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Edit: First and last bump. I posted this pretty late, last night. Feedback/tips welcome. I wrote mt first legit C-Blog. Please be gentle... https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/ZombieC0RPS/is-the-world-ready-for-another-atari-console--445054.phtml #post


Cave Story fans! Listen to this incredible album by VikingGuitar. I promise you'll love it! #VGMfriday Edit: Playlist links don't work with the YouTube button.... Edit 2: The link just doesn't work on the Q-post! Legit link in the comments.


New game idea! Emotional Rollercoaster Tycoon! You play as a middle aged business woman that is trying to manage a large business AND deal with her raging menopausal hormones!


Purchased, Played and Wrecked Mighty Gunvolt Burst. The best part is that I'm still playing it! Well worth the $10.


Purchased, Played and Wrecked Mighty Gunvolt Burst. The best part is that I'm still playing it! Well worth the $10.


I'm surprised that nobody called bullshit when Microsoft announced that all of your "old" XboxOne game and hardware would be compatible with the brand new Xbox One X.... maybe because it's the same fucking console?


Sonic Forces plays pretty well. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I'm excited for the full game, later this year.


Played the Fractured but Whole demo and it's looking pretty good. I gave a dude a lap dance whilst farting on him as a form of interrogation.


Is anyone also surprised about the lack of Amiibo support in Arms? I'm especially surprised that nobody is rioting for a Twintelle Amiibo. ...but that's none of my business...


I can't believe how often I come back to this game. I NEED the Dragon Quest version to come out in the west.


I went to the Nintendo event, last night. They were out of the water bottles within the first two hours. Then my girlfriend beat the living hell out of me at Arms and we're going to go back for some Spla2oon action. Not a bad night.


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