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Its getting late here, but thankfully I still gots time to wish Happy Birthday to two of my favourite Dtoiders, Nathan D and Ravenclaw. Hope you're having an amazing day, love thee x


I have to go into hospital on Weds and I already feel like chickening out... I’m just gonna be honest, medical procedure frightens me, even casual stuff like X-rays, but this is more than that, it’s pretty invasive and I’m getting really anxious alr


Hey, you got to the end of week again, nice one. Hope you have a fun, happy and safe couple of days, whatever you’re getting up to. Remember we here for you, love thee x


Project JUDGE opening movie is like a soap opera intro

Sega has released the opening movie to the upcoming detective brawler known as Project JUDGE, currently in development for PS4 by the face-smashers at Team Yakuza.The bemusing two-minute intro features multiple characters, including our har...


PlayStation Classic pre-orders open on Amazon UK now


Soulcalibur VI officially reveals Raphael and his rapier wit

Bandai Namco has dropped the trailer for one of the last characters to join the roster for the upcoming weapon-based fighter Soulcalibur VI. The flamboyant Raphael is stepping onto the Stage of History, armed with expert swordmanship and th...


I feel like absolute garbage today. This time next week I'll be in hospital while they try to figure out, 7 months later, what is wrong with me. I'm not looking forward to it *at all* and I'm sick of being a quarter of who I used to be.


Week’s too long and it’s only Tuesday. Hope you’re having s good one.


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