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Ace Combat 7 makes impressive debut in the UK Charts

Things are fairly quiet on the all fronts when it comes to the post-Holiday UK Charts. While the stores no doubt feverishly wait for Capcom's Resident Evil 2 and Square Enix' Kingdom Hearts III, a selection of great titles jostle around the...


Occams likes pics, here's one. Not even in B&W. Back from hospital, don't know how to feel about health anymore. Well, frightened mostly, to be honest. Hope my American friends have a happy MLK day, treat those around you in the spirit of the occasion xxx


Review: Vane

Video games have really changed as a storytelling medium. What was once a casual dash from left-to-right, dropping baddies and collecting shiny objects, opened up into new realms of drama, narrative, and even philosophical messages. Of cour...


Never forget these MK4 endings, mang...


Review: The Walking Dead - The Final Season: Broken Toys

Like Lazarus, The Walking Dead: The Final Season has risen from the grave to continue shuffling toward its seemingly dour conclusion. After the unfortunate closure of Telltale Games last year, it seemed that all was lost for the story of Cl...


Kingdom Hearts III VR Experience has been delayed once again

Square Enix has announced that their Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience has been furthered delayed until January 23, just a couple of days away from the launch of Kingdom Hearts III itself.The VR Experience, which allows PS4 owners equipped with...


Off the back of the bdays of Wes and Ms. Larx, It's Panda's! Happy Birthday Robo, I always enjoy chatting with you, thanks for all the love that you bring to the community! :) Here's that video I never get bored of


Stressful week, friends. But I seem to be on the mend somewhat. Hope all of you are doing just dandy. Whatever you're up to this weekend, be safe, have fun and love those around you. Times are tough, but we all have each other. Nothin' changing that. x


Watch the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal live stream right here

Today, NetherRealm Studios will be holding a presentation in Camden, London for the next entry in the spine-ripping MK series, Mortal Kombat 11. With an initial announcement dropped during the 2018 Game Awards and a release planned for as s...


Psyvariar Delta is blasting onto PC later this month

City Connection has announced that hectic shmup Psyvariar Delta is headed to the PC platform, launching on Steam in just a couple of weeks.Psyvariar Delta is an amalgamation of two classic shmups, Psyvariar Medium Unit and Psyvariar Revisio...


Happy Birthday, Wes, You're one of my best pals here and I love you. You such a big part of what we are and I couldn't imagine it here without you around :) x


Heads up, if you bought Persona Endless Night Collection in the US, check out the add on section on PSN for all 3 games, they put up a bunch of free shit for all 3 games. Offer isn’t in Europe yet, but Europe has been delayed with dlc on these games


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