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Had to give up on Pillars of Eternity for the switch today. Load times are abysmal, and there are several game breaking bugs that the platform localizers haven't yet fixed. Hopefully in a couple months they'll have sorted out their shit.


Just finished Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 with the girlfriend. She really liked it after Diablo III. Can you recommend other couch co-op games for the switch that have similar mechanics but aren't split screen? We tried B'lands 2 but she got motion sick.


Started a rewatch of Anohana because Mother's Basement did a video on it and I wanted to feel feels. My reaction after five seconds in the comments.


Watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit with the girlfriend. What's your favorite Bob Hoskins film that isn't the Super Mario Bros movie?


Putting down my parents cat this morning. Such a good little gentleman, he's the reason I wanted cats of my own. Biggest cat in the world. Update: we're trying surgery, he's strong this morning.




FiveFingerDelta already won this one, but I had to throw my hat in as well.


#Dinnertoid Chicken thighs, garlic coated, mushrooms, asparagus, chicken broth cooked rice underneath. Whats your favorite thing to cook?


My kitchen's new back splash is on fleek.


Ever sat on the toilet so long reading or playing videogames or doing phone stuff that you have to ask yourself, "Did I poop?"


These star rankings better not eliminate faps.


So for the past week or so I've had this odd intermittent inability to sleep, specifically my body won't automatically breathe so I start suffocating when I first fall asleep, jarring myself awake. Seeing doctors tomorrow for an apnea test. FML.


Things I never thought I'd Google: "What is the gayest mammal?"


Happy Fourth, you crazy dtoiders. Remember, if you live in the US, try not to injure yourselves today, emergency rooms are going to be full with morons who tried to launch Roman candles out of their assholes.


Okay, which of you fuckers have been jumping ship to Kotaku of all places and actually commenting? I at least have the decency to lurk like a proper Dtoid deviant.


#Hydratoid (Really just an excuse to post something I promised Soulbow a little bit ago. Pic in comments)


Has anyone else played Mana Spark? I've been very much enjoying it, even if I've only reached the third boss three times and very much didn't last long on him.


I want to take a moment to appreciate all the Cat Dads here in Destructoid. I look forward to joining your ranks in July.


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Back at home in Des Maine was a hoot, but theres no place to drop a deuce like the throne you This is my favorite picture from the trip, and makes me want to get a Dark Souls bonfire tattoo


What classic table games r u playin? I fell back in love with Dots and Boxes

The Asparagoose

on the phenomenology of gaming, because that is what matters


Welp I got my upteenth rejection letter for a I give up, gonna go through a temp agency at this point cause its clear that I cant get a new job on my own it

able to think

Got my new bookshelf set Had to move the art around so it would fit but its done and now Im ready to fill it with books and


Na na na na na, ah na na na na, na na na na na na, na na na na, na na na na na na na na, shes got the look!


Was looking foward to a kickstarter game called GLITCHED coming out Got delayed hearing his reason though glad he delayed

Electric Reaper

So far, Cautious Hero is a nice take on the isekai setup where the hero is so overpowered early Plus, it has a goddess as a comedy

Chris Bradshaw

Man, I really tempted to go Xbox for my next gen investment simply because the leader is so damn good now



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