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Hype: The foulest ill.

What is hype? What does it mean? The dictionary describes the word hype as follows. Hype; Verb - to stimulate, excite, or agitate. However, I prefer a more concise definition. Hype; Noun - a swindle, deception, or trick. That is what...


Devaluing the medium.

I was spurred to write about this topic, postponing my Siren: Blood Curse review. So please bare with me, my thoughts are a tad frayed and I am simply typing as I think. The main point is how "gamers" somehow equate time spent with a gam...


Pretentious or Profound?

Somewhere inbetween lies the correct summary of That Game Company's latest creation, Journey. When a title such as this comes along in this recent doldrums of game design, where risk can mean the end of a studio, new intellectual properties...


Beauty and Horror can be found in the darkness.

Welcome to Closure. An original, innovative and brilliantly designed puzzle game from Eyebrow Interactive where the darkness serves as your perverse yet ever looming and stifling enemy, and faint light sources in the corners of each opaque ...


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow review.

Castlevania, is one of the most beloved and long standing franchises in the industry. We have thrown axes at bats, jumped from platform to platform, and indulged in the series iconic eight and sixteen bit soundtracks. As the classic console...


In Remembrance of The Lost.

Once again for better or worse. The mass gaming community has gotten it, whatever it may be, absolutely wrong. What is it you speak about Neon? Well friends I speak about GTA4: Episodes from Liberty City. Specifically this piece of the one ...


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Welcome, its me Neon, also known as PrinceofApathy, or by my actual name, Xavi'. My thoughts and ideas tend to be abit polarising, but deep underneath it all, I'm an enthusiast gamer, and I have been gaming practically all my life.

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