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Over the years so much has come and gone from my homestead - hardware and software - but these... these are "pried my cold, dead hands" deals :)


I'm so tired. In absolutely every single way. I might be off next week, so there's that. But right now I can barely focus. I'm olllld and exhausted.


Happy Birthday to semi-newcomer but much-beloved community member ChronoLynxx! I hope you and your pals are fitting in here at Destructoid. Hope you have a great year ahead and a fun bday!


Hey folks, I hope that you've all had a good week, and that weekend is a happy one. I really appreciate y'all being here, through the ups and the downs, and I'll keep pushing for the former. Have a wicked weekend, and be excellent to each other,love u x


I've forgotten how to write and like stuff and live.


My coffee shop recognises my goth-cred. I hope you all had a rad weekend and a sexy week <3


Happy Birthday to one of the most beloved members of the good ship Destructoid. The Actual Charlton Heston. Thanks for being such a great pal and for giving me the excuse to post this video every year. Have a great weekend!


I hope the Olympics video game music medley inspires y'all to a good Friday and a fantastic weekend. I have a lot of work to do but I'll find the small victories, and I hope you do too. Have a great one and send love this sad/cute boi's way x


Happy Birthday to TheIntern! Hope you have an amazing year, thanks for being a big part of Good Ship Dtoid!


I gots so much I want to say but I'm just too tired to say it. Keep on pushin' keep fightin' be good to you and yours, stay hydrated, and love folk. I believe in you.


Have a good one, friendos. Stay hydrated and cool.


God, its been such a busy week, and I still have a lot to do or the weekend :/ I will find small moments of pleasure, and, as another week draws to a close, I hope you do too. It's always about the little things, so find them, enjoy them. Love you x


Infinite Scroll should be back in action on the FP as you read this. Appreciate your patience as the tech team continues to work on the site, friends


Hey folks, the tech team are doing some under-the-hood stuff right now, so if the site is a little shaky please bear with. Hope y'all having a fine day.


I'm really worried about a lot of things. Its giving me a hard time. Important things too. But I'm hoping to just push through until they are resolved/go away. I hate the anxiety/uncertainty though. It chews you up. I hope all y'all are doing awesome.


A buncha birthdays this weekend! Happy birthday to FrostyFlakes, Ninj, and ThatWelshMetalHippy. Here's hoping you all have an awesome couple of days and a wicked year ahead! Thanks for being part of the good ship Dtoid <3


Hope you all have a great weekend friends. Halfway through the year already. Utterly insane. I'll be hiding from all the ball sport nationalism and playing vidya gamez. I hope you're all well and that you have a fun/restful one as required. Love you x


Just a heads up that work is continuing on the site. It's ALL being looked at, even if things seem pretty quiet. Behind the scenes, there's a lot of work, and talks, and tests. Thanks for bearing with the good ship Dtoid in the meantime.


Happy Belated Birthdays to two beloved Dtoid vets, Dr.Mel and Turbokill. Hope that you had a lovely day and that this is a great year for you both! Thanks for being part of the squad! :)


Hope you're all having a good week so far, friends. I finally get my second jab tomorrow. Also, I watched a film where Tommy Lee Jones took over Central Park.


I've been biting my fingernails all year, a habit I thought Id kicked years back, so I've had to rely on an old staple again. Actually did a pretty slick job, to say I'm outta practice


Hope all y'all had a nice weekend and, if you have an extra day off, you make the most of it <3


Happy July 4 to all my American pals here. Enjoy the holiday and a fun and/or relaxing one (delete as applicable) Love y'all


I should open the box and let all the goo out...


Hey y'all. As we enter the middle of the year, I hope its been a fine one for you so far. It's certainly been pretty frazzling. Just remember that you're among friends here, always. I hope you have a restful, happy wkend. Love u lots. Sorry about the ads.


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