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I'm guessing that nobody wants to use the E3 meeting app since I'm getting daily emails begging me to sign up for it. No thanks, E3, I play my cons fast and loose! I'm a fucking wild man!


18 years and 200 revisions later and Capcom is STILL stuck on Streetfighter 2.


I'm snacking on chocolate covered espresso beans at work and I'M FUCKING WIRED! They should put a warning on these things...


You can't handle these Sonic the Hedgehog original characters do not steal I'm a maniac!


So I played/beat Drancia Saga on 3DS, after the credits you get a screen with an image and text. What does the text say?


Had an awesome day celebrating my girlfriend's birthday, yesterday. Had Voodoo Donuts, went to a theme park and picked up the Ocarina of Time manga (this book is much larger than I expected).


I dropped my dog off at daycare so I could take my girlfriend out for her birthday and it was the most heart wrenching experience to see my dog's face as we were leaving.


Why do women have 6,000 pairs of shoes but not 1 pair that they can walk in comfortably?


It's my girlfriend's birthday so I made her a romantic card (because I'm cheap)


"Hey, Zombie, what is it like to be in tech support?" "Glad you asked, Timmy, Let me show you with a drawing of my Sonic the Hedgehog Original Characters (do not steal), Melvin the TechSupport-Hog..."


The dipshit cashier at GameStop wants me to give him my Xbox live username and password so he can log into the system that I'm selling. He'll reformat it later, just write it down for him.... yeah, no.


I'm genuinely saddened at the prospect of selling my Xbone. I remember purchasing it so I could continue to play my favorite series (Halo). After a lukewarm Halo 5, my interest in the series is gone. Coupled with poor "sales" and weak games with gold...


It's very difficult to get up and start the day when you wake up to your dog comfortably snuggled in besides you in bed.


DiRT Rally steam key. Let the others know if you claimed it. FGHGH-29VL9-9KQ7Z


I think it's pretty sweet that E3 is open to the pubs this year. It's the only way LA locals can get close to a legit gaming convention. The more the merrier!


For whatever reason, I couldn't post a picture with my podcast link. Here it is...


My latest podcast is live with the talented and delightful Erik Peabody of Viking Guitar. Gather round and listen...


Since I've been jury doodling all day, I went back and remastered one of the doodles I started on my phone.


I apologize for making you cry with this brand new Sonic the Hedgehog "original" character (do not steal) that I invented. Lil' Sonic


I'm stuck in court for jury duty. Here's my jury doodle. Help entertain me by making a sweet, edgy back story for my latest Sonic the Hedgehog "original" character (do not steal)


My friend asked me to draw him a picture and it was so silly that I couldn't refuse.


The one day I could have slept in a bit longer and I set the wrong alarm... damn it!


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