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My first deathless run of Hades, thanks in no small part to this frankly a little disgusting build. I call it "Press X to win".


This is a very small channel that I nonetheless highly recommend you check out. A therapist and a filmmaker discussing serious and important themes in popular movies. Like Aragorn as a model of positive masculinity, or this sympathetic look at Inside Out.


My anti-malware just sent me a notification I haven't seen before: "Port scan blocked". I'm actually not entirely sure what that means, but as long as whatever it was got blocked, it should be fine...right?


Play D&D as a Monk who has three attacks per turn. Have a +4 to hit on a 13 AC creature. Roll 7 misses in a row including two natural 1's. Feels bad man.


I think I'm going to hand in my Gamer Card(TM). I only learned just now, through Lokhe's post, that Baldur's Gate is, and always has been, based directly on Dungeons & Dragons. I am ashamed, and I ask no forgiveness.


Zagreus with the solid life advice. Hard to live by though.


And another clear immediately after! Only used 2 Death Defiance this time, both on the final boss. Much cleaner run. Bow with spread shot, beam Cast, and I got a ton of mileage out of that Poseidon summon.


Got my first clear of Hades on run 20! Spear with three-way pokes (heh) and huge crit, 200+ HP, all of the Death Defiances, even REFRESHED one of them, and finally beat the last boss with 20 health to spare. Basically tanked it, but I'm still proud.


I got myself a new external harddrive for movies, anime, and such, because my old one sounds like it's on its last legs. Turns out that transferring 1.5TB worth of stuff takes a while.


Minecraft isn't for me, but I suppose it is for a lot of people. I'm happy for them, and no Smash character has ever been un-fun to play, so I bet this'll work out swimmingly!


I just started watching Critical Role (100+ episodes of 3 - 4 hours each, what could go wrong?), and goddamn Matt Mercer is incredible. The carnival that starts at 2:08:08? Chills.


Hello darkness, my old friend...


I love 3D Mario, but it's odd to be reminded like this that Nintendo never perfected Mario's movement in 3D until Odyssey (or 3D World I guess). Getting Mario to walk in a straight line, or to STOP him going in a straight line, is surprisingly tough.


Beat Meg on my first attempt, in the second run (the one after the intro). I dunno if that's good, but I'm happy with myself. Ranged seems like the way to go in this game.


"Oh boy, I just got Mario 3D All-Stars in the mail! I'm ready for some nice nostalgic escapism and leaving all of the worries of 2020 behind m-


Does it still count as an anime opening if it's a movie? And it plays in the middle?


I have a hard time deciding what is responsible behavior in these times. In my area cases are on the rise (but fairly limited), and things like contact sports are allowed. But it feels hypocritical to not shake hands, yet go fencing later that day.


So a new Hyrule Warriors has been announced, and I have one very important question: How are the butts? I look forward to finding out, once again.


I sometimes have to remind myself that it's okay not to be working on my backlog in favor of replaying an old game I liked. I don't need to apologize for playing the game I feel like playing.


So far it seems like the 3D Collection won't be making gameplay changes, only some graphical ones. In that case, Blue Coins will still be a paaaaaaaiiiiiin. Fingers crossed for a hint system (or good lord even just a counter), I guess.


Don't sleep on Super Mario 3D World. Some of the most fun I've ever had with a Mario game. Me and my best friend went through the whole game in one sitting, from waiting for the postman to the final boss. The final boss was bonkers. Such a joy.


I let Summer go. I was not ready. Not only did I really love having her around on the ship (she's so sweet!), but this one easily hit the closest to home for me personally. Fuck That Dragon.


Saying goodbye to Alice (the hedgehog lady) was...tough. I've never been through something like that in real life, but it still hits hard. I also edited the ship to put her house close to the sheep.


Spiritfarer is so, so soothing. It's a management game where you're not constantly juggling a million things that need to be done yesterday. It also has the best hugs in videogames.


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