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My copy of Sonic Mania hasn't arrived yet. I'm just going to play Generations and pretend.


How do I plug a digital copy of Sonic Mania into my cart for Sonic & Knuckles? Do I need an adapter?


In honor our of Sonic Mania's release, I present to you Sonimaniac the Wrestlehog Original Character do not steal


I amuse the hell out of myself


Unpopular Opinion: The communities behind Call of Duty, League of Legends and Rocket League aren't that bad; in fact, they're quite warm and inclusive to new players.


Wow, Miitopia is haaaaaaaard. I can't decide who to have in my party!


My pre-order for a Mega Man X Nendoroid was supposed to arrive yesterday... It was just pushed back into oblivion... I have a sad


So this is cool Activision doesn't want you to stream CoD. Not a problem, I didn't want to have it on my channel anyway, it was a fan request.


It's National Chilidog Day! What is the best chilidog you've ever had? Discuss...


Wow, Salmon Run only goes from 5am to 5pm. That means if I want to play my favorite mode in Splatoon 2, I have to quit my job.


Nintendo announced that due to the rapid decline in American Switch sales, they have decided to discontinue the console. Nintendo was able to sell 100% of the available consoles in March and has been sitting at a steady 0% from April through July.


Nothing like starting the day with a pair of Salty Squid rage quitters. It's tough to make a comeback with only 1 other participant on your team. Keep an eye out for Vivi and eme, splat em' hard and they'll hand you a win.


In honor of Splatoon 2, I give you Inky the Squidhog Original Character do not steal


As soon as I log into Splatoon 2 for the first time, I'm greeted by 2 memes in one! Internet, I love you.


Strange that of all the Amiibo that came out today, the only one I couldn't find was the new inkling boy. I even saw both Bayo.


Happy Friday. May your ink be ever goopy!


Dicky the Butthog Original Character do not steal! (You can totally steal it idgaf)


For your approval, I give you: Malthor the Splosionhog Original Character do not steal.


1. Writing is difficult. I envy those of you that can put thoughts into coherent writing. 2. I want to make hand drawn gifs. What is a good (read: free) animation software that will let me entertain my muse before I ultimately give up and abandon it?


My SD army grows. This one has seen some combat. Apologies for the not great picture. Maybe I'll try to take better photos with my big boy camera


It's a sad day when you reply to your own comments because somehow you were auto logged into the wrong account.


PETTOID! One of the things that I absolutely love! This is my best buddy, Gracie.


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