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Gotta follow the laws of the wild.


Despite its meme status, I genuinely love the setting, characters, art and gameplay of the Darksiders series. I'm currently trying to replay them both before Darksiders 3 comes out in a few weeks. Super excited about it!


So I asked my date from a few weeks ago to go to Comic-Con together, and she agreed(!). On top of that, I just learned that Charles Martinet will be there (!) and the photo op tickets were still available (!!!). Today was a good day.


I was watching last week's Smash Treehouse streams earlier, and seeing that full character select screen is something else. If you had showed me this pic 5 - 10 years ago, I would not just have called it fake, I would've called it laughably fake.


I was getting a little tired of all the talking in Castlevania season 2, but hot damn; when those action sequences hit it fucking knocks them out of the park. One of the best animated fight scenes ever towards the end there. So worth it.


And this, kids, is why you don't put your faith in leaks. Seriously though, my response to Piranha Plant is much the same as it was for Wii Fit Trainer way back when: It's ridiculous, it's unnecessary...and that's why I love it.


My coworker just told me all about a new band he'll be performing in, called "Flannery". He says it means something in Irish, but you can be sure that I did my civic duty and told him with Flannery really means.


Just got back from my date and I think it went pretty well! We had a good time, she matched me movie reference to movie reference, and she said she may want to come to Comiccon with me. The only downside is she tried to tell me Son of the Mask was good...


So today I asked out a girl I met in fencing class...and she said yes! I now fully expect a helicopter to randomly fall on my head or something, because surely the balance of the universe is way out of whack.


Luigi's Mansion 3DS: Luigi still humps the furniture, 10/10.


So it turns out that in Europe you can't get digital Starlink for 60 bucks. The 'standard' edition is already 80, and the deluxe is 100(!). And that's before exchange rates. That's cute, Ubisoft; Guess I'm not taking a chance on your new IP now.


At a board game night, my friend to another friend: "Give me a second, I'm arranging a blind date for you with an old colleague of mine". Me, the only other single guy in the room:


Now that I know the digital version of Starlink is basically a normal game at a normal price, I might give it a shot. Looks pretty fun for a few hours at a time, and it would be a nice change of pace from JRPG Central that my Switch has become lately.


I think I just messed up getting someone's number. After our last shared sports class I offered this lady to exchange contact info. Didn't have my phone on me so gave her my number instead. So now she'll have to remember to initiate the 'exchange' part.


For reasons not fully understood, I ended up spending most of my workday today listening to old Disney songs in the background. "I'll make a man out of you" makes me so happy somehow.


I just realized that Starlink comes out as soon as next week. I'm waiting for reviews first, but I hope the starter pack is enough for it to be a good Star Fox game. I would totally buy that as if it were a Special Edition Star Fox Switch game.


I watched Batman Ninja today. That was...that...that was without a doubt the weirdest Batman-related thing I've ever seen. Because of/despite that I still enjoyed it. I think. Also this:


A former coworker just dropped by and admittedly left me a bit rattled. She just got married, is starting a great new job in a few weeks, and her finished PhD looks super fucking slick. I have none of those things yet, and I'm worried if I can get there.


I've been playing a bunch of NES games on Switch Online/Classic Mini. But what's weird is that I HATE limited continues. I will absolutely use Save States to simulate infinite continues. Yet I'll also play permadeath roguelikes without a second thought...


I've been on my Switch Online free trial week. I have to say it's not going to be worth it for me, at least until Smash comes out. That said, I did get something out of the deal: bragging rights.


So between four introductory classes for two different sports I managed to strike up a nice conversation with two cute girls I never met before. I'm starting to think there might be something to this whole "getting out of the house more" thing.


Guess what day it is today, me hearties!


It may not have been my best idea to get back into Dead Cells after a long break and then starting with New Game++. I'm getting massacred as if it were my first time playing.


I'm about as confused about this whole "list" business as Trevor is, and I don't know what possessed that lady to bring it up. Anna Kendrick rolling with it like a champ though, what with her being literally the best. LITERALLY. THE BEST.


I finally watched Infinity War today. It was a better watch than I was expecting. I'm still a little bit tired of the MCU (I could not give less of a shit when fucking Bucky shows up) but it focused a lot on characters I enjoy seeing, and Thor's cool now.


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