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Me: "Romance paths in video games are always so shallow and pointless. I'm not even going to bother." *Plays one in game day of Stardew Valley* Me: "I must dedicate my life to this angelic being"


It's finally starting to cool down, and you know what that means? TURTLENECKS.


First game of mobile Nethack went as well as they usually do, by zapping a wand of sleep at a silver dragon five seconds after acknowledging that they have reflective properties.


10 minutes left! This one's for you, Not Americas. Happy Friday.


Nothing original for #Catgirlfriday. Inktober is kicking my butt. Might crank out a sketch later, but for now this with source in comments:


Not sure how I feel about this


Made the mistake of installing Nethack on my phone again and I just know it's going to end in tears when a misread screen tap during a critical moment results in a death after many hours.


Happy Friday! Here's a picture of Rozalin from Disgaea 2 that was supposed to be a quick sketch but ended up being too much fun. Shout out to Tohsaka for the suggestion.


*bursts though doors* *stumbles over something that isn't there* *raises one arm while taking a pained breath* "Ha-happy birthday!" *collapses*


Happy Friday friends! I hope you're ready to get SUPER RECKLESS this weekend!


Working on Friday's drawing. Should I finish it with ink? Or just make it look pretty with just pencil?


Happy Fanart Friday! Oh-hohohohohohoho!


Seeing Kentucky Route Zero was a great surprise. I've been eagerly awaiting for it to finish before I jumped in, and a Switch port is icing on the cake.


Oh hey, Taito released a premium Bust-a-Move mobile game after the F2P version failed miserably. It's almost as if that business model is a terrible idea.


Any HS players? I have no idea if this is still good, but here ya go: EDIT: Claimed


I still have a bunch of these. Does anybody want one?


It's going to be some time before I can play a game, be standing on a hill and not have an urge to jump off and lazily float down on a glider that I don't have.


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