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I love the Daemon X Machina character creator. Like, could she BE any cuter!?


I don't know what legal nonsense is at play that requires it, but the English versions of Dragon Ball Super's theme songs (excluding the first opening, which sounds like it was sang by the same guy) are absolutely cringy and terrible.


I'll be honest, if Link's Awakening only has 8-way movement I'm probably not going to play it.


I'm a little late, but whatever. Had to share this.


You guys hear about the new All That being executive produced by Kenan Thompson?


Are we all going to ignore the fact that your dad's name in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is Geralt?


Me watching the Astral Chain trailer: "Why does this look so awesome!?" *sees Platinum logo* "Oh, of course."


Dude, Tetris Battle Royale just made my day.


What's everybody's favorite keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 3? I think mine is Ever After. By the end of the game I was using that, Crystal Snow, and Wheel of Fate.


After finally falling out a few months ago, that eyelash that grows backwards into my eyeball is back! Ready to rip my dang eyelid off!


Guys, I have transcended. I finally understand Kingdom Hearts now, and you can too with the handy guide I'm writing! I promise it will make more sense than those summary videos everyone makes on YouTube.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch news update! Churro flavor is now a thing! Chocolate is back! Strawberry and blueberry are dead! RIP


That feel when you're one crab short of maxing out your ship...


Kingdom Hearts is like Nomura's Disney AU. It's basically the same, but Donald, Goofy, and his OC Sora are there commenting on events. I laughed myself to tears when they had a conversation about Elsa while she was singing in the background.


Kingdom Hearts 3 has so many different combat options I honestly forget about most of them. I'll be in the middle of a battle and be like "Oh yeah, I can use MAGIC!" or "Damn, I should have remembered to use shotlock!" or "I forgot to try out my summons!"


I know everyone is distracted by all the Respawn news today, but I'd like to draw attention to the fact that Screw Attack shut down today. Only Death Battle now.


This guy get is.


Shoutout to Kelsey Lansdowne who absolutely DESTROYED the role of Rapunzel in Kingdom Hearts 3. Maybe the best vocal recast I've ever heard.


Somebody please get Sora some chapstick.


They should make a Kingsom Hearts spinoff game but with all the worlds based on Disney cartoons instead of movies.


So when you select pigtails Videl, sometimes she says "So Gohan, do you prefer girls with short hair?" in a really nervous voice. I'm dead.


This year went exactly how I expected. I barely played any PS4 because I mostly used by Switch. It's telling me I somehow played 17 games, though, which seems wrong.


Amazon shipped this in the middle of the night Sunday and it arrived at noon today. Also, do you guys with the special edition lose out on this amazing box art?


Nintendo lied about no more Splatoon 2 content. Ten more weapons are coming!


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