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I caved and got Three Houses after all. All reviews say the characters have more going on beneath the surface now, which was my main gripe with Fates. So far, one thing I can certainly say is that they're really giving Camilla a run for her money.


I have to say I’m not feeling this season of Queer Eye so much. It’s less about helping out men who are struggling in life, and more about putting local community heroes in the spotlight. That’s a cool idea for a show! Just not necessarily THIS one.


My coworkers just invited me to a Mario Kart 8 tournament they're going to be hosting next week. I'm not convinced they quite realize what they have gotten themselves into...


It’s odd the sort of things that cause my particular brand of relationship angst to flare up. Was doing great for months; then I watch Dragon Prince S2 and the Callum/Claudia scenes make me realize “Shit, I really don’t know what that’s like.”


Despite being European I don't give the slightest shit about soccer. Still, it's rather cathartic to see our vastly underrepresented women's team actually get some solid results while the men just flounder a bit. Hoist that silver proud, orange ladies!


I do always so enjoy the plights of EVE Online players. Shine on, you money-burning diamonds.


Almost finished replaying every Zelda game: at BotW now. My favorite thing about this game is how many games are referenced on the map. It makes me think there was some timeline-shattering event that happened at some point. Hope BotW2 will go into that!


Super happy for dear ol' AVGN: Youtube success couldn't have come to a nicer guy.


An emotional rollercoaster in one headline: Boaty McBoatface, otherwise known as the one thing The Internet(TM) ever did right, is telling us the climate is more fucked than we thought.


At this point I feel like I’ve seen everything of Cadence of Hyrule...except for any of the dungeons. There’s a lot more overworld exploration and puzzling than I expected. Pretty neat!


Can't say I've ever heard of this game before, but it looks great. Getting a lot of Muramasa vibes from this, which ain't no bad thang.


As a pretty hardcore gamer I sometimes wonder if I'm spending too much of my time on videogames and maybe should cut down. It's weeks like these that make me realize that nah, this shit just makes me happy, and not in a bad way. Gimme that Cadence action.


Astral Chain gameplay on Treehouse looks super fucking slick. The Legions are basically what I wish the Blades from Xenoblade 2 had been. Very cool.


They just showed some Three Houses footage on the Treehouse (heh) stream, but I have to say I’m not feeling it yet. Dunno why exactly, but I’m getting too many Fates vibes and not enough Echoes ones.


Having seen some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 gameplay now, I’m expecting a rather simplistic action game. I’m fine with that though: I played MUA1 to death, and I dig the roster. I see playable Spider-Gwen, I buy day one.


The madmen actually did it. Ho.ly. Shit. Banjo in Smash.


Gym Leader Nessa vs Team Aqua Admin Shelley. Go.


Oh hey, a new JRPG character in Smash whose game will actually be released on the Switch. Isn't that nice?


Just came back from a Fellowship of the Ring Extended screening (in honor of the biopic). Super cool to see it in theater for the first time. The Nazgûl screams cut through your soul like that. Two Towers next week! Oh, and I didn't miss anything, did I?


Today I ate some apple pie with a blue spork. It’s the little things in life.


It's settled, I want the Pokémon version that has Sif in it.


I’m currently replaying every Zelda game in release order; at Wind Waker now. It’s been great: I’m appreciating each game more the more often I play them. I honestly don’t think any entertainment property will ever mean as much to me as Zelda does


I just went to a bar to attend my coworker's PhD graduation afterparty, and they were blatantly playing the Awesome Mix all night. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but I was having a perfectly great time with it.


I've been trying to grow a beard but it's a little bit awkward still. I've never had facial hair before, so sometimes I don't even look like myself. Other times though, the beard on the outside is definitely helping me live the beard on the inside.


Oh dear, I think I feel one of my annual Zelda moods coming up. Guess I'm going to be busy with those games for a while (again). I'm sorry, backlog; I'm sure you're all great games, but you ain't Zelda.


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