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Line art for the Dtoid sticker. Colors soon?


Giving this a shot. Add me, I guess.


A few ideas for a Destructoid Halloween sticker. Thoughts?


The place where I get my stickers made is having a monthly special for orange -black-white stickers and now I'm tempted to get some Dtoid Halloween stickers made.


I found out that there are a lot of clips of Kids In The Hall on YouTube, and I've been binging through them. Current status:


Found out that I can actually buy replacement adapters to scan film using my flatbed scanner. Going through pictures from PAX 2013 (ugh)


Alright fuckers King of Dragons. This is happening.


I've been wanting to get a D&D dungeon master's guide, despite having no solid prospects of starting a game. But I also want to get the monster manual, just because I'm sure it's full of amazing art and would be a good drawing reference. Decisions...


I've been lusting after medium format cameras on eBay again, and feeling conflicted because I'm also tempted to save up to make the jump to large format photography. What non-gaming toys have you been saving up for/drooling over?


I thought of a stupid name that I am way too proud of for the community art digest I've been going on about. Hopefully I can get around to making an intro blog this weekend.


Finally had a victorious run in Enter The Gungeon! Victory screenshot in comments.


Hey all, I want to make a (bi)weekly blog similar to Comments of the Week, but for drawings we make. Like Dtoid Draws, but without a theme and regularly occurring. Who's interested? (Bump)


After talking with TriCerAroK yesterday and lamenting about our Joy Cons succumbing to analog drift, I realized I could replace the stick module fairly cheaply. But I also just want to use this as an excuse to get the neon blue/red ones...


My reaction when I take apart my Switch controller to troubleshoot a button issue, successfully put it back together and fix the problem:


Listening to a podcast discussing Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and I'm thinking I might need to replay it. Top 10 Games That Criminally Didn't Get A Sequel.


Was late to work, after a quick Dwarf Fortress session with morning coffee turned into fighting a were-gila monster, figuring out surgery, making tombs and butchering animals so I can make soap. Pretty eventful morning.


It's that time of the year again. I've fallen down the Dwarf Fortress hole again. Maybe I'll figure out the military this time.


My reaction when I hear the Final Fantasy prelude:


So sad I'm too busy to draw portraits of all you lovely people. Maybe tomorrow?


Like any of the art I've posted recently? Show me a receipt for a donation to SGDQ for at least $15 and it's yours. I reserve the right to wimp out on stuff I'm really attached to; in that case I'll draw something similar.(BUMP)


I made a wallpaper for you. Bigger version in comments. (Bump for the evening crowd)


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