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Dreezy says that if if we donate enough bits he'll play Just Dance 2020 with Dtoid pasties. I think we can pool together to make this happen. We've donated to enough weird shit to make it happen.


My drawing from yesterday but with colors!


What is Claptrap running from? Add your own terrifying scenario and color it in! Mine is running from the responsibility of being an adult.


BUMP 15 DAYS LEFT! Sign Up for the latest and greatest Dtoid Draws! Submissions due by October 15th. Sign up in the comments. Show us your favorite game character ready for Halloween!


Platinum Games should make their games out of real platinum and stop lying to the people!


Today is my 15th annual 21st birthday. Does anyone else feel depressed on their birthday?


IT chapter 2 is certainly a movie. Some might say it's several different movies haphazardly spliced into one. I wish they would have taken their time on this one.


I made an Alliance for my favorite community (YOU!) Add me, join in for free loots and Dragalia shitposting. Alliance code: 26083751


Updated my phone’s wallpaper.


Would you look at that? Looks like my schedule just cleared up enough to play Ultimate Alliance 3


Would you look at that? Looks like my schedule just cleared up enough to play Ultimate Alliance 3


Today's doodle. Snubbull wants to know if you're going to finish that sammich.


All I’m saying is, “If I can fap to the banana from ‘My Friend Pedro,’ then the latest Tifa design shouldn’t be a problem.”


I’m having way too much fun with this


In 12 hours, I’ll finally be able to pre-order Devolver’s $5,000 game... whatever the hell that might be. Hypeining Hypetensifies!


Destructoid Draws: Pokemon

[Before I begin, I'd like to apologize for the incredibly long wait to get this out. Life got the best of me and I promise to work harder to fulfill my own deadlines for future posts.] Destructoid Draws: PokemonGretings! My name is Pro...


@Torchman Happy Assembly Date May all of your joints be adequately greased and your batteries always full.


So the Xbox One S (current model 1TB) is the same price as the Xbox One SAD. I feel like there is a convoluted marketing scheme at work here.


It’s time for another Destructoid Draws. With the announcement of Pokémon Sword and Shield, We’re going to celebrate Gen 8 by creating your own Pokémon Original Monster do not steal. Sign up sheet in comments. Bump: 3 days left


I was too slow to post it in CJ’s poll but THIS is how I want to arrive in the next Animal Crossing


At first glance, that doesn’t look like a dog on that sign


Ok, Mr.Churros, here is my pick for favorite starters.

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Destructoid Draws: The Next Generation

[ZombieCorps takes over the reins to a beloved community standard in art and expression, Destructoid Draws! From Smash characters to indie games, the community is a wealth of artistic expression just waiting to be converted to DeviantArt So...


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