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If EVER there was a movie worth paying to see in imax 3d, Spider-Man into the Spiderverse is that movie. The art pops like sculpture and the enormity envelopes like no other movie released in the format ever has. See it again. You'll be glad you did.


Hey family! I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving to you all! #neversiege


Nope. This is a nope. It wasn't a nope BUT I CHANGED IT!


To whom it may concern, the original Night of the Living Dead can be watched on that there prime-y Amazonian thingy. I've never seen it so I am quite happy with this development!


But, have you seen my spoopy kitty?


A global simulcast of Doctor Who at 10:45 am on this here Pacific Coast this Sunday? Yes please! Thank you and good day!


I see a new shiny Potter game and immediately wonder how EA will seek to monetize it. I hate myself for being so cynical and the industry for not just letting me buy a game and play it. Seriously though looks great! mirror https://my.mixtape.moe/scyee


@Occams Do you have any teeth laying around? Preferably one of your own? You'll get it back and I'll gladly pay shipping. K thx. :-D


Hey! The Hyper Beam sound effect in Pokémon Red on GBC is really cool! That is all.


Actual current status!


Jolee: "What can I say? I did it all for the wookie." Me:"The wookie?" Jolee: "The wookie..." I am super close to beating KOTOR for the first time thanks to XB1's back compat, but this? This almost made me end it all... I just can't. How do I go on?


I really liked the movie called Sorry to Bother You. If anyone has any of the ingredients required for the ritual with which Occams can be communicated with, I without knowing him, would like to recommend to him, this movie.


I give no cares for Fortnight. That being said their little live events sound totally wicked. I hope Anthem is paying attention...


As a super duper fan of the first Incredibles I am pleased to report that the sequel does not disappoint! I was really worried about this one but all is well! Edna remains the absolute best!


I for one am REALLY looking forward to seeing more about Square's Avengers game. Probably easily my most anticipated game from this specific briefing. Woulda been KHIII but we've seen it and I love it. Now I wanna see Black Panther and Co. The Game!


I think Solo is the best Star Wars movie since Force Awakens. So, if you didn't like that movie or you actually did enjoy Last Jedi, I would recommend skipping it. For all others take a shot it is lots of fun.


Morrowind, Republic Commando, freaking Breakdown??? I mean really? This is just great. Why no JSRF? The world may never know, but this is still really fantastic. Orta!


In regards to the start up animation of OG Xbox... "Blackley says there was never any such video on the Xbox itself. The startup screen was procedurally generated by the Xbox graphics chip. It's code, not video." Duke is back! Article in comments.


I don't think I'll go all collectors edition like I did for Morrowind, but none of the modern Elder Scrolls games have ever gone to the home of the High Elves, so I for one am quite excited for this! This is basically Elder Scrolls Rivendell. :-D


Well I for one look forward to picking up Shadow of War on a good enough sale. As is with any WB game I wait a year for the complete version. Taking micro transactions out well after release just encourages us to NEVER buy a WB game at launch (if at all)


Just adding my celebratory image for Occams' creation, to the collection because I can't put the sound of the Annihilation thingy (you know the one) into a quick post. Happy birthday you magical being!


Annihilation is a good movie. Objectively. It just is.


Spent a couple of hours playing Starfox 1 and 2 and some Secret of Mana. Didn't manage to beat either Starfox and leveled up 3 times in SoM and promptly died without saving. OG Xbox was my 1st "real" console, so I am having a blast with these games!


Just My Two Septims: Overwatch Pro League is crap to watch. Someone should put the same amount of marketing and money into pro Rocket League.


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