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Not quite sure when it was your birthday Seymour, but hope you had a good one and that you have an awesome weekend. Thanks for your devotion to the community, and have a wonderful year ahead. Lotsa love x


Hey folks, Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekends, whether hanging out with loved ones or just getting some much-needed R n R. Enjoy today and the rest of the weekend, we all deserve it fer real. Have a good one, folks!


Happy belated birthday to our own amazing Willow. Hope that you had a good weekend last week, have a good weekend this week, and, most of all, that the year ahead is an awesome one for you. Thanks for all you do for us and the community :)


A simple message wishing my American pals and/or those who celebrate a Happy Thanksgiving. Join us on the front page to discuss the things you give thanks for. Have a nice holiday weekend! <3


Morning folks, have a lovely one <3


Watched the recut of Rocky IV. Irritatingly, Stallone's scissors eliminated problems and improved areas but ALSO negatively affected other scenes. The result is a cut that is better AND worse, thus ultimately the same level of quality as the original. AMA


Hey folks, we all made it to the weekend. I'm proud of me, and I'm proud of you. Thanks for continuing on this epic voyage with the good ship Destructoid. Have a great weekend, know that I love you, and enjoy this good snoot.


Happy Birthday to our very own Zoey/Adzuken! Thanks for the awesome dynamic you bring to the team, for all your awesome write-ups, and for shattering all my rose-tinted memories on a weekly basis :) Have an awesome one <3


Doge says it's Thursday, keep pushing and booping.


Happy Birthday to the living legend that is Mr. Andy Dixon. Thanks for all you have done for the good ship Destructoid over the years. Hope its a great day and a good year ahead, pal <3


I know y'all Halo happy, hope its fun! but just a heads up that I put up a third video of me waffling over five classic scuzz flick trailers. If you get a few minutes to check it out, that'd be rad. Link in comments.


This week has been exhausting, in every sense of the word. I hope that you all find some recharge time this weekend. Whether days or hours,just be sure to be good to yourself, have some fun, and be patient with others. Take care, friends, love you.


Lost my whole fuckin evening to depression amd outside interference… had creative plans and everything. Well annoyed. I hope that your day has been a fine one though.


Happy Birthday to one of Destructoid's veteran good dudes, the much-loved Flanx. Keep fighting the good fight and here's hoping that you have a fine year ahead, friend <3


Congrats to TaterChimp on an awesome and hugely successful charity stream for Extra Life! Way to go buddy :)


Happy Birthday to beloved regular Cloudman Sam and to the irreplaceable DeadMoon. You're both amazing and I hope this is a great year for both of you <3


We're discussing memorable video game intros on the FP, join in if you have contributions. Some great memories in there...


Happy Birthday to my birthday brother DeScruff! Hope that you have an awesome weekend, pally! All the best!


I don't have enough words to thanks you all for how kind you are, for your dedication to the site, and to wish you all an amazing weekend. Well, I guess I just did. A lot about this site can be hard going for me, but never the friendship. Thanks all <3


Happy birthday to one of our longest and most loved community folks. Have a great night and an amazing year Churros x


Hope y'all had a spoooopy weekend! It's my bday on Friday and, ngl, this is going to be a bit of a glum and boring one. But I hope that November is hard rockin' for all of us. Have a good week and month, Dtoid x


Happy Halloween, Destructoid. Stay Spoopy. <3


Ahh, I have one bagel left. I'm gonna enjoy th...


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