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I'm going to go try to play Gears 5 today at a Microsoft store because, yes Tyler I do find I have that kind of sick desperation in my life!


Haha I've never seen a Nintendo Direct, but this seems nice!


For E3 I would like something 4 player co-op for PSVR,and F-Zero. Thank you.


Sorry for that drunken double post yall! Be happy! It's all that matters!




Oh shit. GoT. It's fuhreals. Right now, and I'm lit, with family (y'all included) . Let's Go!


It's a funnel cake, covered in cheese sauce, and topped with hot cheetoe crumbles... from Disneyland. Is this #darksiders3 enough for a "Happy (belated) Birthday Occams!" post? I sure hope so, cause it's all I got! Happy Birthday Occams!


Just stayed up until 4:58am with The Woman Who Lives In My House, beating Borderlands Remastered on Ps4, while being drunk as heck, as Roland and Lilith. Good fucking times. Good night folks! P.S. FUZUNGA! I SEE YOU!


Hello everybody! I hope your day today is... I-Conic!


"I got fiiive on it." (I dug it.) But seriously, yall sleeping on Captive State have no idea what your missing! And as far as Black led genre films go, of the two, it was my favorite. It's still in theaters some places!


Atlas is back tomorrow! Time is bullets!


Sega Genesis mini is up for pre-order at Gamestop. Sure, they might cancel your reservation, but... worth a shot?


I am unreasonably excited for the Sega mini. I wasn't really a conscious being in the Snes/Genesis era, so these minis are an especially wonderful thing to me. Ever since Dreamcast Sega has owned my heart. Between BL3 and this it's been a good week!


Well I'll be! Tannis is looking phenomenal! It looks like an actual Borderlands game! Until further notice I'll be excited as hell for Borderlands 3!


I'm surprised to see such diverse opinions about Sekiro as opposed to the relatively universal acclaim From usually gets around these parts. Cut it out, and achieve some Geth inspired consensus already!


Despite a nasty back compat glitch I was able to defeat "Bad" Bessie. Yay! If she hits you with the whip, which is her only melee attack, your 360 locks up completely and has to be reset. Still, I think Red Dead Revolver is a pretty great game so far!


Captive State? Anybody...? Did I miss the hype or was this movie not as good as I thought it was, because me oh my did I think it was glorious!


Happy St. Patty's day from Crackdown 3! (far off Terry bootay in da comments!)


I finished Quantum Break today. It was okay. Always love me some Lance Reddick!


Not feeling great, I was thinking about how to explain my disposition to people without having to exposit. I figured I'll just say "I'm tired." I had an oh shit moment thinking how many people might have said "I'm just tired" to me to cover feeling shitty


"Given time, I know the others will join us." Ohhhhh fuuuuck you!


Despite incredible sound design, a decent enough Junkie XL soundtrack, an amazing cast, and a few glitzy action scenes, Alita Battle Angel was a complete mess. Any potential was stifled by the atrocious dialouge, and frankly bizarre editing. I is sad.


2.3.19 part 2! 2.4.19? I dunno!


Happy 2.3.19 everybody! I gotta wrap up Arendelle and head over there to celebrate. Also, I've never seen Monsters U, so I guess today's the day!


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