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So some of you may have noticed that you never received Christmas cards, and that's because due to several reasons (notably money and laziness) I couldn't get to them. Sorry. Images in comments along with further apologies.


The best feeling in the world is when you're playing a Mario game, thinking to yourself, "I bet there's a hidden block right HERE" and being correct.


I paid way more than I was planning to for a non-gaming laptop, but it's a 2-in-1 with a pressure sensitive screen I can draw on so hopefully it'll get me to work on my digital painting chops.


The real tragedy of companies being knobs about copyright claims is that I can't pull up videos of Nick Burns Your Company's Computer Guy when the person, whose computer problem I just solved, doesn't understand the reference when I send them a gif of him


Pictured: Young Meanderbot age 8-24


During this season of giving, I thought I'd a make a completely self-serving reminder that I made a Dtoid shirt that that you can buy that I haven't been told not to sell yet: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/meanderbot/


Once again for the night crowd: sign up for the Destructoid Christmas Card! International shipping not an issue (I reserve the right to retract that statement). Link in comments.


Calc 1 final today. Someone do me a favor and sacrifice something juicy. Or, like, snap a PS4 disc in half.


It's looking more and more likely these won't make it in time for Christmas (natch) but you should sign up for the 3rd annual Christmas card! Link in comments.


I got a Google Daydream free with a phone I bought a few months ago, and I had always meant to try selling it. But now I'm tempted to just keep it, if only for Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. Maybe I'll break it out on Christmas night.


Star Citizen players can now buy (looks around hastily) this half finished can of soda. For $100.


Here's something you can do while I struggle to find the time to finish the card: Sign up for the 2017 Dtoid Christmas card! Link in comments.


Happy Friday, folks. (Bump cuz Qtoid jank)


Despite popular demand, this year's Christmas card does not involve cat girls


It's Christmas card time! Should have a drawing up soon. Or would you rather it be a surprise?


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