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Gameplay moments like this are why I find joy in Halo's multiplayer and have been coming back to it since the original Halo Combat Evolved 20 years ago.


I was shocked, but not surprised, when it was listed and sold for $400. I was appalled when it was listed (and sold!) for $700. Now I'm at a loss for words. Ten times MSRP?!? C'mon people! Scalpers can't scalp if no one pays their nonsensical prices.


Played 10 matches of Halo Infinite Quick Play this morning: *SIX OF THEM* were Oddball. I used to like playing Oddball occasionally as a change of pace but after this last week I now hate the mode with the fire of a thousand suns.


Between issues with the battle pass, ridiculous challenges (with some nearly impossible to complete), the lack of dedicated playlist types, issues with hit detection, and the focus on objective modes, the luster is already wearing off of Halo Infinite.


Wonder what it would look like if I still had access to my original 2004 Captiosus tag. My account was hacked, and subsequently banned, in 2012. I appealed w/proof of the hack but MS wouldn't reinstate it. Lost 8 years of XBL and 60K GamerScore.


Picked up Far Cry 6 last weekend on sale. I'm rank 5, through a chunk of the Maximas Matanzas chain, and I'm dreadfully bored. Only one other game bored me this quickly: AC Valhalla. The only recent Ubi game I truly enjoyed was Immortals Fenyx Rising.


You'd think I'd learn not to buy any games in October by now. Best Buy has Guardians of the Galaxy half off and, even more surprising (at least to me) is that they have Rider's Republic also half off, which came out exactly 3 weeks ago. I might grab it.


Online bots and scalping is out of control. I was on the preorder notification list for these for months. By the time they e-mailed people that preorders were live, it was too late. Bots had gobbled them up. Original MSRP was $95. [More in comments.]


Having a bit of a day today and just felt like saying that I love you guys. Picture unrelated, just a lot of shit.


Saw a clickbaity headline link on Twitter that read: "GTA Definitive Edition is getting review bombed, does it deserve it?" Is it REALLY review bombing if the negative reviews are telling the truth? Bombing implies an quasi-orchestrated smear campaign.


An outdoor pregnant stray cat has been coming around and she snuck into my house while taking out the trash. I'm trying to socialize her to bring her inside permanently but it's slow going. Inside sounds scare her. #caturday


The more I play San Andreas Definitive Edition the more I realize it’s an awful port. Awful rain effects, typos all over buildings, audio, texture, model, and control glitches. Flying is an eyesore. Glad I waited for Game Pass -- not paying $60 for this


Really enjoying Forza Horizon 5 but these repeated random world disconnects that come out of nowhere are a drag. I hope it's just launch day growing pains.


My PS4 died in early 2019 so I've missed some things I wanted to play. Figured I'd wait for a PS5 but can't seem to beat the bots on them whenever I have the money. Looked into used PS4s but even those are going for ridiculous sums, like $300+. Sheesh.


Happy N7 Day to fellow Mass Effect fans. Doesn't look like we're getting any announcements today, just some retrospectives and a few new items of licensed merch.


1. Happy birthday to Chris Moyse and DeScruff. Hope you both have great days. 2. This fictional Star-Lord album they made for Marvel's GOTG rocks WAY harder than it has any right to. 'Solar Skies' is one of my favorites on the album.


I like the Forza Horizon franchise a lot and I'm glad Horizon 5 is getting such good reviews but part of me misses the simplicity of Metropolis Street Racer/Project Gotham Racing.


Cliché but accurate.


I'm a 40 year Yankees fan so I usually root for the National League when the Yanks don't make the Series (unless it's the Dodgers). I'm happy for the Braves and their fans, especially my best friend back in VA who's been waiting for this for 26 years.


I was in my 20's when my dad was in his 70's. Sometimes when I'd take him to the store I'd go to electronics and look at games. In his early dementia anger he'd ask: "Why the hell do you play games?" Gee, Dad, I dunno... Who bought me all these again??


Throwback to when I had more money than sense and paid far too much for a screen accurate prequel Jedi outfit for Halloween. Almost a decade ago. Jeez, where does the time go? Hope everyone has a happy Halloween.


I had a long blog post written up about hidden illnesses but decided to hide it to not bring people down this weekend. However, I still want to say this: Have compassion for the people you meet as you never know what they may be going through.


Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" Review (XSX)

Marvel's Guardeners Guardians of the Galaxy is probably my second favorite modern Marvel game behind Spider-Man and slightly ahead of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on Switch. GOTG gets a lot of things right and shows the value of having a...


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