and we played Smash Bros for hours.


Astral Chain development secrets.


My friend who lives in another state surprised me with a visit for my birthday today, which was the best gift ever. We're attempting to play Borderlands 3 split-screen, and it's pretty difficult!


The downside of buying through Best Buy is that their promo codes are super slow. Got an email with a PlayStation code in it on Monday and figured it must be for Borderlands 3. I redeemed it today and it was preorder bonuses for Control...


Arc System Works should open up an animation studio and save us from all the shitty CG anime.


Wasn't expecting them to add new music to Three Houses.


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