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Happy 2.3.19 everybody! I gotta wrap up Arendelle and head over there to celebrate. Also, I've never seen Monsters U, so I guess today's the day!


Just watched this walkthrough on beating Maleficent. It is perhaps a bit indulgent at almost an hour and a half, but it is quite comprehensive and there is good humor throughout. Highly recommended. :-P


First Impressions of KHIII (in the comments to avoid the spoileries) 3 hours in!


By far the world I am most looking forward to. At World's End is specifically a favorite of mine! So close to having it!


Matt-oh-horn tonight. Couldn't think of a better way to wait for III than visiting Disneyland.


"Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will." Preach


Welp, I went in super cynical but, ended up liking Heavy Rain. It had its fair share of problems but I don't regret playing one bit. Beeteedubs the P.I. and Lauren were my favorite. Onwards to Beyond: Two Souls! I like Ellen Page! Excite! I is drunk...


Don't you hate it when you gotta swipe your Spiderverse lock screen outta the way so you can stop the Spiderverse album from playing on your phone, so you can open the amc app, so you can see Spiderverse for the 2nd time in under 19hrs? #same


Completed Amplitude this morning. The music was okay I guess,with a few notable exceptions that were quite good. It certainly didn't do much to improve upon the original. I liked how the campaign was about using synthesia as a medical treatment. Weird/Fun


With a campaign that dared to have some emotional depth and great post launch Co-op mode, what I once thought of as a glorified tech demo has completely surprised me and joins Eve: Valkyrie as one of my favorite PSVR games. Its a good time.


Meanwhile my dog has become a pro gamer the likes of which would make his holiness Pope Doritoness proud. Put him down or nah?


I'm about 15 minutes into Heavy Rain and Pyrats is by far the most engaging thing in this game. In about 10 seconds I was enthralled. It has characters with charm and beautiful animation,the game could learn a thing or two from its fake show.


15 years after I first played Kotor I have finally beaten it! As an OG Xbox fan, a Star Wars fan, a Jade Empire, and a Mass Effect fan this game has always been scratching at the back of my skull as a game I need to finish. Xb1 back compat is a godsend!


Annnnnd... done! The rebel snowman was the last one! Merry Christmas Dtoid fam bam! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings you all, but mostly I hope it brings you a day of happiness at a moderately higher rate than normal!


Don't believe the hype. Aquaman is trash. Go see Spiderverse. Again if need be. Did I mention it's amazing in 3-D? Because it really is.


I was a bad shufu and waited until the last minute to get the woman who lives in my house any presents. Lucky for me Amoeba saved christmas! #uncursedmas


As many of you are picking up and enjoying your first taste of PSVR, don't miss out on Eve Valkyrie! It is by far one of the most fully featured and polished games on the platform. Keep an eye out for a sale and snatch it up! Tis a good time.


If EVER there was a movie worth paying to see in imax 3d, Spider-Man into the Spiderverse is that movie. The art pops like sculpture and the enormity envelopes like no other movie released in the format ever has. See it again. You'll be glad you did.


Hey family! I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving to you all! #neversiege


Nope. This is a nope. It wasn't a nope BUT I CHANGED IT!


To whom it may concern, the original Night of the Living Dead can be watched on that there prime-y Amazonian thingy. I've never seen it so I am quite happy with this development!


But, have you seen my spoopy kitty?


A global simulcast of Doctor Who at 10:45 am on this here Pacific Coast this Sunday? Yes please! Thank you and good day!


I see a new shiny Potter game and immediately wonder how EA will seek to monetize it. I hate myself for being so cynical and the industry for not just letting me buy a game and play it. Seriously though looks great! mirror https://my.mixtape.moe/scyee


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