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Disney Plus is rolling out its trial period exclusively in The Netherlands. The app itself needs work, but the selection is solid. Besides all the recent movies it has a ton of old cartoons. The old Ducktales, Spider-Man and even X-men. You know the one.


Astral Chain, I love you. More than you know. I haven't always told you, but I've always felt it in my heart. However, as someone who wants to make mad passionate love to you, I have to ask: Why? Why are you doing this to me?


Today it's exactly two years since my dad passed away. Rather fittingly, I'm playing Celeste: Farewell. I played Celeste first when I was dealing with the loss, so it's appropriate that Farewell released today of all days. I still miss him though.


Some more time with Banjo: he may become a new main, I dig him a lot. Wonderwing is one of the best specials in the game; not safe on shield, but blasts through everything else and kills. (Grenade) eggs are versatile and mess up people’s flow.


Banjo-Kazooie super quick impressions: they're fairly "vanilla", no wacky mechanics or anything other than limited Side-B. Wonderwing is a solid kill move, and they have a lot of air options. They also turn around on double jump to use Grenades quickly.


SANS IN SMASH WHAT? (Mii costume only, but comes with music)


It looks like Xenoblade Switch is going to fix the one complaint I had with the original (the character models). Time to double dip!


Welp, every Smash hopeful is on the table now. More DLC characters, hell yes.


I really enjoy Chip&Ironicus' Metal Gear LPs, but the more I see of Metal Gear the less I wholly fail to grasp why Kojima is so revered. Like, how do you write your main villain's "This is my plan" speech to be completely incomprehensible?


Fuck this game, I don't want any part of this horrific nightmare universe.


I'm not convinced the first playthrough of Astral Chain is meant to be done on what it calls "PT Standard" mode. "For fans of Platinum games", it says. The first main mission is kicking.my.ass.


Who has two thumbs and just got Astral Chain in the mail a day early?


What sucks about online dating is that people will just stop responding halfway through a conversation. Good convo with a cute girl last night, but I notice her last message only after midnight. I wait to reply until the morning, and now radio silence.


Today, we in the Netherlands have been given the opportunity to name planet HAT-P-6 b. I hope the world is ready for Planety McPlanetface.


I finally beat Three Houses just now. Making Edelgard a Wyvern Lord was the best decision I ever made.


Just got back from a solo day at the zoo. Was fun! Going alone was actually really worth it. Also they had red pandas at the zoo. Since it’s <3 Anna’s birthday tomorrow, that just seems right.


Hitting that point in Fire Emblem where every unit is basically a one-man kill squad. Always my favorite bit! I’m playing on Hard, so either there’ll be a jump in difficulty still, or min-maxing my Eagles’ lessons helps a lot. Spoilers in comments.


Greetings, Professor! Nothing to report.


Finally tried Hero, and good lord Hero has a LOT going for him. Any time I finish a match I feel like I haven't even used half his kit. The Down-B is a bit unreliable, but the chargeable Neutral B/Side B and critical hit smashes are great kill moves.


I’m glad to say my pre-release worries about Three Houses have been totally wrong so far. I dig the new gameplay and characters. One thing I like is how the characters are “placed” in the world. The things going on directly concern and affect them.


The new Smash DLC isn't live for me yet, and the wait is killing me. I want to see the hero, I want to try the hero, I can't wait for the hero, I...I...


I caved and got Three Houses after all. All reviews say the characters have more going on beneath the surface now, which was my main gripe with Fates. So far, one thing I can certainly say is that they're really giving Camilla a run for her money.


I have to say I’m not feeling this season of Queer Eye so much. It’s less about helping out men who are struggling in life, and more about putting local community heroes in the spotlight. That’s a cool idea for a show! Just not necessarily THIS one.


My coworkers just invited me to a Mario Kart 8 tournament they're going to be hosting next week. I'm not convinced they quite realize what they have gotten themselves into...


It’s odd the sort of things that cause my particular brand of relationship angst to flare up. Was doing great for months; then I watch Dragon Prince S2 and the Callum/Claudia scenes make me realize “Shit, I really don’t know what that’s like.”


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Well, borderlands continues the series tradition of having terrible boss fights for single It’s always nice to kill 90% of a boss and then have to start over because there wasn’t anything else to kill to get back

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While that would be a rather unnerving sight, having that many spiders gathered in 1 area would cause a drastic decrease of insect


Man, that was a great My friends cooked me dinner and we played Smash Bros for

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