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It may not have been my best idea to get back into Dead Cells after a long break and then starting with New Game++. I'm getting massacred as if it were my first time playing.


I'm about as confused about this whole "list" business as Trevor is, and I don't know what possessed that lady to bring it up. Anna Kendrick rolling with it like a champ though, what with her being literally the best. LITERALLY. THE BEST.


I finally watched Infinity War today. It was a better watch than I was expecting. I'm still a little bit tired of the MCU (I could not give less of a shit when fucking Bucky shows up) but it focused a lot on characters I enjoy seeing, and Thor's cool now.


My first beginners' course Krav Maga wasn't as fun as fencing yesterday. I don't know if it's the sport or the teacher. He seemed more concerned with showing how a move looks when you do it well than explaining how to do it correctly.


Expectation: "Eh, they already revealed most of the stuff for this Direct over the past week. Oh well, might as well watch it; it's always good fun." - Reality:


I just came back from my first beginners course fencing. First observation: fencing is more intense than I thought. Second observation: the name of one of my new classmates is "Poppi". Mech girl status to be determined. QT seems apt though.


Stop the presses: there is new footage of Anna Kendrick being literally the best.


A couple of weeks ago I got it into my head that I wanted to replay Shovel Knight. But...I think I may have gone overboard a little bit. Just a little.


Has anyone else encountered a bug with the final boss of The Messenger? I'm having an issue that can't possibly be right. See comments.


Today it has been exactly one year since my dad passed away. It's still profoundly sad, but it's also kind of amazing how much has happened in just a year. I've really changed for the better, figuring out my own life while carrying his memory forward.


I had a wedding last week of a coworker who's way into Pokémon. I commissioned Inquisitive Ravenclaw to do a Pokémon wedding card for her, and (of course) it turned out great. See comments. 10/10, would let compensate for my utter lack of talent again.


I got The Messenger for the weekend, but I have to say I’m not super impressed with it yet. Maybe it’s because the other indies I’ve been playing were Shovel Knight, Bloodstained, and Yoku’s Island Express, but it’s not grabbing me as much.


I was planning to buy a new indie game this week, and it was going to be Yoku's Island Express. These Messenger reviews are making the decision difficult though...


I'm re-playing Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove today, mostly because I half expect tomorrow's Nindie showcase to include the phrase: "Shovel Knight: King of Cards is available on Nintendo Switch right now."


"I have a two-hour train trip; I'll just play a few rounds of Dead Cells to pass the time" - *Beats game on New Game+*


Took me rather a while, but I finally finished my first story in Octopath Traveler: Prim's. Boy howdy did that villain ever take a few small scenes to make me hate his fucking guts. (In a good way)


Random observation: the number "1337" always jumps out at me. Literally almost every day I notice when the time is 13:37, and I just got back from the grocery store only to find that I spent €13,37 today.


Real talk: Drop what you're doing and go show your emotional support for Strider right the fuck now. He needs you.


I was just browsing the Smash Bros website and I noticed a thing I hadn't before: the K.Rool Theme arrangement was done by ACE, from Xenoblade 1 and 2. For some reason, it even has rap in it. I thought that was strictly Xenoblade X territory!


I finally did it! I beat Dead Cells for the first time...using a build that I honestly didn’t think was going to make it. All I had to do was follow the game’s sage advice:


I've been looking to expand my horizons a bit and get out the house more. Try new things, meet new people (possibly find a ladyfriend). So here's a question for all of ya: what do you guys do besides work and videogames? Bookclub, sports, cosplay; what?


I feel that the final boss in Dead Cells is a little too unforgiving. I got up to him several times now after utterly wrecking the last level, but he still does me in. I dunno, I just think that I’ve kinda earned the win at this point.


The Smash article that just went up got me thinking which gaming icons are still missing for Ultimate. I came up with one...and he's yellow and purple.


I got a bit discouraged by Dead Cells because I was dying on a very hard boss several times. So I decided to take a look at how far I had made it through the game...and it turns out I was dying against the Final Boss. This fills me with determination!


I feel like I started playing Dead Cells 5 minutes ago. The clock says it's been 5 hours. I think I may like this game a wee bit.


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