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Limo came to visit me at work but he just sat on the phone the whole time!


I'm so excited that my podcast is being hosted on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher and now Google Play! If you haven't heard the show yet, please come by and search for The Grind Corps Podcast.


Yeeeeeeeeeessssss! I finally got one! I had to run out of the office to get it but I got it!


I’m not saying that you SHOULD use Wes to dry your butt but you COULD if you really wanted to. Just something to think about.


Happy Birthday, Alph. Keep making that sweet sweet 🎵


The worst part of daylight savings is that I still have to go to work


Shilling Ahead! I just added a bunch of new Destructoid Shirts to my shop because I love you. Please take a look! (Link and a link in the comments)


I’m spending my Saturday at work by making ridiculous drawings and spamming Wes with them. It’s a good day.


I put up a few new designs and such in the shop. Take a look! I’m working on new MH and D-told designs right now.


I don’t know if I’m interesting enough for 2 truths and a lie but I’ll try. 1. I worked at Lionhead Studios 2. I surf at least once a week. 3. I dated an actress.


Thanks to Law for some late night support, I have joined the High Rank Society. Let's kill some beasts!


Zombie dad is super sick after chemo. He’s trying to sleep it off. Poor dad. Reminder that all profits from my store go to Zombie Dad’s medical bills. Link in the comments.


Can’t we all just get along?


Zombie dad just got out of his first chemo treatment. He feels ok for now. He’s taken his first step on the long road to recovery.


Update on my dad. He is now Stage III N4. Chemo starts on Monday. Details are in the link for those who are keeping tabs. Thank you again for all the support and shares <3


These new graphics are astounding!


Today is the day! Just need to make it through work and I’ll be knee deep in fluffy Palico pals!


Coming off of being sick and slightly out of my mind. I'm going to try to do The Grind Corps Podcast LIVE! Right Now!


Lawman’s mania surrounding Iconoclasts made me curious enough to buy the game. Bonus: It’s cross-buy. I’ll be playing it at work today.


In an attempt to help my dad pay his medical bills, I have made a Dtoid shirt. Right now, all profit made through my store goes to my parents in order to aid my dad.


Thank you so much to everyone that has been so supportive to me and my family. Your donations, shares and encouragement have helped us so much. The amount of love and kindness we’ve received in the past 24 hours brought my parents to tears. Thank you.


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