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You all have failed me


Studying the phylum Annelida for a biology class and all I can think about is System Shock 2


Can I get an actual Game & Watch collection on G&W hardware now please?


As a youth, when I booted up Tetris on my faithful Game Boy and saw a copyright for Bulletproof Software, I thought the game cartridge was literally bulletproof #confessiontoid


Sharing the remaining Dtoid stickers I have by request of ZombieCORPS, but does anyone else want some? Should I get them reprinted? Free to a caring home.


As an American who was barely old enough to understand DOS before that went away and is trying to convince myself that I'd make a decent computer scientist, I have a kind of want for this.


You ever just buy a booster pack for a CCG you don't play just so you can smell the cards


Got served an ad for Cyberpunk 2077 and ray tracing while installing drivers for my 8 year old graphics card. Read the room, man.


Well, would you look at that


Went camping over the weekend. What did I miss?


you ever just eat a frozen cheesecake like a big cracker


Got eye surgery yesterday to fix my crossed eyes. Got to play video games on a TV from across my room with single vision for the first time in seven years. Suddenly have a reason to catch up on non-Switch games. Feels good.


Realized I'm coming up on 10 years around here. Have an art dump to celebrate. NSFW, male gazey as heck


Mods are asleep, post pictures of cute bunny boys


You should check out the YouTube channel Archipel. They do beautiful videos about Japanese artists, usually relating to video games, manga and anime. The newest is about Yoshitaka Amano, longtime illustrator of Final Fantasy (turn on subtitles)


GDQ just featured somebody playing a DDR-like and it was the most impressive, mind-blowing thing I've seen in a very long time.


Quick color test to make sure I could pull it off with the markers I have. Better piece incoming?


Watching old Metal Slug speed runs, and I felt a rare urge to make fan art


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Aside from that, I am a visual artist desperately trying to be successful. I consider myself to be the visual art equivalent of a bard. Won't you tell me your tales of whimsy so I may illustrate and add them to the annals of time?
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