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All I want for Xmas is an MK11 trailer at tonight's game awards. Please Santa Boon, plzzz.


The Evil(s) Within

  The Pixels that Define Us is a blog series detailing particular titles that have personally influenced me throughout the years and how I see this incredible medium of entertainment. All images belong to their respective owners....


PSA: No'one in this history of gaming made a mobile only game in order to deliver the best, most engaging, cutting edge gaming experience to the gamer. They make a mobile only game to be metaphorically and physically as close as possible to your wallet.


So I never got around to playing the original RDR or Revolver, but I have RDR2 downloaded and ready to go. I rarely jump into sequels without playing the first, but time is somewhat stacked against me. Are there any others starting out first with RDR2?


Gaming wish #217, SE remakes a 2D FF6 while hiring Daniel Oliver to do the sprite work. Please.


When Joss Whedon knew Firefly would be cancelled, he made Serenity as closure to the fans and to tie up general plot lines and ideas. I feel that the makers of Big O should do the same. It's been almost 20 years, let us in on the damn story already.


One of the most timeless aspects of VideoGames are their soundtracks. From Mario, MM, FF, CV and beyond, soundtracks set the atmosphere of games far before graphics caught up. It's a shame then that so few of us know the names of these great composers.


If Midway hadn't given Sony exclusive rights to the 32 bit port of Mortal Kombat 3 in 1995, my adult gaming life would look so different now and I'd own a Switch. Tuesday pondering. #ParallelTimelines #WasThisMyDestiny?


Bloodstained AND Detroit this week. Both could go either way. I suppose at the very worst, there's always Dark Souls Remaster to pick up the pieces.


Is there an embargo on the DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT game? Released yesterday and not one professional review is available. Is SE trying to squash bad opinions? Chris, I know you're reviewing but were you forbidden from releasing it now?


While everyone was sleeping, Walmart put up SNES Cassic Preorders which sold out instantly. You can already find em on eBay. Let the soul shattering cluster f begin. #WarNeverChanges EDIT: NM, late to zee party


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