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Here are some drawings I've done recently in comments because mild NSFW and you know how I do


Alright CCG nerds, I want to see your favorite joke cards. I only ever played the Star Wars CCG, but they had some good ones.


I'm not quite there yet, but most of you probably are, and I'm wary of my condition in a few hours, so I just say HAPPY NEW YEAR right now and save myself from fighting my phone keyboard and I hope everything is great for you all okay goodbye


Star Wars thoughts: Too much Disney theme park ride, not enough Flash Gordon. Still smiled like a big idiot at the end. C-


Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Spending the night rocking out to a very coincidental Anamanaguchi concert. Here's to another year.




For absolutely no reason that has nothing to do with today's events:


Have a thing I drew instead of paying attention at a meeting


Occam's gave a shout out to community artists on Podtoid, so I'll try to share more of my stuff here. Here's my dog as a space pilot.


I've been watching a few videos on Link's Awakening and I'm glad that it seems like we're all in agreement that the Tal Tal Heights theme is a banger


Goodbye from MAGFest :(


Studying for a math test then off to MAGWest to dance my ass off to video game tunes and get my yearly exercise in.


RE: Dtoid stickers. If you were expecting some and haven't received any, let me know. Not expecting any but still want some? Let me know! Still got a few left.


Fine Nintendo. You don't think you can improve on F-Zero. You can't figure out how to make it better than Mario Kart. So I'll just take my HD port of F-Zero GX with full multiplayer support and I'll be on my way.


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Aside from that, I am a visual artist desperately trying to be successful. I consider myself to be the visual art equivalent of a bard. Won't you tell me your tales of whimsy so I may illustrate and add them to the annals of time?
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