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Whatta week. I hope that it has been a good one for all of you fine folks, and I hope that this weekend will bring you all a dose of deserved happiness. I'm real proud of you for pushing thru tough times. You're all stars. Keep shining <3


Glad you had an amazing birthday Panda, sorry for the belated message but it's great to see the outpouring of love. Thanks for being you, and for inspiring to post this awesome video every year. Have a good one x


Have a good day, friends. Find small victories <3


I gots a gammy leg, but hopefully, it will REPAIR. I hope so because I like standing up and moving. Hope y'all had a good weekend, and hope you can attack the week and make it your own. Thanks for being here and I LOVE YOU.


As a games writer, it’s important I’m on top of the latest trends, so I’m playing this hip new games all the kids are into called Celeste. Let me be the first to tell you, it’s pretty good, gonna be huge I think


I had mega problems this week, and my leg is still bust. But I got to the wkend, so did you, and we'll all make it a good, fun, or restful one for ourselves. So I wanna see all y'all have a real fine time, enjoy yourself, spread love, eat well, be cool <3


Finally got around to Creed II. For a sequel that Absolutely Did Not Ever Need to Exist... it's not *too* bad - though the fantastic character drama of Thompson (<3) and B. Jordan is increasingly jarring set against the "80s Rocky Movie" template.


We all love 'Holiday Road' from the opening of Vacation, right? Of course. But have y'all ever seen how dystopian and grim Buckingham's original music video is?


Appreciate the support folks. <3 Shit weekend, doesn’t feel like I got a dot of rest and now it’s the start of the working week again. Awesome. Gotta live, work, exist alongside this problem but trying to find somewhere else to live this week. I’mma


Tonight was one of the worst evenings I’ve had in forever. I lost the entire night to dealing with the police, raging neighbours, and a gang of nitrous oxide addicts. left me completely miserable. Waste of a day and a hazardous sitch I never asked for.


Happy Birthday to community pal Captiosus! Hope it’s a wicked weekend buddy, have a rad one :)


The cold brought back my gammy knee so I'm having a bit of a sad :( But it is the weekend, nevertheless, and hopefully we'll all have some fun and respite. Hope your year has gotten off to a rollicking start! sending lotsa love and smoochies x


We have our annual article on the FP looking at our favorite characters of 2021. It’s a lot of fun so please check it out and add your own choices in the comments!


I don't know if I'm going to achieve all of my physical and mental goals for this year. But I'm going to try, that's all any of us can do, especially in this climate. I believe in you, but no-one expects you to conquer all. Just do your best <3 x


Be sure to stop by the front page and cast your votes for Community Game of the Year. Have a good weekend and a fine 2022. <3


Happy New Year, friends, I know it’s been tough, and we’re not outta the woods, but make the little things count, love the things you love, and know that we’ve always got each other. Make 2022 work for you any way you can. I hope it’s great! <3


Hey Folks, as we enter the final day of 2021, I want to wish you all an awesome weekend, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the community. I'll be sure to return here later today, probably worse for wear. I love all y'all <3


What a miserable fuckin’ year.


Happy Belated Birthday to the wonderful AtomicBanana! I hope that you enjoyed the holiday week we have all taken to celebrate your arrival. Thanks for being a big part of our community... Have a great new year.


Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday week. The booster has given me a bit of a kicking, but I’m grateful to have a slightly lesser workload. Thanks for still checking into the site friends, it’s important. Have a grand day <3


I had my third vax today. I feel like shit but I came home and went on a tear in SFV, beating opponents far beyond my level… is this why steroids are a thing?


Hello it Holiday <3 EDIT: Hope you are all enjoying the weekend, thanks for sharing all of your wonderful experiences


Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays friends <3


Howdy buckeroos, It's the weekend, and a holiday one at that! I hope that its a happy and restful one, and that you have a fun and safe holidays. Take precautions, but find a way to enjoy yourselves, wherever you are and whoever you're with. Lotsa love x


The Assassination of the Virgin Luke by the Chad Juri (2021)


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