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Once again for the night crowd: sign up for the Destructoid Christmas Card! International shipping not an issue (I reserve the right to retract that statement). Link in comments.


Calc 1 final today. Someone do me a favor and sacrifice something juicy. Or, like, snap a PS4 disc in half.


It's looking more and more likely these won't make it in time for Christmas (natch) but you should sign up for the 3rd annual Christmas card! Link in comments.


I got a Google Daydream free with a phone I bought a few months ago, and I had always meant to try selling it. But now I'm tempted to just keep it, if only for Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. Maybe I'll break it out on Christmas night.


Star Citizen players can now buy (looks around hastily) this half finished can of soda. For $100.


Here's something you can do while I struggle to find the time to finish the card: Sign up for the 2017 Dtoid Christmas card! Link in comments.


Happy Friday, folks. (Bump cuz Qtoid jank)


Despite popular demand, this year's Christmas card does not involve cat girls


It's Christmas card time! Should have a drawing up soon. Or would you rather it be a surprise?


Where are my Etrian Odyssey super fans at?


Evil Meanderbot won. Happy Friday.


Happy Birthday SrChurros! May the next year be filled with many churros. But the good, authentic ones, not the ones they fill with garbage frosting to disguise how lackluster the dough is.


Happy Friday. Bonus images in the comments of relevant drawings I've made for Inktober.


Well, I'm nowhere near being able to afford this at the moment, but after missing it two times already I just had to go for it. This is what credit cards are for, right?


Me: "Romance paths in video games are always so shallow and pointless. I'm not even going to bother." *Plays one in game day of Stardew Valley* Me: "I must dedicate my life to this angelic being"


It's finally starting to cool down, and you know what that means? TURTLENECKS.


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