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Just got back from Endgame. I enjoyed it a lot, but I do have a number of gripes. Hot take: Marvel has not earned the “She’s got help” shot. Discussion and spoilers in comments.


I’ve heard it said that if you’re working on your personal style you have to find a celebrity role model of sorts. I could never think of any, but recently I felt like watching GotG again. Upon seeing that opening it hit me: I want to be thát guy.


Playing Mega Man 11 this weekend, and can I just point out that Dr. Wily was completely right? Trying to make robots faster/stronger so they can better aid humans seems much more worthwhile than trying to give them sentience for shits and giggles.


Finally went to see Captain Marvel. I'm afraid it's not one of my favorites. The cat subplot was tonally awkward, and it just didn't fulfill its purpose as well as Wonder Woman did. Setting a fight scene to "I'm Just a Girl" is a bít on the nose, Marvel.


So no Persona 5 for Switch, then? Laaaame. What's the point of having Joker in Smash if I can't even find out who he is?


Dear people who make DVD/Bluray collection cases; Why do you all insist on implementing as many uniquely awful systems to hold the discs as you can dream up? I just want to take a disc out of the damn box. Is that too much to ask?


Yesterday I played Link: The Faces of Evil on CDi, Mario Tennis on Virtual Boy, and some racing game on N-Gage. The sign on the building said "Videogame Museum", but I think "Room 101" would've been more accurate.


This really exemplifies why I enjoy animal documentaries so much. If you're having a tough time, take a moment to realize that we live on a planet which hosts what I can only describe as "a school of whales". That's a privilege in itself.


I'm currently reading Hans Rosling's book Factfulness. I don't 'recommend' it so much as I consider it mandatory reading. His worldview needs to become the dominant one in all our lives. But for the life of me I cannot stop reading it in his voice.


Your SHADE leveled up to: 28! HP + 5, ATK + 3, DEF + 1, SP. ATK + 4, SP. DEF + 2, SPD + 0.


I really enjoy watching nature documentaries, and Netflix' Our Planet is no exception. This is also the first David Attenborough docu I've seen that emphasizes humans' influence. I'm sure this isn't news to anybody, but we are fucking things up bad.


Watching the press conference for the first ever black hole image. Go science!


Buddy, we all want things in life. But there are limits.


Yoshi’s Crafted World mechanically does nothing we haven’t seen before, and better. But “ride this object along its pre-set path” is that much more fun when said object is a shooting star made from a toilet paper roll with a star crudely glued on.


Uhm, Inti Creates? Are you...are you okay? Is there something we need to talk about?


Just got Yoshi in the mail a day early. I'm expecting a fairly (very) by-the-numbers little platformer with a neat aesthetic. Sometimes that's all you need.


At the Dutch Comic Con today, came across this awesome Groot. Excuse the lighting and the fact that I couldn't come up with a cool pose.


I was watching some Pokémon vids earlier and thinking about Sword/Shield, and it just hit me that we will probably see Pokémon no. 1000 in our lifetime, if not this year. That's pretty wild.


Sad democracy news in the Netherlands today. The party of an alt-right dogwhistler (who literally retweeted a meme of himself with Pepe the Frog's face) came from nothing to become the largest party in the Senate. No actual power yet, but this sucks.


One of the better Nindies vids in a while. Cadence of Hyrule has Zelda, Katana Zero reminds me of Dead Cells, Blaster Master 2 is a nice surprise, Vlambeer for that arcade goodness, Creature in the Well looks rad, and Rad looks...okay.


One and all, I wish you a happy New Year of Luigi. It is now the year of our Lord 6 (of Luigi).


Really enjoying Baba is You so far. It's great at stumping you for 15 minutes before hitting you with a Eureka moment that leaves you wondering why you didn't see it sooner. "Wait: if the wall blocks me, why don't I just turn the entire wall into keys?"


One thing I enjoy my Switch for is buying experimental indie games on a whim; see if they're fun. Baba Is You looks like an excellent contender: it'll either frustrate me to no end, or it'll be the most interesting puzzle game I've played in ages.


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