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Happy Birthday Wes!


"Urgah...urf..." Wanted to join in a bit on the fun.


Back in 2014 I was introduced to AGDQ here on Destructoid, and ever since I've been a viewer and a donor. How far they have come from just breaking 1 million to hitting 3.1 Million in 2020. It's amazing and wonderful.


Have a Happy New Year you wonderful people!!


Happy Birthday RiffRaff!! though late I hope your day was special.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you lovely people!


Thank You everyone for the Birthday Wishes I've been having an absolute blast today, quite possibly the best Birthday I've had in years.


A very big thank you to my Secret Santa! Gundam to me is what Seige is to Soulbow. With this my Gundam 00 collection is close to completion!


Enjoying the nerf to Firmament Savage. Now I can actually drop off my collectibles and participate in the fate on my own server.


May your Birthday be everything you want it to be Mike!


No Excuse Would be Better.

I was going to leave a comment, but this turned into a semi rant that I feel fits more as a blog rather than a wall of text in a sea of comments. If it’s not your cup of tea I understand. This is a bit more therapeutic for me but...


Over 3 Million Dollars raised for Doctors without boarders. In a time where bad news seems so common place, it's a blessing to experience something truly wonderful for a change.


A bit jealous that Walmart has Bloodstained on PS4 while my PS4 backer copy still hasn't shipped. I have no idea as to how we got here.


It seems like Sword and Shield will not allow you to transfer all your Pokemon over from home, as well as mega forms possibly not making it in at all, which is a real shame. I think I'll wait and see if they'll patch the rest in, though it's unlikely.


Just Saw Godzilla King of the Monsters and I had a great time. It was everything I wanted to see in a sequel.


To all the moms out there, have an amazing Mothers day.


Meanwhile at Nintendo's closet that they call a server room.


Happy birthday Limo :) hope it was a good one.


All the loot boxes with all those billions of dollars in profit couldn't save those peoples jobs. I never want to hear about games being too expensive to make again.


Happy birthday Panda and Larx!


Happy Birthday to Best Taco Man out there. May your shells be crunchy and your lettuce crisp.


January Blues

January is always a bit of a bummer in my opinion. A new year is always exciting but we also move past the holidays. There is just a special atmosphere that takes hold around the Holidays and it's wonderful. People seem more helpful a...


I wish I played this game sooner. Having a blast with it in my free time, even though most of said time is spent mixing drinks in the bar.


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Coffee Talk"Decaf soy mocha frappe latte with nutmeg, please"


Journey to the Savage Planet"A surprisingly easygoing collectible-filled adventure"


Review in Progress: Silver Falls: 3 Down Stars"The Day the NPCs Stood Still"


Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind"This is how you Re Mind me of what I really am"


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot"Previously on...Your Childhood"


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Rise of the Phoenix"A lukewarm pot of gumbo, chere"


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If Patapon 2 can come out somewhere at Sony is a lone PS4 with a digital copy of Ape Escape 3 PS2 I really want that to be Please? Or remaster Legend of Dragoon?

Voltaic Owl



Just beat Jedi Fallen Order! Ive posted a video where I finally understood the lightsaber combat and felt like a bad Thoughts and spoilers in the


Completely forgot I ordered A nice little surprise


Edelgard in Smash is fun to play so far, but shes


This weeks Doctor Who review is up over at Check it out if you watch the show




Hope you all are having a great day!!!

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

I played the Monster Hunter collab in Dragalia Lost last night, and its great! I already have the best new unit, Kirin Armor RULES!!

Wes Tacos

Going to start randomly dumping some spare game keys to clear out my Ill start in the comments of this thread!



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