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After several years of putting off a visit to an eye doctor, I finally got my first pair of glasses. I can see properly, for once. Current status:


There's a gaping hole in my heart that has room for limitless waifus.


This artbook was a wise purchase.


I'm not sure what day it is, but.. uh.. Pochaco, I guess.


I've had my fair share of struggles with anxiety and depression, so today's a good day for me to buy Hellblade. #WorldMentalHealthDay


Oni girls. Friday.


It is my day of birth, so I'm gonna just post my number one girl.


After months of annoying issues, I finally got my PC working properly. Now I can... uh... play Peach Beach Splash on my PS4?


Just posting Ayame. Don't ask questions.


This is quite a bit smaller than I thought it would be. But that's okay, let happy boobs commence. (Also, this is my girl Ayame, she doesn't get enough recognition.)


Peach Beach Splash comes out in the US tomorrow. Get you a girl that looks at you like Imu looks at Miyabi.


Upon extended consideration, I have determined that robot girls are justice.


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