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I just found out that my mother thinks it is perfectly acceptable to have a statue of Robert E. Lee on U.S. government property. My dad is black, so that's weird.


Thingy I think and presume you don't. Beyond Good and Evil has earned every iota of hype it has received and its sequel will probably be one of the greatest games ever made.


Life is Strange Ep5: I surprised myself by choosing Chloe. I didn't take it lightly. I'd be hollow without my best friend. I don't think Max deserved to be empty after it all. What a wonderful game. I am sooooo excited for the prequel now!


Hate is a strong word. I hate Warren. "Beta Nerd"? Really? Who says that? Just no. Friends don't let friends think that's acceptable, ever, under any circumstances.


Those opening strums of guitar while Life is Strange is going through its legal opening screens are a real transitional treat. They totally remove from my mind everything that came before the moment I started up the game. Took a long break, starting ep 5.


Is there anybody out there that loves Nintendo's creative philosophy but is also really critical of their woefully underpowered systems starting with the Wii? I'm beginning to feel a bit lonely out here.


Sterling and Holmes!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!


I don't know what the ratio is but, every once in a great while there is a high qual yubtub comment like so.


I still can't watch the BG&E 2 trailer without busting a tear when the theme music kicks in. I am happy I'm not too jaded yet to enjoy the hype.


The content of Anthony Burch's articles do not bother me. Quite the contrary, I enjoy reading them. His titles though, annoy me to no end.


I was bouncing between my old Steam copies of Morrowind and Knights of the Old Republic when I noticed that both games had particular magical quality to their perspective soundtracks. Turns out Jeremy Soule is OG Xbox western RPG soundtrack King. Neat!


I beat Horizon Zero Dawn a few days ago. Then I started playing Life Is Strange. The Philandro Castile thing has me feeling shitty so I don't want to play Life Is Strange right now. So, I am re-installing Saint's Row IV which I never finished.


Life is Strange Ep.2 Despite the ability to bend space and time I remain inept, unable or unwilling to do anything to help those around me. I didn't hide Kate's link because the more people aware of what was done the harder for them to cover it up. SAD


My experience with Life is Strange Episode 1. "Hmm these little people sure are absorbed by their little things. Do I care?" OH NO! My little people and all their little things are in danger! I CARE IMMENSLEY!! I must save them!


#cutetoid It thinks it's a real console! Awwwwww... so adorable. :-P


Holy Shit Johnny Luchador may come back? Bless you Enthusiast gaming! Bless you! Beyond Good and Evil gameplay and then ol Dtoid stuff being talked about? What a muthatrucking day this is.


I had a grand ol' time knocking off two personal firsts. I finally played a game with a dtoid-ey person and I played Killing Floor 2 for the first time! I am not a good medic... yet! I hope this is the first of many games I get to enjoy with you fine folk


Well I had a friggin great E3. It was my third one and by far the most enjoyable. As usual my favorite part of any game industry event was chatting it up with devs. After 5 days of lights and games my brain must now readjust to normalcy. Boooo...


Xbonex the joke is safe and now pluralized for our entertainment. Huzzah!


This year's Xbox Fanfest is unironically sponsored by Mtn.Dew and Doritos. Smh


Remembering to honor our fallen seems to me to be one of the desperately few things that separate us from the animals.


I wasn't trying to be critical, honest! The enforcer cars couldn't keep up, forcing me to slow down to defeat them so I would be allowed to catch the truck. Counterintuitive ludo-narrative dissonance in Need for Speed Payback ahoy! Still liked it!


One of the great things about E3 this year is that for once I am truly and completely distracted enough to not give one single flying speck of speculous glittering shit about what the White House is doing. I'm sure it will be fine until next week.


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