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Review: Monolith

The dungeons of Zelda, the cute characters of Undertale, and Geometry Wars had a threeway and gave birth to this wonderful roguelike that I've been having a deeply romantic affair with for the past couple weeks. When I come home I just...


Xbox fans liked my Phantom Dust review so much they gave me the prestegious “AZZHOLE AWARD” and I couldn’t be more honored. <3


Corn dogs are a type of pie, guys.


Review: Phantom Dust

How about that Xbox One, guys? So many hot exclusives have come out this year for it such as, well, nothing. Okay, okay, there was Halo Wars 2, but you already forgot about that like most people have, right? I sure did.  But don't worr...


Would you prefer I bring back Hot and Steamy or just doing more impressions of popular Steam games from recent days


I really like talking to Dtoid commenters about movies. I wish Dtoid / Modern Method sites could have combined a bit more sooner like Gawker sites have/are. I love movies/TV as much as games.


I'm drunk af and playing Phantom Dust for review. AMA


I'm drunk af and playing Phantom Dust for review. AMA


Review: Astro Duel Deluxe

Did you know that Spacewar!, arguably the first video game ever made, had a simulated black hole? Years later Asteroids didn't even feature anything that advanced but is more widely known. Astro Duel Deluxe is a multiplayer spirit...


ARMS is amazing. I'm seriously in love with it. Tried all the available characters with my favorite being Mechanica. Stuns + hammer = OP. Can't wait to play more!


Review: Perception

A first-person story-driven horror game with a strong blind female protagonist made by former developers of games like BioShock and Dead Space has got to be good, right? Plus, it has all the workings of a game someone, like myself...


Laura Kate Dale delivered this gem just now. Samus who? Mario + Rabbids FPS pls.


Supposedly leaked on Discord from the rumored Rabbids Mario game. Most interesting thing is the arm canon.


Review: Spark the Electric Jester

When Sega don't, indies does. Or something like that. First, we got the furrylicious Freedom Planet, which is sold well enough to warrant a sequel, and now we have Spark the Electric Jester that combines the best pa...


Eagle Island has one of the best demos I've ever played

I've been following Eagle Island for a while after seeing some awesome looking GIFs of it on Twitter. It's a procedurally generated Metroidvania and/or roguelike about a boy and his pet owl that he has trained to attack at his will.&nb...


Review: LocoRoco Remastered

Remember the PSP? You know, that system that many of us bought just because it was the easiest way to play classic consoles on the go thanks to being hacked near launch to easily allow homebrew? Did you know it actually had a few good exclu...


Someone hit me with an invite to the Discord server. Somehow I left the chat, and I have time to hullshit and ruin everything.


Review: TumbleSeed

"FUCK!" That's the word I say right before I nearly throw my Switch across the room after dying what seems like the millionth time in TumbleSeed.  "I hate this fucking game," I think at the time, but I don't really. I actually like it ...


Review: Kamiko

[Kamiko is now available worldwide. Below is our original review of the Japanese version which is identical to version you can purchase in any eShop worldwide.] It isn't every day that we here at Destructoid review imports, but like De...


TumbleSeed will be the end of me. I've been playing the hell out of this game and I'm third in tbe frickin' world on the leaderboards and I'm not even on the last section of the game. You only get one life to make it... very frustrated.


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