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So I don't know who this host person is and not gonna lie he seems somewhat...greasy, but the rest of this is solid gold. Incredible people responsible for some of my fondest memories.


I finally got one of my grumpy villagers to leave, so I spent the morning cycling through Nook Miles islands to find a better friend. And then one of my very first encounters was Rodney of all people. Nope'd the fuck out; he can stay on a deserted island.


Does anybody have experience with taking apart/internal cleaning Switch pro controllers? By freak accident I managed to spill ketchup on it, and now my X button is wonky. It still responds fine, but it doesn’t “click” on push like the other buttons.


Took a Tinder-date for a walk in the park yesterday, and was disappointed. Over the phone she seemed super sweet, but in person it's red flags galore. She admires Taylor Swift for getting away from record labels "which are all owned by Jews btw". Yikes.


I heard of Jelle's Marbles before (there was a Dutch documentary about him once, more in comments), but LWT got me to give it another shot. Even though I don't like watching sports, this is legitimately fun. #TeamSnowball #SnowMuchFun


After a little over a week of inactivity, I jumped back into Ring Fit Adventure and apparently the game decided that today was going to be leg day. Current status:


AI: The Somnium Files is literally asking me to send nudes. Also, potentially spoilerific plot theory in the comments. I know my Zero Escape; I'm on the look-out for weird foreshadowy shit.


After seeing some Dtoiders talk about it, I bought and finished Murder By Numbers. It's a good time! The soundtrack kicks ass, and I let the intro song run literally every time. It's the most fun song to ever include the line "murder's never far away".


[Update: met the goal already, before he's even started reading.] Today Andy Serkis is doing a 12-hour live reading of The Hobbit, and I am here for it. GoFundMe is here


#UnpopularOpinionToid Hideo Kojima games would be a lot better if you let him name ONE overarching theme, ONE bit of lore, and ONE major story beat, then locked him in a room with dirty magazines while other people handle all characters, script and plot.


As the quarantine continues, living alone in a small apartment does get harder. I miss my coworkers (who are also my best friends), my mom, sister and cat, and my weird-ass sports. Most of all I miss hugs.


I mean, it's pretty obvious.


There was a time when we thought introducing Qposts wasn't going to be a good idea. Five years of all your...'utterings' later, it's safe to say we were correct. Incidentally, back then I was also in a Final Fantasy mood.


By ancient Destructoid decree, I am not allowed to work out any more.


I don't believe in myself. I believe in Past Me, who believes in me.


Today I taught my first two classes (technology law)! I'm exhausted, but it was super fun. Getting them to participate online is a bit tricky (because everyone feels awkward), but for the most part it went fine. The boss was very pleased.


Today I learned that "Mastodon" means "breast tooth", because when they discovered it they thought their teeth looked like boobs. Old-timey science is pretty great. Thanks, Animal Crossing and Monterey Bay Aquarium!


Anna <3 made a LEGO Millennium Falcon and I am swooning so hard right now. This lady is literally the best and she somehow becomes literally the bester by the day.


It's true. I was the Easter Bunny all along.


Can we take a moment to appreciate how rad New Horizons’ museum is? I love how there’s a spot for humans at the end of the evolutionary track. It even highlights you when you stand there! I for one definitely look the part.


A coworker just got a Switch and they're asking me whether to get Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey for it. If the answer "both" is not valid, then I reject the premise of the question entirely.


I just had a Skype date with a lass. We remote-watched a documentary about penguins together. It was actually quite nice! She seems nice enough, but I'm not so sure about her yet. Not going to cut it off, but I dunno that it's going anywhere. That's okay.


GODDAMMIT COVID! Is nothing sacred anymore?!


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The Dutch one, Grand Marshal of the Nintendo Defense Force, heckler of GajKnight, and zen personified; I am ShadeOfLight, one of your Community Managers .

I'm a Dutch law PhD who loves to play the vidya. I'm a Nintendo-fanboy at heart, and I could play Zelda games continuously from now until the end of time. I also used to be on the Cblog Recaps team for Thursdays, and I did that for 4 whole years.

Next to Zelda I'm also obsessed with the Monolith Soft RPGs Xenoblade Chronicles and the Baten Kaitos series. I will not pass up the opportunity to mention them, ever, and I consider myself to be Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean's biggest fan. I'm fairly certain Monolith Soft exists specifically to make me happy.

Being the good Nintendo fanboy that I am, the Switch is the new love of my life. I'm on a steady course of turning it into a Nintendo + Indies machine, as Iwata intended.

Even a list of my favorite games across all platforms will be dominated by Nintendo and indie, with a few wild cards here and there.

Besides gaming itself, I like reading up on gaming-related news on my favorite website in the whole wide world: Destructoid. I'm pretty much here all the time. I love all the people here, and I'm glad that I get to be a part of this whole thing. Wouldn't know what to do without you!

And it turns out you guys love me too!
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