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The heat is making me embarrassingly horny. Less fun, its also causing my Graphics Card to overheat and disconnect. It happens this time every year, I need to point a fan at my PC.


So I had that lump protruding from my belly button looked at. My lovely Symmetra-looking Doctor didn't seem *too* concerned. Possible hernia though, I have to take it easy and lose a bit of weight. Just monitor it and look after myself a bit better.


I never saw the appeal of Dva until they dropped Rockabilly Dva on me <3 <3


New OW stuff is live, Black Forest is a really attractive map. Some new mode twists and the like, as well as the usual event loot jive


Thanks for the thrills, laughs and pure cheese, Roger. When I was a little kid, I thought you were the coolest motherfucker on the planet, then when I grew up and realised that you were just winging it for the lulz, I liked you even more. RIP


Horrible news coming out of the UK right now, I hope no-one here knows anybody involved :( Stay safe people x


All this Twin Peaks talk is making me feel soooo old, but it's wonderful to see it return. I saw a billboard with Laura Palmer's prom photo on the other day. Genuinely got this weird daze of emotion, like nostalgia mixed with melancholy and excitement.


Hope you all had a great weekend. I watched some Simpsons. It wasn't funny, in fact it was really fucking bad. Still, Cookie Kwan. Have a great one!


Happy Birthday various Dtoiders, and have an amazing weekend all y'all!!


Would anyone like a gif of me doing a suplex circa 2001?.. Oh.. well here's one anyway...


Happy Birthday to the various Dtoiders celebrating this weekend! Hope all of you have an awesome few days!


I got a raw deal on my lootboxes from the Nexus challenge. Lots of dupes in OW (one entire box at one point) And mostly low level stuff in HOTS apart from an Epic skin I wont use. Ah well, it is what it is. Was fun to play with friends last few weeks.


I love this roundup vid Blizz have put out for OW's first year. I fucking love the game. I hope I'll have as much fun with Year 2.


Can someone come round and enjoy some food with me? I'm bored. Bored and hungry.


Human chess at its finest:


This message is on the bottom of the box of my 100% bona-fide genuine Tracer figure:


I just received this 100% genuine, completely authentic, guaranteed real-from-Blizzard-for-trues definitely on-the-up-and-up Tracer figurine... from Hong Kong... where they had about 60 in stock..


Hope y'all having an awesome weekend. Just stopping in to say stay safe and I love ya, my life is as busy as a week in Persona when you have a DVD to watch and only three days to take it back, plus you have to meetup with Ann but you have laundry to do..


Hope you all have an amazing weekend, I havent been around much this week but I've still been checking in and reading everything. Have a good one, guys n gals, love you x


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