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Happy Birthday, Mr.Tacos Thank you for making me feel like a real member of the community. I hope today is full of good things and bunny girls.


So YouTube cut my monetization because I have less than 1k subs and then ends their email with this gem:


I did not consent to today being Monday. Let’s roll it back to Saturday and try again.


I am officially a business owner! While I was playing with a new Art program I made this guy. Just a little something for the best community ever.


So I decided to get Everybody’s Golf in the PS holiday sale. Typically, I’m not interested in anything outside of mini golf. I am surprised at how much I am loving this game.


I think Sonic Mania is going to be my personal GotY. I’ve beaten the game 7+ times, collected all the Chaos emeralds with every character and I’m still playing. Coming in a close 2nd is Monster Hunter Stories with over 300 logged.


My girls wanted to say, “Happy Howlidays” But they can’t because they’re dogs and they don’t have vocal chords but if they did....


Hope you have a great week. Here is an adorable picture of my other dog!


I still love my switch axe! I’m ready for Monster Hunter Worlds’ full release (since watching the demo at E3). GOTY 2018!


This is a stressful time of the year for many of us. Remember to be excellent to each other. Have a great holiday season!


I think Netflix Daredevil and Ben Afflek Daredevil should duke it out in Infinity Wars.


I’m trying very hard to understand the Flat Earth concept but I can’t wrap my head around it.


Out of respect for retail workers, I will not be going out to shop today (because I’m stuck at work...)


I’m still playing Sonic Forces. I’ve found a few buggy areas but for some reason, I’m hellbent on unlocking more avatar gear. Not the best game but it isn’t the worst either


So, I was searching for a picture of a dumpster fire (don’t tell me how to live my life) and I just can’t find the correlation to one of these images...


Pssssh... Nothin’ Personnel... Kid...


I got to finally watch Your Name, last night. It was cute. 8/10


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