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Finally playing Witcher 3 and after a few hours I totally get what all the fuss is about. You're just a cop in a fantasy world, examining crime scenes and looking for clues, tracking down missing people and figuring out how to banish wraiths. It's great.


Playing Alpha Protocol for the first time and having a blast! What an underappreciated little gem. I remember the reviews when it came it were not very favorable so I avoided it. It's rough around the edges but it's a solid little espionage game.

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Objection! In Defense of the Gigolo

Objection, Fuckface When Shadows of the Damned came out, I wrote a piece defending some of the design and characterization choices made by Goichi Suda and the team at Grasshopper Manufacture that were being criticized elsewhere on the int...


The Horrors of War and a New Perspective on Death

*spoilers ahead for Spec Ops: The Line* Some of my earliest gaming memories are of Mortal Kombat. Decapitation, spine rippage, and impaling were everyday occurrences during my childhood. As a result, I�ve never been particularly squeamish ...


Dreaming: West Side Story

With the recent news of Epic Mickey 2 being a musical and Alistair Pinsof's follow up list of gaming's greatest musical moments, it's safe to say the musical genre has been on my mind. I'm not a huge musical theater aficionado by any mean...

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Greetings Destructoid!

Greetings everyone! I've been lurking Destructoid for a few months now after finally giving up on IGN and I decided it was about time I made myself an account. I don't consider myself much of a writer and I don't know how often I'll actuall...


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