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Happy Birthday Flanx, and to everyone else who has had a birthday this week. So many birthdays is such a short amount of time I haven't been able to keep up.


Agent9 has cast his vote. Turnout was phenomenal in my town. Now it's time for some lunch. Really want a chicken sandwich now.


I'm a bit late but Happy Birthday Chris and Descruff, hope it was everything you wanted :)


The 31st Day: And After That

Fear is a very strange feeling. It can be a painful or pleasurable experience. It can come from the most trivial of things that we take for granted, or the greatest of monstrosities physical or imagined. Fear can be definitive and soli...


31 Days: Day 30 - Boneyard

Today’s pick celebrates the spookiest scariest skeleton I know. Many of you probably have your own idea as to who that is and at least half of you (I’d wager) immediately thought of Jack Skelington or Undertale. A portion o...


31 Days: Day 29 - Salmon

Man, October is almost over already. It felt like it had only started a few days ago and now Halloween is around the corner. So much left to do and yet I find myself procrastinating with some Salmon run.   Salmon Run Track02 &nbs...


31 Days: Day 28 - The Masked Man

What makes a sound or a song creepy? I suppose that does have a number of possible answers ranging from life experiences to the mind itself. Certain sounds, particularly nonlinear sounds can trigger that sense of unease and fear within...


Costume Party: Day 27 - Glamourous

FF14: All Saints Wake Cosmetics in recent years have served as a point of contention amongst the gaming community, namely when it comes to loot boxes. I understand that in most cases cosmetics don’t affect the balance of power i...


31 Days: Day 26 - Strained

I had a fair amount of thought on this pick in particular. I thought of doing a different track but in the end this for me was by and large the creepiest song in the game.   Strains of Insanity: Chrono Trigger   That eldritc...


31 Days: Day 25 - The Pit

For such a short level todays pick is rather spooky. I can appreciate this kind of detail and care. It really shows throughout the whole game and it was a major success for them, so much so it would define most of the series from here ...


31 Days: Day 24 - Nurse of the Submerged child

It would be remise of me not to include at least one Bloodborne track in this series. I know the chances of seeing a sequel are slim, but I really love Bloodborne and hope to see a sequel someday. For now I’ll highlight one of my...


31 Days: Day 23 - Quarantine

 I do enjoy a wide array of horror games, but the ones I enjoy the most are the ones that have capable protagonists. A capable protagonist is someone who isn’t handicapped by things like bad stamina, poor aiming, and tank co...


31 Days: Day 22 - Uncanny

There is a thin line that separates the uncanny from the terrifying. The length and position of said line may be different from person to person but it is there nonetheless. What often gives me a fright are uncanny children’s ite...


31 Days: Day 20 - Waking Nightmare

There is a bit of sadness that comes with making this series, as some of my top choices are likely to never receive a sequel for one reason or another. For some there have been talks official and unofficial but as the days go on my hop...


31 Days: Day 19 - Of Sight and substance

The Twilight Zone, probably the best TV series I’ve ever seen. It intrigues and fascinates me with many different themes and a variety of episodes. Clearly I’m not alone in this because it has been a staple reference in med...


31 Days: Day 18 - A Nightmare as a Child

Initially this game wasn’t on my radar at all. There would be a post here and there and I would eventually forget about it, thought I did have some interest in it. I’m glad I had a chance to experience this game. It has a l...


31 Days: Day 17 - A kingdom of Caps

There are few games that I can think of that carry as much variety as Mario game, especially the 3D games. One level could have you swimming the depths of an alcove in the sea, another will have you running and jumping across pits of l...


31 Days: Day 16 - A Late Night Stroll

Today’s entry will be a bit different, only because there isn’t much available for this title in terms of videos or music. The game was created by a group called puppet combo and they release games via patreon (an interesti...


Another 15 hour work day. At least I know they need me.


31 Days: Day 15 - Rated E for Everyone

Looking back I wonder how some games were able to sneak by with the ratings they ended up getting. It could be that some things have changed over the years. Perhaps the overall sentiment about certain themes and their portrayals has sh...


31 Days: Day 14 On the Road

One of my favorite things to do when I see my brother is to play a game together. We usually have a co-op game that we only play when we’re together. This gives us something to look forward to and keeps the game fresh for the bot...


31 Days: Day 13 - Surviving

Sometimes games can be scary for very poor reasons. Having a jump scare fiesta is one way in which a game can be frightening (at first) while still being a terrible game. Other times a game is simply so awful that it scares you. Metal ...


31 Days: Day 12 - Something in the Water

Submerged Castle has been a favorite of mine for this series. I would describe it as some sort of entity trying to imitate stock children’s music and failing to do so in such spectacular fashion. It knows what should be there to ...


31 Days: Day 11 - All ye out come in free!

For those of you who may not know I’m not a fan of ghosts or entities like them in film and most games. Many attempts to make them scary often fall flat because they lack any motive for doing what they do, or its super clich&eacu...


31 Days: Day 10 - Inside the Tomb

Sometimes it only takes a good piece of music to raise your adrenalin in the late hours of the night. I personally enjoy a good spooky song in the late hours of the night, especially if I’m at work. I can’t quite explain wh...


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My Top 20 Games (By the ever Illustrious Dango


This is a commission I had done for me by Inquisitive Ravenclaw. You should check out his site if you like the following piece

Link: https://theunknown1-arts.tumblr.com

I also got a musical piece made for me by the incredible Alphadeus. A little history behind this:

My musical piece came as part of the Songs for Gamers album DLC pack 02. Alphadeus has been making songs for the members of the destructoid community for years already. This past year he opened submissions and I applied. For my meagre efforts I received this lovely piece:

You can find him on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFs2UhJYPVITYWCiqMk-z3w

He also has other venues listed on his profile here, take a look if you are so inclined:

The community is full of people with all kinds of talent and I'm very pleased to be a part of it along with all of you (yes, you too fair reader).