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After hundreds of Turf War matches, I'm convinced Splatoon 3 has some kind of hidden "catch up" mechanic for losing teams. It's the only thing that explains some of the last minute oddities. Also, someone should take this ink stamp away from me.


Tricolor Turf War in Splatoon 3 continues to be a hot mess, assuming you can even get into one. All this needed to be was a 4/4/4 mode not a gimmicky Anarchy Battle Lite that is SO stacked against defenders they don't even want to play. (More in com.)


Splatoon 3: Less of the Same

Splatoon 1 and 2 were my most played games on the Wii U and Switch, respectively, so what I'm about to write legimiately hurts: Splatoon 3 is, in many respects, inferior to Splatoon 2. Other than the addition of cosmetics and quality o...


Silly me for believing Nintendo would take 7 years of complaints and suggestions to heart and improve their connectivity. Alas, no. New sequel, same awful netcode with all the same problems that plagued the last two games…


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