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Is anyone not burned out on stickers? Would you like some glow in the dark stickers?


Spending New Year's in Mexico with my wife and her family. Current Status:


You know, I was all ready to wait to play Dusk on Switch but now thinking about playing it without a mouse just doesn't feel right. Like driving a muscle car with an automatic transmission.


Whelp, the three core 5th Edition D&D books are on sale for $22 each at Amazon. Even if I never end up playing a game, they'll probably still be good for art references.


Happy Birthday Chris. I will always appreciate your support and kind words. You da best!


Stickers have been received! Details in comments. (BUMP)


Update on the Dtoid Halloween sticker: Got an email saying that they're scheduled to print on the 23rd. The promotion promised shipment before the 24th, so we'll see if that happens. Gonna be tight to get them to everyone else before Halloween.


Back on my bullshit. Happy Friday.


Stickers have been ordered. Check back in ~2 weeks. Cost will be whatever you feel like giving. Full res artwork in comments. Happy Halloween.


Line art for the Dtoid sticker. Colors soon?


Giving this a shot. Add me, I guess.


A few ideas for a Destructoid Halloween sticker. Thoughts?


The place where I get my stickers made is having a monthly special for orange -black-white stickers and now I'm tempted to get some Dtoid Halloween stickers made.


I found out that there are a lot of clips of Kids In The Hall on YouTube, and I've been binging through them. Current status:


Found out that I can actually buy replacement adapters to scan film using my flatbed scanner. Going through pictures from PAX 2013 (ugh)


Alright fuckers King of Dragons. This is happening.


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