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Shiiiiiiire. Baaaaaggiiiiins. Designed by Chen Xiao. This was...tough. Will probably try it again, because the horse head isn't great. Pretty proud of it though!


Although SMT V's Tokyo wasteland looks super cool, I spend most of my time looking at World of Shadows' demon jpegs. Deciding what you want next and then having forgotten by the time you've leveled up enough so you need to decide AGAIN is half the fun!


I just got a call that the Switch OLED I had expected to get delivered early December is already waiting for me at my local games retailer! Just in time for SMT5, at that. Now to figure out transferring my data and take it for a spin.


Salamander lizard baby dragon friend! Designed by Riccardo Foschi. This one is actually made from a triangle, and deceptively simple. He's real cute though, a good buddy.


I shouldn't have, but I went and ordered myself a Switch OLED. Partially for the screen, but also because my Day 1 Switch's battery leaves a lot to be desired. But mostly because I have no self-control whatsoever.


My students' exams are done, meaning I now have...1400 answers to mark. In a week. I started today and am now 1/10th of the way through.


So it turns out that old-fashioned plungers work extremely well. Go figure!


Finished Metroid Dread in 5:40 with 39% items. I wanted to complete a regular run first just to see, now going back for 100% items. This has been a great game, and I've never been as interested in Metroid's story beats as now. The ending bit is wild.


Wolf friend! Designed by "Weesel". The paper I used was a little bit too thick, so its back tore slightly, as well as the inside of the neck. Still, I think he turned out nice! The head reminds me of Wolf Link somewhat.


Sakurai is a treasure. Rest easy, heroes.


Bunny friend! Designed by Nicolas Gajardo Henriquez. I attended an online origami workshop, and this was one of the better models shown. Turned out well, and I think he's very cute!


Finished my final class for Week 1 today; 6 groups of students, 30 each. Teaching is fun though, and I especially enjoy setting the atmosphere for the folks (as my supervisor calls them: "our ducklings"). I think it went pretty well!


I'm listing to the Metal Gear Rising OST at work (as I do, every so often), and The Hot Wind Blowing came on. Considering recent events...wow, this is apt.


Hamster friend! Designed by Fernando Chura Huanca. Look at this chubby little fella. I messed up the first attempt real bad, but this one turned out great.


I want to replay the No More Heroes series before getting 3. Is Travis Strikes Again worth going through? Because I've heard mixed things, and it seems very expensive for what it is.


I got a box; this was in it! A few weeks ago the Dutch MyNintendo store quietly restocked the Hanafuda cards, and I was able to snag a set! Top row is Boar-Deer-Butterfly, second row is Five Lights. Third row is Best Girls and last row is miscellaneous.


So if I'm getting this right, in Pokémon Legends you play as a member of the Survey Corps. I'm sure that will all go great. After all, nothing bad has ever happened to the Survey Corps.


Ace Attorney is a series about having faith in your friends, the importance of finding the truth, moving on from trauma, and never giving up. And also this.


I love that I'm playing Axiom Verge 2, and Thomas Happ is a talented fellow...but man, those sound effects are not great.


My apartment has become the new favorite hang-out spot for a particularly annoying fly for the past few days. I've tried swatting it (with one of those electric tennis rackets even!) to no avail. Now I'm just trying to goad it out. Current status:


I'm loving the writing in Great Ace Attorney already, even just in the first case. Several giggle-out-loud moments already, most of them related to Ryunosuke being a bundle of nerves in his first trial. He even has an animation for a wimpy desk slap.


I still don't care much for soccer, but the orange ladies against the US are putting in WORK! Here's a little good luck note they got from Japanese staff. Featuring Pikachu, Miffy (from Dutch children's book writer very popular in Japan) and origami.


2:30AM and I'm being kept awake by a party at the students' nextdoor. Yet rather than angry I just feel...melancholy. It doesn't make sense; I don't like parties, and I didn't like parties even when I was a student myself. I guess I just feel lonely...


Great Ace Attorney doesn't seem to be getting a EU physical release, but fortunately my local games retailer is importing them...next Friday. Which, by my calculations, is not, in fact, today.


Over the past two or three months, I've replayed every single Ace Attorney game, including Investigations 1, the fan translation for 2, and I just finished Layton vs. Phoenix. I'm all set and ready to go for The Great Ace Attorney. Bring me those feels.


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