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Jumped on SFV, because its been so long and I'm a damn sucker. Server keeps disconnecting, lobbies keep closing, got one fight in an hour, across two platforms. Fucking game.

FP: 8===D

Review: Sine Mora EX

Sine Mora was a celebrated shmup that came blasting out of a partnership between Hungarian studio Digital Realty and Japanese outfit Grasshopper Manufacture way back in 2012. It received praise at the time for its visuals and gameplay whils...   read


Have a great weekend everyone. Please be safe, just and be the best "you" possible. Yeah, I know it's hard x


You guys doing ok? Keep pushin' x


What world did I enter where being polite, honest and patient earned you scorn and abuse? Because I'm sick of living in it.


Do you know what my most upvoted comment ever was? Well, I don't have the room to explain it here. But my SECOND most upvoted comment ever was this screengrab from Arkham Knight, where I punched a thug so hard his eyeballs were left hanging in midair


Happy Birthday Tohsaka! Have an amazing day, I also know its someone else's. I distinctly made a mental note before the weekend, but I've forgotten :( Remind us who you are! Have a great day you guys


I didn't get my runback against Luffy at the tournament. It may have been because he was busy making Top 3, but I think he was straight ducking me.


Some Mahvel vids in the comments if anyone's interested.


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