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Hey all, Anamanaguchi is performing the Scott Pilgrim OST on the Ubisoft Twitch channel at 1 PM EST. You got to show up for Another Winter at least.


Hey folks. Happy AGDQ. I have an art dump for you.


MAGFest is dead, long live MAGFest


Markers running out of ink in the middle of a complex drawing, having to pay shipping costs equal to that of the refill and waiting a week until I can resume is my Game of the Year.


" %20 is dropping into Fortnite " is the new " %20 for Smash "


Flare guns are awesome. Put them in every game. Let me shoot people in the face with a flare gun.


Fixed an issue of jumping cursors when using a stylus on the touch screen of my laptop by taping tin foil on the back of the monitor. Computers are ridiculous.


Finished my Elphelt Valentine drawing :D Edit:BUMP


I'm not going to get around to making Christmas Cards this year, sadly. Couldn't think of any ideas. But when I have some time I'm gonna make a bunch of silver gelatin photo postcards. Keep an out for that soon if you're interested.


First prints from my tiny press! Still got bugs to work out; it's my first time using water based inks and it's hard working with small plates. But I love this thing!


New toy! It's a tiny 3D printing press I kickstarted. What to make first?


Happy birthday Chris and DeScruff! Hope you both have a day filled with prismatic joy!


Have some tangentially related to video games/Halloween silliness




Here's a quickish sketch of Mipha I did instead of learning how to do double integrals for the fourth time.


Here's a belated birthday present for GM in the comments


I telefragged a shopkeeper in Spelunky 2 10/10


Sooooooooo can I play Spelunky 2 or not?


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