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I look forward to the fantastic upcoming game from Devolver Digital's newest studio made up of ex-Visceral staff. Should be a gudun'.


Trailers are kinda bumming me out right now. Star Wars gave too much away (we all knew redemption was coming but, really?), Pacific Rim looks like an actual 10 y/o was in charge of production and the Hand of Fate 2 trailer looks like generic garbage. bleh


I was feeling all bummed out, and then I dipped into the datoidy discord. Now I feel better. Thanks to those who indulged my temporary invasion!


I don't know if this is of any help to anybody but, the Toys'R Us by my house said they have 60 snes minis. They will be limited to 1 per customer and they took no preorders. So if you're willing you can give your local one a shot in the morning!


mother! is my favorite Silent Hill movie.


It is also EtosiTaK's birthday! This person is my favoritest in the whole wide world and she always will be! Happy birthday!


The first series of Psycho Pass, while enjoyable, suffers from the age old anime problem of entirely too much exposition, especially at the end, but I dug it anyway. The ending was almost Orwellian and very very well done. Not enough Yayoi! She da best!


Where the heck is my Arkham Knight Complete Edition? We had a good thing going WB. I ignored your fractured content/ micro trans b.s. for a year and then you released a full game which I gladly paid full price for. Why you frakkin' with a good thing?


Dat 117 doe. I wonder if anyone decided against commenting to keep it going just a little longer? This was such a great blog. I am glad it is getting attention. Great job Michael!


Y'all got new Metroid! Yay! I'm truly happy for you! Now can I pretty pretty please have a new F-Zero? Thanks.


A thing that was said to justify berating players in game. "A player being incompetent to the extent they're unaware of the basics is as bad as a person unaware of the basics of how to behave." Thoughts?




I am currently listening to The Prodigy and playing Half Life 1 because when these things were relevant wasn't old/cool enough to know that this is what I should have been doing with my time.


I beat TitanFall 2's campaign yesterday, and while the unexpected quality was a known factor going in I still walked away impressed. That time travel level was super cool! It was also weird how they just dropped it. Like, literally on the ground... wut?


After almost 80 hours I feel confident in saying that Horizon Zero Dawn is my second favorite game ever. Beyond Good and Evil still holds that top spot because of warm fuzzy nostalgia and an emotionally charged roller coaster. But god damn do I love HZD.


I'm gonna go watch that show about how a dad and his son connect over Final Fantasy XIV because it looks positively adorable!


I just found out that my mother thinks it is perfectly acceptable to have a statue of Robert E. Lee on U.S. government property. My dad is black, so that's weird.


Thingy I think and presume you don't. Beyond Good and Evil has earned every iota of hype it has received and its sequel will probably be one of the greatest games ever made.


Life is Strange Ep5: I surprised myself by choosing Chloe. I didn't take it lightly. I'd be hollow without my best friend. I don't think Max deserved to be empty after it all. What a wonderful game. I am sooooo excited for the prequel now!


Hate is a strong word. I hate Warren. "Beta Nerd"? Really? Who says that? Just no. Friends don't let friends think that's acceptable, ever, under any circumstances.


Those opening strums of guitar while Life is Strange is going through its legal opening screens are a real transitional treat. They totally remove from my mind everything that came before the moment I started up the game. Took a long break, starting ep 5.


Is there anybody out there that loves Nintendo's creative philosophy but is also really critical of their woefully underpowered systems starting with the Wii? I'm beginning to feel a bit lonely out here.


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