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Welp. I think I've finally done it. After playing the Skinner box that is free to play iOS games I have finally given them up. No more Marvel Puzzle Quest, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Clash Royale, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or Fire Emblem Heroes.


10 hours into God of War. I'd like to smack that kid that kid across the face. 25 hours into God of War... oh man.. I really want to smack that kid across the face.


This is the first Steam sale where I probably won't pick anything up. Nothing is so heavily discounted that I'm tempted to pick it up based on price alone. I really miss looking for those flash sales where you really felt like a bargain.


A realisation. I used to love Zelda games starting with the Snes. Finished A lttp, Oot and Majoras. Finished Wind Waker but found Twilight Princess so tedious I never finished it. Skipped Skyward sword. Realization..TP killed my interest in franchise.


Hate the new site. On a 2650x144 monitor, the site only take up one third of the screen. I'm being held hostage to upgrade to huge to have the content use the rest of the screen. Don't lose a regular visitor over this.


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