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Sorry this is late, Pat. Steroids. I hope you had a great birthday and that you have an awesome weekend. I found this shit you sprinkle on your fucking oatmeal. It's definitely weak but I have a feeling if we do enough of it, we'll be ok.


I had a panic attack yesterday evening and straight-up thought I was checking out. Going to *try* and take it easier this weekend. I hope yall do too. We just forget how dangerous stress and lack of care is sometimes.


It's been a long week and I'm very tired. But regardless of whether YOU are tired or not, I hope its a great weekend for all y'all. Do whatever needs to be done, whether its exercising, gaming, resting, or sleeping. Recharge and have fun. Love y'all x


Happy Birthday Gundy! Thanks for being such a devoted community member, hope it's a great year for you!


It's not *quite* over yet, as there'll probably be straggling announcements, but hope y'all enjoyed E3.


I 'aint doing so hot, compadres... I hope you're having a good one. Here's Bull Nakano.


A lot of reporting down. Time for rest and cute goth boy drinkz


Tawna spying on the Rivet discourse.


Hey folks, deep in work all week/weekend, so just a note to say I hope you enjoy ur weekend and that the E3 bunny brings you at least one rad game you're. Please join us for all the fun here on Dtoid and look after me cos no one else is. Have a good one!


Hey folks, hope you're having a good week. Just a brief heads up to say that while the topic may seem quiet, work continues every day on optimizing Nu-Destructoid. The team is working super hard trying to iron everything out. Thanks for your patience


Hope y’all having a fine weekend, friends x


Good lord, what a tiring week. And E3 hasn't even started yet. The brain is low on juice, for *numerous* weekends. But it is the weekend, and I hope yours finds you well. Have fun, do what you gotta do, love and be loved. Have an amazing one, pals x


I have nothing to do with the tech of Dtoid. All I can tell you is this isn’t a “press a button and done” deal. It’s an extended operation that’s being worked on all today and going forward. Please be patient with us. I’m sorry for the inconve


If anyone wants to read my Virtua Fighter 5 review, it's live in the review section now. Site hiccups prevent it from appearing on the front page, so I'd appreciate you taking the detour for the time being :/


This is a three-legged cat who lives near me. I don’t know her name but I call her Hopalong. She sits with me on my doorstep and we both look at each other like we just can’t be arsed anymore. Her owner is a fucking loser. This is my friend Hopalong.


Hey folks, important stuffs. There will be a post coming soon but a heads up that there’s some MAJOR tech stuff happening on site this week, which *could* cause some temp. teething issues. Please be patient with all of us this week, thanks <3


Crystal Dynamics has opened new digs in Austin, Texas

Crystal Dynamics has announced the founding of a brand new studio in Austin, Texas. Officially dubbed Crystal Southwest, the studio has already set to work on multiple projects, with the fledgling studio expected to be "a major part of all ...


Backbone brings its anthro-noir mysteries to PC next month

For those who like their grizzled, hard-boiled, detective fiction a little on the fuzzy side, you're in luck, as publisher Raw Fury has finally offered up a street date for its anthropomorphic noir adventure, Backbone, which will raise the ...


Chicory: A Colorful Tale will color your world June 10

Publisher Finji has announced that Greg Lobanov's cheerful Chicory: A Colorful Tale is finally ready to open its big box o' paints. The watercolor-based fantasy adventure will launch on PC and PlayStation platforms on June 10, a mere fortni...


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