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That second Pfizer dose kicked me in the teeth. Didn't really feel anything after the first dose, but I didn't expect the 103 fever from this one. PSA: try to get the second dose on a Friday!


Pretty much everything on this channel slaps.


So long, productivity


I wanted to like Paper Mario: The Origami King. I did, for a little while. It's charming and well-written. Then came the bosses. It's not that I can't solve those puzzles, it's just that I don't want to. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. For that reason:


I've seen a few variations on this, but it gets me every time. #memesIlove


I've always liked the celebrity animorphs.


Remember what things were like in the days before The Council? ...me neither.


I have Monster Hunter World and Generations Ultimate, but never got far into either. I really want to get into the series, and I'm tempted to get Rise. Should I get that and make it my first real Monster Hunter experience, or go with one I already have?


Oh yeah. Kaze and the Wild Masks scratches that DKC itch.


Mass Effect was the first game where I chose a custom female character instead of a male. A great decision, as Jennifer Hale's performance was fantastic across all three games. To me, Commander Shepard will always be female. #Womantoid


Alwa's Legacy (and Alwa's Awakening) are both tightly designed metroidvanias with excellent and well thought out mechanics. I highly recommend both of them. #indietoid.


My PS4 didn't get much love this year... Or did it?


Does anyone remember Sword & Poker on iOS? I loved that game (and its sequel). I can't find anything like it elsewhere (I have Android now, and I think even the App Store delisted the games). Any suggestions?


So good. Skip to 0:56 if you want to skip the lengthy intro.


Top 5 from 1999: System Shock 2, Super Smash Bros., Chrono Cross, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Pepsiman


Max Richter's album Voices is what we all need right now.


Tell me this doesn't sound like it could have come from a Donkey Kong Country game.


The announcement of a new Sam & Max game completely made my day.


For anyone who liked Danger 5, the people who created/wrote it made a series of hilarious shorts called At Home Alone Together recently. Worth checking out.


They're really going for an "M" rating this time, aren't they?


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