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Of kourse, Netherrealm made a Shang Tsung tower live in MK11 today, and PSN is down globally so I cant sign in to see. When I find you monkey paw, your soul is mine!


Welp, my favorite part of this years E3 was legit learning that FF8's assets aren't at the bottom of the ocean and an HD remake is possible. I imported FF8 months before a US release in 99, and learned the junction system in Japanese. IM READY 2 GO BACK!


Omg it was true, every bit of it. Theyre all koming!!


When you preorder the Death Stranding Collector's Edition at GameStop, hoping they stay in business long enough to pick it up >.<


Gentle reminder that if you think you may have ever paired your PSN account with Sony Rewards, you may wanna log in and see if you have points to claim. I forgot I linked in 2014 and after checking randomly yesterday, had $80 of PSN cards I could redeem.


Just in: "Thank you for applying to the "Granblue Fantasy: Versus" closed beta test. We are very pleased to notify you that you have been selected as a participant!" Awww yeah, ArcSys action ahoy mateys.


"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible".


Really digging the 1st Rage on PS3. It's much smoother and more streamlined than I remember. It's pretty arcadey which is a nice standout from the huge collectathon FPS of today. You can def see the influence that eventually led the team to Doom 2016.


A lesson in grieving for my GoT friends: no matter how poorly paced, badly written, rushed or non sensical the finale may seem tonight, just close your eyes, breathe, and assume the whole thing was just indoctrination by reapers. *thumbs up*


Figured now is as good as anytime to play the original Rage. So I crack open my new copy from 2011 (backlogs for life), and what prominent ad stares me right in the face?? Just when I think I'm ready to move on with my life, they pull me right back in >.<


As someone who finds enjoyment in trophies, I worry that the relatively ancient PS3's will one day cease, taking it's earnable library with it. However, if Sony employed BC on newer systems with trophy functionality, the ecosystem could live forever.


So much hate around Jax's MK11 ending, noone talks about any others. Jacqui's might be my favorite in the series, it's beautiful. Love the kallback to MK9. It's trendy to be "above" MK9 these days, but it's a part of NRS history and they acknowledge that.


Oh man, just a few more hours till my favorite night of the week: Internet Shitposts on GoT Sunday! Seriously, doesnt matter what you even think of the show, I find the inevitable melodrama unlimitedly entertaining.


ATTENTION ALL MK11 Players (at least on PS4): Get some of the best and rarest loot in the Krypt for free following this quick method. Tested it myself and is legit. Will probably be patched ultra quick so take advantage while you can.


No doubt, probably the best trailer I've seen in recent memory. Everything that makes this IP special is here. Please, please don't mess this up WB with always online BS. The artists, writers, creators behind MK and their fans deserve better that that.


In 2001, I was in CA for the first time with my then girlfriend, getting ready to see A.I. at a theater in OC and while waiting, I figured I'd put a few quarters into this KoF 2000 machine they had. Was my first SNK romp and have been in love ever since.


Warning: MK11 is out in the wild and massive spoilers at every level starting to be shared. I personally don't care about spoilers, in fact I'm actively seeking info, but fair warning to others. Hype levels are in overdrive at what will pop up next.


Question: Which Destructoid personality will be reviewing MK11? Followup question: Do you believe you will receive a review copy based on past NRS releases? Followup: Do you have it now? Followup: Is it amazing?


Should I find it insulting that NRS thinks its fans have such little social lives, that they can hold their Kombat Kasts at 4pm on a Friday? Lame Boon, just lame. (I'm grumps because I actually do have plans and just want to watch the kast >.<***)


Of all the things SFV sucks at, noone mentions that it's the only PS4 game I know of that will neither download or apply an update unless you manually launch it, just so it can make you wait in realtime. Seriously the most asinine programmed game.


Masterwork Music Monday // Sonic Colors: Final Boss - Part 2


One of my favorite scene's from MK9, the two brother's reunion after each losing their humanity. I thought Noob's voice was absolutely perfect here, and definitely prefer it over the new version so far. Also hope this modern MK9 mask is in MK11 as gear.



Assumed Platinuming Muramasa Rebirth would give me a leg up in Sekiro. Was wrong. Deadly wrong.


Clearly Google sees the writing on the wall. Saw this at local Walmart and the realization that physical is all but dead hit like a fist.


Today's Kombat Kast is the only thing that matters this week til Friday.


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