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Found a very round (and squishy) boy today.


Found a good (and big) boy yesterday.


Has anyone actually been able to transfer Pokemon from their Pokemon Go account to Let's Go? I've tried 2 different phones and my tablet, nothing will pair with the Switch...


So... this is what hell looks like.


It's my birthday. It's also October.


Oh, we're posting plushies now? Here's a friend that I got a couple weeks ago.


Got some stuff today. (Pic for Inquisitive Ravenclaw in the comments)


Finally... I am released from Gacha hell.


Some Shuten for Friday.


Not going in to work tonight, because I am -not- dealing with that freezing rain shit. Umu (un)related.


Some oni for Inquisitive Ravenclaw, by Asanagi (Don't look up this artist at work)


Got some more Miku today. So pretty~~


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