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I really hope MATT DAMON is okay.


Today’s doodle brought to you by Log!


When I'm bored, I like to doodle video game characters.


*Buys toilet paper* Cashier: "Stocking up because of the Corona outbreak?" Me: "Nope, I just like to wipe after I poop."


Happy Birthday, ...nerds! Heh, still got it.


My head feels like it is exploding from the inside. I just have one simple request for all of you; please have an awesome day so that I may live vicariously through you. Thank you.


I bought a fancy little adapter so I can live stream my doodles. I'm interested to see how it works out.


Apparently Netflix has the herpes. Was it worth it?


Every day, I scroll through Q-posts and I am constantly reminded of how awesome you are. I’m happy to be part of this community and I just wanted to let you know. Thank you <3


I tried a new style and decided to draw a fish that wanted to go into space.


Spicy Hot Cheetos Take: Feed me Spicy Hot Cheetos!


I have nothing to say but I will say it as loudly as I am able to


I don’t have a problem YOU have a problem!


Why do I have an increased feeling of satisfaction when my jokes are downvoted? Thank you to the beautiful bastard that enabled the downvote counter <3 :*


I think it’s time for me to take a break as well. This morning pushed my depression into overdrive and I need to take some time to get over it. I’m sorry.


So the funniest thing happened on the Dtoid stream tonight. Link in the comments!


Some punk kid told me that I can't get 50 follows on Twitch before December. I'm 21 follows away from my goal. Can you help me prove this kid wrong? I would greatly appreciate your help. Link will be in the comments.


My GPU died and I still have Borderlands 3 to finish and Outer Worlds to start. This also means that I can not work on my animation, podcast or Twitch. I am a sad zombie


Dreezy says that if if we donate enough bits he'll play Just Dance 2020 with Dtoid pasties. I think we can pool together to make this happen. We've donated to enough weird shit to make it happen.


My drawing from yesterday but with colors!


What is Claptrap running from? Add your own terrifying scenario and color it in! Mine is running from the responsibility of being an adult.


BUMP 15 DAYS LEFT! Sign Up for the latest and greatest Dtoid Draws! Submissions due by October 15th. Sign up in the comments. Show us your favorite game character ready for Halloween!


Platinum Games should make their games out of real platinum and stop lying to the people!


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