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Got eye surgery yesterday to fix my crossed eyes. Got to play video games on a TV from across my room with single vision for the first time in seven years. Suddenly have a reason to catch up on non-Switch games. Feels good.


Realized I'm coming up on 10 years around here. Have an art dump to celebrate. NSFW, male gazey as heck


Mods are asleep, post pictures of cute bunny boys


You should check out the YouTube channel Archipel. They do beautiful videos about Japanese artists, usually relating to video games, manga and anime. The newest is about Yoshitaka Amano, longtime illustrator of Final Fantasy (turn on subtitles)


GDQ just featured somebody playing a DDR-like and it was the most impressive, mind-blowing thing I've seen in a very long time.


Quick color test to make sure I could pull it off with the markers I have. Better piece incoming?


Watching old Metal Slug speed runs, and I felt a rare urge to make fan art


Pack it up, folks. Dragalia Lost won April 1st.


Happy Friday all. Here's some more of drawings I've done recently, in comments.


My usual sticker maker is having a sale for green on white stickers. I thought a Dtoid sticker would be a slam dunk but then I watched a Doom Eternal review that spoiled a certain Easter egg and now my choice is clear


RE Mike's GoFundMe: Anybody who shows me donation receipts dated 2/28 or later, I'll send some Dtoid stickers. $15+ and I'll make a simple drawing for you too. BUMP


There's an artist that makes pictures of anime maids skateboarding with the accuracy of a long time skater, who today referenced an amazing skate video intro and I felt the need to share it with you


Here's another sampling of my recent art stuffs, in comments. Mostly harmless.


Bought a new art book so I can try to make Uncle Occam proud


I don't usually immediately buy a game to get in on the zeitgeist, but if enough of you guys are throwing around invites for Animal Crossing, I just might have to bite.


Here are some drawings I've done recently in comments because mild NSFW and you know how I do


Alright CCG nerds, I want to see your favorite joke cards. I only ever played the Star Wars CCG, but they had some good ones.


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