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Shortblog! TF2 Mass AI video

I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I did a search for it but didn't find anything. I lol'ed. EDIT: Dammit, some of it has been cut off.


Cblog Recap 9/22/08

Recap Time! *-Dammit Michi, I got something in my eye (Megaman tribute) *- Mega Man Mashup Poster *- Vitz questions games as a legitimate art form. Good back-and-forth in the comments *- Dale North is awesome *- RedRabbit shows u...


Cblog Recap 09/15/08

Hey everyone. Kinda quiet tonight. No casualisms for tonight; just read my first pick, then MrSadistic's comment and you're good to go! *-Oh sh*t... read this article, then read the first comment. MrSadistic, that was pure win. *-Cuti...


Cblog Recap 09/08/08

No casualisms for tonight. I have a humongous migraine; recaps damn near killed me tonight. Have a look at my in-progress avatar instead: My picks: * BFeld13 hates Jim Sterling, and I agree :P * TheGreatMango has a good point. Was Spo...


Cblog Recap 8/24/08-8/25/08 and Casual-isms

Well, I'm new to recapping, so bear with me mmmmkay? I'm gonna make a few mistakes, and wow will this look ghetto until I find some time to make some graphics. So here we go... Casual's picks Adorable Alert Screw you guys, I love cute st...


NYC NARP: moar pics + video + random thoughts

More stuff from the epic NYC NARP last weekend. Some random stuff: Katamari hugs come out of nowhere and engulfs everyone. Power-Glove + Rock Band drums = cereal bizness Mechamonkey = most down-ass brotha alive Zen = most gracious host eve...


NYC Xbox 360 Rock Band fans...

I mentioned it in Destructoid's Rock Band review, but I'll repeat it (and expand on it) here: I went to Virgin Megastore in Times Square because I was looking for UT3 Collector's edtion for the PC. I didn't have any intention of buying Roc...


About casualweaponryone of us since 8:58 PM on 03.15.2007

I beat 3D Worldrunner bitches.

Top that.

Seriously though, I like games.
I have all 3 systems and a mid-range PC.
My favorite genre: fighting games, followed by FPS's

Live Gamertag: casualweaponry
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Feel free to add me to any/all of your gaming lists!
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