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A tune to keep you pushin'

 from  flixist

Last night, seeing as I had it installed to check stats, I played SFV online, In half an hour I found ONE ranked match. Don't forget SFV is looking for opponents on TWO formats. What the fuck happened to you Capcom?


Seeing as they fixed the stats screen in SFV, over a *year* after launch, I decided to check in and see how many fights I had online last year, not too shabby for a game I don't really like..


The Fire Pro World keeps ever-evolving into creative madness. I give you: Referee 2B


I just dont know what to do with myself this evening, so I did this. Sorry I didnt spend more time on it Hyp, its a bit slapdash haha :p


Happy Birthday Hypno, welcome to your 20's! This place wouldn't be the same without you, I'm stoked to call you a friend.


All these shopping bags full of groovy kit.


We made it! Again! I hope you all have an awesome weekend, whether gaming, chilling, heading out or staying in. Enjoy the good times, try to push past the bad. Have a good one all y'all guys n gals x


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