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The Big List: Independent Game Developers

I thought since some people here seem to be at least somewhat interested in indie games, then they might be interested in this pretty huge list of indie game developers that I decided to compile quite sometime ago. It only just dawned on me...


Indie Games You Might Have Missed

So I thought I'd make a post about the second youtube series I've been making called Indie Games You Might Have Missed. Anyone familiar with the old Indygamer / Indie Games The Weblog or TIGSource might be familiar with some of the games fe...


Obscure Indie Games Part 27: Surphasm [Oddwarg]

The first thing you will probably think when looking at Surphasm is that it looks amateurish. And it does. Even I was turned off the first time I played it, not only because of its appearance but also because controlling the creature you ...


Obscure Indie Games Part 25: Gear World [sir Xemic]

Platformers, in which you control 'blocks' as characters, are usually signs of a pretty amateurish game, however Gear World is one of the exceptions to the rule (see also: Seven Minutes). It oozes retro, although it might be too tough fo...


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