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I’m more of a YouTube guy than a Twitch guy, but these are three excellent channels everyone should follow.


I'm 30 years old and I just now discovered BY ACCIDENT that ctrl+backspace deletes an entire word and alt+backspace deletes an entire line of text.


Has anybody played Cyberpunk 2077 as male V? I’m wondering how the guy’s performance compares, because Cherami Leigh as female V is award worthy.


How the heck did I miss this news from last October? Parismio, did you know about this the whole time!?




Arc System Works and Eighting might be the greatest team up in gaming history.




I have an annual tradition to share this bizarre picture I took seven years ago with my friends. Merry #Cursedmas!


The end of Plastic Beach.


Fastest delivery I’ve ever received. It was on sale at Best Buy yesterday and I ordered it at 6pm. It shipped this morning at 10am and arrived at 1pm. Some company called Shipt delivered it.


Do I even want to know?


Beat that, gamers.


I can't believe Sakurai fixed my gripe with the music on Battlefield and Final Destination!


Placing my bet on the Sepiroth presentation, and it's a big gamble: Geno Mii costume will not make an appearance. Everyone will be shocked and confused.


Sure am lucky I'm not a picky gamer. Started Cyberpunk today on my PS4 and it looks fine and plays fine. Definitely doesn't look like a AAA game from 2020, but it's not exactly ugly.


SOMEBODY FINALLY MADE SMASH BROS WITH INDIE CHARACTERS! It's on Kickstarter now, but the campaign is ENDING in four days and I almost missed it because nobody reported on it!


Smash Ultimate is great, but I never understood why so many people seem to like the super lame opening logo animation at the beginning of the trailers. The Smash 4 one was incredible and they downgraded it with Ultimate for no reason. Compare below ↓


Disney made 100 announcements today, and none of them were from Disney TV Animation.


What happened to the “world premier” voiceover guy? It’s just not the same without him.


Love that guy from Turtle Rock who just owned Microsoft by announcing a gameplay trailer.


Spoke too soon when I shit on Amazon. UPS and FedEx are no better these days. Apparently, my copy of Cyberpunk is also not coming for a week. Not Best Buy’s fault, though. At least they don’t rip you off for fast shipping with their own delivery servi


Sony owns all the anime now. What a great day for big business.


I clicked to open up Chrome today and the icon transformed into a rounded white box with the logo in the middle and it looks so incredibly bad and stupid.


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