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I still don't care much for soccer, but the orange ladies against the US are putting in WORK! Here's a little good luck note they got from Japanese staff. Featuring Pikachu, Miffy (from Dutch children's book writer very popular in Japan) and origami.


2:30AM and I'm being kept awake by a party at the students' nextdoor. Yet rather than angry I just feel...melancholy. It doesn't make sense; I don't like parties, and I didn't like parties even when I was a student myself. I guess I just feel lonely...


Great Ace Attorney doesn't seem to be getting a EU physical release, but fortunately my local games retailer is importing them...next Friday. Which, by my calculations, is not, in fact, today.


Over the past two or three months, I've replayed every single Ace Attorney game, including Investigations 1, the fan translation for 2, and I just finished Layton vs. Phoenix. I'm all set and ready to go for The Great Ace Attorney. Bring me those feels.


I'm strongly getting Double Fine x Dicey Dungeons from this (by the team from Stick it to the Man). Going to wait for some reviews, but sounds interesting for sure.


I'm really enjoying Cris Tales so far. The art is gorgeous, and the way you see three different worlds at once will never get old to me. Super neat. I also like that this game is...not "wholesome" per se but definitely on the positive end of the spectrum.


...so they glitch OoT to write a file name to the N64 Expansion Pack; they hotswap it for Paper Mario, glitch that too by overflowing data and waiting 69 seconds so it reads the Pack. It directs to the file name, which instructs to roll credits. Wow.


On this day of Zelda, here's a kind reminder that while Groose is a meme, he legitimately has the best character arc in the entire franchise. Change my mind. Or don't, because I'm right.


Ch-ch-ch-Chip & Dale, Rescue Rangers! Chipmunk friend, designed by Gen Hagiwara.


I'm ALSO accepted as a lecturer IT Law! Unfortunately this means I must choose, as the two departments are illogically separated because office politics. Tech Law is the most exciting, and closest to what I do, but IT offers great long-term stability...


I just got a...what's it called? A 'jerb'? 'Jaab'? Oh no, a 'job', that's it! I'm hired as a lecturer in Technology Law starting in September! Also have another application out, so I may still even get to choose.


Don't forget to pay your buck-o-five today, Americans!


After all the Smash DLC characters and their crazy mechanics, it's weird to return to the OGs. It's like "Oh yeah, Mario, what does he have?" - "You press B to Fireball". "Okay cool, but what about his meters and transformations?" - "Nope, B to Fireball."


I just handed in my application as a lecturer in data protection and digital market regulation. While this vacancy was more or less written with me in mind, I don't like to assume things (we all know what it does to u and me). So instead; here's hoping!


I've been playing around with Kazuya a bit more today....I lose most matches I play as him, and most matches I play against him. Just can't make him work at all beyond the very basics, but apparently he can be scary.


Is it bad that I always feel a warm glow of schadenfreude every time The Netherlands gets eliminated from the Cup? At least this means I won't have to watch the whole country go apeshit over soccer for a while anymore. Pic unrelated.


The other day I was looking for a present for a friend, checking out some LEGO kits. Came across this one, and just couldn't resist getting this for myself. Very neat decoration piece, and it even comes with cherry blossoms as an alternate set-up!


Had an extremely unproductive week this week. Sucks, because my PhD does come with an expiration date. It's very frustrating in that I know I've got ideas in my head, but they won't come out. I do get to go back to the office next week, which should help.


Brachio friend! Designed by Shuki Kato. This is now by far the hardest I've ever made. Took me about a week on-and-off working on it, guessing about 8+ hours in total. One could beat Ocarina of Time in the time this guy took me, is what I'm saying.


I fucked up. Here's some more Metroid Dread art to make it up to dephoenix. All-time favorite Samus art in the comments.


Among the demos on Steam this week, don't sleep on Patrick's Parabox. I first saw this on a mystery game tournament, and it's super neat. Push boxes inside themselves to solve puzzles and also levels are boxes too.


One of the games that I think got overlooked in the Direct yesterday is this one right here. It just showed up as a quick highlight. I'm digging the art a lot, so I'm curious to see how this'll turn out. Cautiously my overlooked gem of E3.


Nintendo dropping No More Heroes 3 gameplay after everything is said and done.


I'm a sucker for floating islands, so I'm 100% here for it. New powers look neat, but from the story beats it seems unlikely we'll get to play as Zelda still.


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