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Me: Lost interest in the last two metroidvanias I played about 80% through Also me: boy I can't wait to play Metroid Dread


Someone (don't) give me an integer between 12 and 316 Bump 2: Only got one done yesterday :( I'll try to do another one or two today. Drawing from the D&D Monster Manual. Three done so far.


You ever think of a perfect idea for a meme and then get terribly depressed knowing that you'll never have an occasion to use it


If you thought the SNES version of Mortal Kombat was bad, you haven't tried to emulate the DOS version using a web browser version of DOS BOX and casting it to a TV


Dealing with spicy threads:


Normalize difficulty selection screens listing "You're an old ass man with precious little free time" as a reason to choose Easy.


Happy Birthday Niero and Destructoid! Thanks for giving me the only online community I've ever fit it, giving me a reason to step out of my comfort zone to travel across the country for PAX and MAGFest, and being responsible for 90% of my current friends


Happy Birthday Lily! Thanks for helping make this place what it is, and I hope you have a great day!


Got a random email from itch.io about game jams, and while I'm not planning on joining any, it did lead me to learn a bit about PicoCAD and that sure seems like a neat little toy.


After years on my wish list, I finally started playing Momodura: Reverie Under The Moonlight. It's a pretty, cute and somehow dark, little metroidvania. I like it. #indietoid


Another productive year.


Happy Birthday Wes! I started this some time ago for some future Wednesday, but haven't been able to finish it yet (stupid olive green). Anyways, here's what I got so far.


Hey all, Anamanaguchi is performing the Scott Pilgrim OST on the Ubisoft Twitch channel at 1 PM EST. You got to show up for Another Winter at least.


Hey folks. Happy AGDQ. I have an art dump for you.


MAGFest is dead, long live MAGFest


Markers running out of ink in the middle of a complex drawing, having to pay shipping costs equal to that of the refill and waiting a week until I can resume is my Game of the Year.


" %20 is dropping into Fortnite " is the new " %20 for Smash "


Flare guns are awesome. Put them in every game. Let me shoot people in the face with a flare gun.


Fixed an issue of jumping cursors when using a stylus on the touch screen of my laptop by taping tin foil on the back of the monitor. Computers are ridiculous.


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Aside from that, I am a visual artist desperately trying to be successful. I consider myself to be the visual art equivalent of a bard. Won't you tell me your tales of whimsy so I may illustrate and add them to the annals of time?
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