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#pettoid Willow passed out on top of Gracie after her exercise routine.


I made it to the community choice showdown but I wasn’t able to clutch the win. Hugs and thanks for everyone that pulled together to support me and Gus. We’re going to take what we learned and dominate the next competition! <3


Bump! Poll closes at 5pm EST today! Gus and I have another chance in the So You Think You Can Stream competition by way of fan favorite! Vote here: https://eglive.typeform.com/to/A9oU3DeC (Edit: link changed)


Thank you so much to everyone that came in, last night, to show their support. I didn’t win a top slot but you guys made me feel like a winner. I still have a shot of making community favorite so I’m hoping that I can earn that slot and keep going <3


In about 30 minutes, the streaming competition on the Destructoid Twitch channel will be live. Tonight, I'm one of the contestants. I could really use some of that love and support you guys have. Please, come in and vote on my stream <3


Sometimes, sending love feels just as good as receiving it. Give it a try.


I think Paper Mario: The Origami King looks super cute and fun. TTYD is still the best in the series but I also enjoyed Color Splash and Sticker Star.


Well, that’s a kick in the teeth.


I really hope MATT DAMON is okay.


Today’s doodle brought to you by Log!


When I'm bored, I like to doodle video game characters.


*Buys toilet paper* Cashier: "Stocking up because of the Corona outbreak?" Me: "Nope, I just like to wipe after I poop."


Happy Birthday, ...nerds! Heh, still got it.


My head feels like it is exploding from the inside. I just have one simple request for all of you; please have an awesome day so that I may live vicariously through you. Thank you.


I bought a fancy little adapter so I can live stream my doodles. I'm interested to see how it works out.


Apparently Netflix has the herpes. Was it worth it?


Every day, I scroll through Q-posts and I am constantly reminded of how awesome you are. I’m happy to be part of this community and I just wanted to let you know. Thank you <3


I tried a new style and decided to draw a fish that wanted to go into space.


Spicy Hot Cheetos Take: Feed me Spicy Hot Cheetos!


I have nothing to say but I will say it as loudly as I am able to


I don’t have a problem YOU have a problem!


Why do I have an increased feeling of satisfaction when my jokes are downvoted? Thank you to the beautiful bastard that enabled the downvote counter <3 :*


I think it’s time for me to take a break as well. This morning pushed my depression into overdrive and I need to take some time to get over it. I’m sorry.


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