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Good news, there should be a new Community Interview ready for next week!


I finally got around to watching Lego Batman. It's alright, better than i expected. I think people were a bit harsh on it. Barbara Gordon was great, and I lost my shit at the Tom Hardy Bane XD


Hey guys and gals, Get dat Friday feeling, and all of y'all have a safe and happy weekend. If you falter, just style that shit out x


For those concerned about the recent Dtoid merger news, I hear ya. Its not like I think have the answers or can predict the future, but Ive addressed my own thoughts, and "Change anxiety" in general, in todays Cblog Recap. Hope it helps folk out. Love j00


I watched "Immortal Combat" today. Roddy Piper and Sonny Chiba team up to battle genetically-enhanced martial artists created by megalomaniac Meg Foster. Really.


I'm the king of turning left when I should've gone right, of missing the last bus, of joining the queue that takes the longest, of getting off the train just as a cream cake fight began. Luck and my decisions have never melded. I'm a calamitous disaster.


Any chance of the latest Destructoid Draws.. getting a Front Page? It would be nice to showcase the people's awesome artistic talent. Also, my picture.


Today is the 34th birthday of Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair. An arcade that is very, very important to me for many reasons. I understand how hugely flawed it is, but there's some indelible arcade memories here. It's a real important game in my formative years


Just wanna wish safety to all my Dtoid London friends. There's anger in the air and it's sposed to be a scorchio weekend. Please stay safe if shit kicks off.


Just wanna wish safety to all my Dtoid London friends. There's anger in the air and it's sposed to be a scorchio weekend. Stay safe just in case shit kicks off.


It's been a strange and stressful week, but we've reached the weekend and, as always I hope every one of you has a great, happy and safe couple o' days. Stay cool, homeslice x


I'm tired and very sleepy, that's when I'm at my most vulnerable. Flirt with me for Top Secret passwords and saboteur plans.


I'm absolutely at a loss today, I won't be going very far or doing very much. I have no choice but to open up the floor.. So *sigh* Ask Me Anything x BUMP: Now answered, tho feel free if you want to add a Q to it. Thanks everybody x


Destructoid Draws blog is great once again, thanks everyone for the work.


I'm let down by reality people so often (barring two people.) For everyone else I meet, to know me in real life is to either fear me, or eventually tire of me. I'm so glad I have you guys, I sometimes wonder what I'd do without you.


So much excitement from folk here, I hope you all had a wonderful E3


It's not everyday you hit that Moana, Lego Batman Movie, Cannibal Holocaust triple bill.


Devolvers conference vid genuinely represented why I didn't stay up to watch any press conferences this year. They pretty much nailed every reason (loud self-clapping being up there) I've reached a stage where I'd rather just watch the trailers afterward


I loved the old Batman show. It could be a bit slow (a lot of people forget this) but its characters, sets, deathtraps and fights were always awesome. We've lost one of the most unique Batmen we'll ever see.RIP Adam West, thanks for all the fun


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