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Finally had a victorious run in Enter The Gungeon! Victory screenshot in comments.


Hey all, I want to make a (bi)weekly blog similar to Comments of the Week, but for drawings we make. Like Dtoid Draws, but without a theme and regularly occurring. Who's interested? (Bump)


After talking with TriCerAroK yesterday and lamenting about our Joy Cons succumbing to analog drift, I realized I could replace the stick module fairly cheaply. But I also just want to use this as an excuse to get the neon blue/red ones...


My reaction when I take apart my Switch controller to troubleshoot a button issue, successfully put it back together and fix the problem:


Listening to a podcast discussing Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and I'm thinking I might need to replay it. Top 10 Games That Criminally Didn't Get A Sequel.


Was late to work, after a quick Dwarf Fortress session with morning coffee turned into fighting a were-gila monster, figuring out surgery, making tombs and butchering animals so I can make soap. Pretty eventful morning.


It's that time of the year again. I've fallen down the Dwarf Fortress hole again. Maybe I'll figure out the military this time.


My reaction when I hear the Final Fantasy prelude:


So sad I'm too busy to draw portraits of all you lovely people. Maybe tomorrow?


Like any of the art I've posted recently? Show me a receipt for a donation to SGDQ for at least $15 and it's yours. I reserve the right to wimp out on stuff I'm really attached to; in that case I'll draw something similar.(BUMP)


I made a wallpaper for you. Bigger version in comments. (Bump for the evening crowd)


Being disgusted by all the loud sex and bathroom befoulment at Whole Foods when all you want is a nice IPA to drink rectally. #MyBattlefield


Anybody have a Pixel 2 and want some free Dbrand skins? I ordered some for my Pixel 1 and they sent me these by mistake.


Biting commentary of the Nintendo Treehouse stream


Good idea. But what's wrong with it?


I'm sick. I hope your Friday is more happy than mine.


Spent all evening moving my PC components into a new case. Old case was beaten and bent, and I suspected that it was shorting the mobo and causing intermittent booting failure. But everything is working well so far! Hope it lasts.


I want to start a community podcast in which us older members of the community get together and discuss current video game rumors. It will be called Rheumatoid.


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