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Spent a couple of hours playing Starfox 1 and 2 and some Secret of Mana. Didn't manage to beat either Starfox and leveled up 3 times in SoM and promptly died without saving. OG Xbox was my 1st "real" console, so I am having a blast with these games!


Just My Two Septims: Overwatch Pro League is crap to watch. Someone should put the same amount of marketing and money into pro Rocket League.


I surprised myself today by being a little disappointed to find out that Anthem was getting delayed to 2019. Despite EVERYTHING about EA, Bioware, and the whole industry atm, some little part of me is still hoping to just have fun playing a game.


This is my first post of the year (I think?) and I am lucky to be able to use it to wish Der RoboPandaZ a happiest of birthdays! You make dis place shway, even when I feel slagged. (That's pretty much the highest compliment I can give to anyone.)


I'mma playin' "Stick It To The Man!", a game I bought solely because the official box had a blurb from this here webbysite. At PlayStation Experience this year I got to meet the devs and play their new game "Flipping Death" which is shaping up nicely.


And another thing! Hyrule Warriors was a thing and it did well enough so I require, nay demand, nay politely pray that Capcom and Sony make a Horizon Zero Dawn/Monster Hunter game. Maybe that group of people from Frozen Wilds with the crazy names. K Thx.


Heyyy waitdaminit! 'The World Ends With You' never got ported to the Wii U. Hmm... what are the odds that 1) a home console would be made that can translate the gameplay 1:1 and 2) the game doesn't end up on it. It aint right dagnabbit! That is all.


So, I started Ninety Nine Nights today. This gurl doh... Edit:: I feel I should clarify. She scary crazy. Scrazy? Yeah... probably shouldn't be air combo-ing the elderly and children.


A thing I like in video games is when there is a musical flourish or note that signifies a headshot. I am playing Wolfenstein the New Order which does this and it made me recall Bioshock Infinite which also did a similar thing. Tis neat.


CoDWWII Campaign Update!: To me this is the worst campaign in CoD history other than (possibly) Ghosts. That being said there is an absolutely incredible level that gave me Dishonored 1 feels. Now I want a whole WWII espionage game without powers.


Squeenix is having a pretty good sale on their site. Of particular note are: Chrono Cross on PS1 for $5, D.Q. Builders for $25 (5 less than psn), PS4 Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ($20 so much game for so few munny!). Lotsa PSX FF games too! Link in comments!


COD WWII First Impressions: Normandy is like Wayne's parent's death, seen it too many time to register on an emotional level. Squad as power ups is so video gamey it undercuts drama. Audio is still crap vs. Battlefield. Animation is astoundingly good.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds was what I did on Turkey Day. I didn't shoot any turkeys in it though. Didn't really occur to me. Killed a lot of robots though so that's something. I am really looking forward to the sequel for HZD now. So far away...


If you liked Batman v Superman, Justice League is better. If you didn't like BvS, JL is more of the same and addresses none of the issues with the previous film. I am firmly in the second category.


!!! (Between this and Black Panther) Disney: We want all of your money. Me: You push too hard darling but I accept!


I'm not saying that Sony won't. I'm just saying that they haven't yet abandoned VR. When I played this at PlayStation Experience last year all I could think was how great multiplayer could be. Sooooo excited for this.


Happy Halloween guys and gals!


Yooooooooooooo!!!!... okay. Okay? Okay. Back to silence.


I look forward to the fantastic upcoming game from Devolver Digital's newest studio made up of ex-Visceral staff. Should be a gudun'.


Trailers are kinda bumming me out right now. Star Wars gave too much away (we all knew redemption was coming but, really?), Pacific Rim looks like an actual 10 y/o was in charge of production and the Hand of Fate 2 trailer looks like generic garbage. bleh


I was feeling all bummed out, and then I dipped into the datoidy discord. Now I feel better. Thanks to those who indulged my temporary invasion!


I don't know if this is of any help to anybody but, the Toys'R Us by my house said they have 60 snes minis. They will be limited to 1 per customer and they took no preorders. So if you're willing you can give your local one a shot in the morning!


mother! is my favorite Silent Hill movie.


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