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I couldn't breathe last night. Honestly thought I might've been checking out, on Dtoid's bday no less. Might have just been a really terrible panic attack. I can't fight the stress as hard as I could and it's piling up for us all. Things have to change x


Did a thing on Letterboxd where you had to find 15 films that you've logged that less than 500 users have logged overall. What a stellar fucking selection. I love movies. AMA about these movies.


'Survey says: One more... for the good guys'


Happy Birthday to a Destructoid veteran member and a man of amazing talent, Alphadeus! We hope you have a fine day and a good, creative year ahead :)


Hope yall having a lovely weekend


Finally got around to Doctor Sleep (Dir. Cut). Not perfect, but much better than I expected, plus it meant three hours of Ferguson… *SIGH* <3 <3 <3


This was Not a Good Week, worries are many. Still, the wkend is here. For some it will be a busy, but we should still ALL find some time to do something rad, eat something tasty, play something fun, and take a break for ourselves. Yu kno I love you, yah?


Tech Q: I once had a formula for capturing full length, hi res, webpage screenshots from the Crtl+Shift+K console, but I’ve lost it, does anyone here know what to type in?


Muh PC broke. RIP. Got not choice but to bag a new one straight away cos work. Rough time for it though


It’s a real sink into your coat need to go out but I just want to go to bed the brain isn’t working kinda day…


Happy belated birthday to our very own Blonde Bass! Thanks for being such a stalwart Dtoider and I hope that the year ahead is very kind to you, pally :)


Have a good day, friends. Hope the week starts well. Check out mi gurl <3


Neighbours is finally ending after a staggering 37-year TV run. But still, that time the producers tried to shift Paul Robinson into a 'heartthrob pop star' side gig...


It's been a week and I don't have much to offer thee. I hope that you're all keeping well, holding up, and that this weekend is a happy, fun, and enjoyable one for you. Look after yourselves and each other. Lotsa love and cake x


Happy Birthday Jetter! Hope that you had a rad day as part of the big bday fest. Hope the year ahead is a great one!


Happy Birthday to two very beloved Destructoid community members Vxxy and Limo! Hope that the year ahead for you both is a very cool one x


A lot of you are playing Elden Ring.


Have a good weekend, folks x


Hey folks, It's a worrying week for many of us, at a time when we could all use a mental break. For the time being, you gonna hafta create those breaks for yourself, whether a few hours, an evening, or a wkend, until it's ok again. It will be ok Again x


Boom Boom ackalackalacka Boom. Boom Boom ackalacka Boom Boom.


Happy Days was like if we made a show today nostalgically looking back at 2002... Remember when Fonzie lightly banged his head on a baking tray and it made him temporarily blind?


So, so tired. 'tis the weekend, for all of us. I hope that you have a good one, that it is safe and enjoyable, and that I don't get blown into outer space by the storms thrashing the UK right now... Love all yall, enjoy your day, find your fun x


Our boy CJ has written a really interesting feature on queer coding in gaming, movies, and advertising, looking at its place in culture today. Please give it a read because it’s real good


Stress eating to fuck. If I'm not careful I'm gonna put all the weight I lost last year back on. Such a fucking circle.


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