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With Zelda being playable in Hyrule Warriors and also having her BotW costume, I felt it necessary to recreate that most captivating and memorable moment from Breath of the Wild.


Next to Hyrule Warriors this week I also got Link's Crossbow Training for 3 bucks, and I 'acquired' Game & Watch Gallery 4 with a save file to unlock the Zelda game. Six "Zelda games" remain. Three involve a 35-year-old in tights. The rest are far worse.


For being in a game with Twili Midna and Marin in it, Linkle is making a brave attempt at being Best Girl. I didn't know I needed crossbow uzis in my life, but here we are. I also like how she has a dedicated "move" for removing or putting on her hood.


So how's your day? Regardless, allow me to make your day better:


Pretty sure I just scored an NES Classic! I purposely skipped it at first, but it would look really nice next to my SNES Classic, so why not?


I can now close another chapter in my quest to play every Zelda game ever. Over the weekend I...'acquired' and beat BS Zelda and BS Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets. I'm getting pretty close to my goal, but a few challenges still lay in my path.


Dtoid Community PSA: Dear Destructoid community; make sure you never give Caimdark your credit card. He will absolutely spend hundreds of bucks on games he just told you five minutes ago he doesn’t need.


I came up with a workaround for Four Swords: I got an emulator that supports Link Cable emulation. Then I mapped one Link to the left side of the controller, and the other to the right. Basically, I turned it into Brothers: A Tale of Two Links.


Today I bought and beat The Adventure of Link. Was more fun than I expected, though I did already know most of the secrets. This means that I have now played every Zelda game except the GBA Four Swords. I'm pretty sure there's no good way to play that.


Just finished Kirby: Star Allies. I don't know if this has already been observed on Dtoid, but did anyone else think that the main antagonist of this game reminded them of a certain other Nintendo villain? (Spoilers in comments)


So it would appear that there's a new SNK Heroines trailer out for Switch. Now, I don't know who literally any of these characters are, and I suck at fighting games...but the trailer's giving me good reasons for wanting to get it. See comments.

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So yesterday we were talking about DC Animated movies a bit, and I realized that I had missed the last couple. I've been fixing that today, but...I blame you all for not warning me against Batman and Harley Quinn. This is on you.


Don't look now, but I may have just clean sweeped Gamemaniac and Limo's 12-Race Mario Kart 8 game. Hearing their commentary about me was pretty interesting. ;)


Today is King's Day in the Netherlands, so here is to my favorite king!


I don't think I've ever heard this music before. It's an electric guitar medley of notable Wind Waker tunes. I dig it!


I just noticed that Pokémon Sun & Moon is up on Netflix. Decided to go through the episode list to see if there's anything interesting. Found two episodes where they meet the Kanto crew, so I watched that for nostalgia. I came away with this:


My IRL friend got me the full Xenoblade 2 DLC pack for my birthday. Gotta a wait a while for the extra story content, but in the mean time I rolled this cool lady with a very peculiar understanding of what books are for.


Changing my opinion from "This game is pretty fun" to "I fucking love this" tends to come down to one really good piece of music. Case in point:


Your SHADE leveled up! HP + 7, Attack + 2, Defense + 4, Sp.Attack + 3, Sp.Defense + 2, Speed + 1! Here’s an early birthday haul.


I mentioned earlier that I was feeling a lot better lately, so let me just share a thing. Anjali Bhimani (known to us as Symmetra) maintains a Youtube channel where she basically just talks positive. Here she is with Crispin Freeman, blowing minds.


I feel that a lot of my comments in the past few days have been uncharacteristically grumpy. Which is odd, considering that I've actually been feeling a lot better lately. So here is Windmill Hills to make up for it.


Just came back from Comiccon; I scored this sweet robotic Bulbasaur! I also praised the sun in front of a Solaire who looked extremely bewildered for a half second. Events like this do make me wonder though; where áre all these people in my normal life?


I wasn't really feeling what I've seen of Kirby Star Allies so far, so I decided to get Triple Deluxe instead as a little present to myself. Planet Robobot was better, but really enjoying it so far, even if Hypernova turns Kirby into an eldritch monster.


It's a bummer that streaming has overtaken Let's Play as the game video of choice. My old favorite LPers haven't done an LP in ages, but just stream now. Better than nothing at all I guess (I miss Medibot), but an edited LP is so much better to watch.


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Next to Zelda I'm also obsessed with the Monolith Soft RPGs Xenoblade Chronicles and the Baten Kaitos series. I will not pass up the opportunity to mention them, ever, and I consider myself to be Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean's biggest fan. I'm fairly certain Monolith Soft exists specifically to make me happy.

Being the good Nintendo fanboy that I am, the Switch is the new love of my life. I'm on a steady course of turning it into a Nintendo + Indies machine, as Iwata intended.

Even a list of my favorite games across all platforms will be dominated by Nintendo and indie, with a few wild cards here and there.

Besides gaming itself, I like reading up on gaming-related news on my favorite website in the whole wide world: Destructoid. I'm pretty much here all the time. I love all the people here, and I'm glad that I get to be a part of this whole thing. Wouldn't know what to do without you!

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