DeS: PUBG sues Fortnite for copyright infringement
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Being disgusted by all the loud sex and bathroom befoulment at Whole Foods when all you want is a nice IPA to drink rectally. #MyBattlefield


Anybody have a Pixel 2 and want some free Dbrand skins? I ordered some for my Pixel 1 and they sent me these by mistake.


Biting commentary of the Nintendo Treehouse stream


Good idea. But what's wrong with it?


I'm sick. I hope your Friday is more happy than mine.


Spent all evening moving my PC components into a new case. Old case was beaten and bent, and I suspected that it was shorting the mobo and causing intermittent booting failure. But everything is working well so far! Hope it lasts.


I want to start a community podcast in which us older members of the community get together and discuss current video game rumors. It will be called Rheumatoid.


Nintendo. Game & Watch on mobile. $.99 each for the classic games. $1.99 each for the modern remakes. Do it.


I've been working on cleaning/restoring an old mechanical keyboard from the 90s. Really wish keeping it like this would be practical. I love how this looks.


Happy Friday. Have a good weekend. That's an order.


Very mildly NSFW Happy Friday in comments.


Looking at a very costly car repair in my immediate future, but at least it's Friday.


Working on a drawing tangentially related to video games: dealing with my social anxiety at Dtoid meetups at my first PAX. Maybe I'll throw it into a Cblog.


*Kagero gets cute new costume* Me: Maybe I should give Fire Emblem Heroes another shot.


Slowly getting better at Enter The Gungeon. Getting to the fifth stage somewhat regularly. I can't decide what I like best: the silly "shotgun shell that shoots shotguns" kind of guns, the sci-fi reference guns or the old Western guns.


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