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Finally. I have finally finished the Cabaret Club minigame in Yakuza 0. I can now progress the plot....what was I doing again?


New Mexico is shutting down again for two weeks. My office has two confirmed Sniffers and my boss is a Neckbeard.


They started it with gifs, I'm only responding in kind.


Y'all know me. Y'all all know who this is for. Happy birthday, dude.


Two Hades clears today, my second and third. Doom shield throw & Hera bow with OP Aphrodite cast.


Watched Terminator Dark Fate last night and The Terminator tonight. I liked Dark Fate, moreso after seeing someone call it Woke Fate. None of the sequels take away from the first two movies.


Got my first win in Hades with the base bow. Been cheating with God mode, which I feel less bad about now that the game has decided to start cheating, too.


I like a bunch of the Resident Evil movies, I enjoy the escapism of isekai, and I listen to Fall Out Boy. #Basictoid


So I shouldn't be surprised by this but I was Googling Wonder Woman 1984 and apparently people are reviewing it, some of them like it's come out and they've seen it, some are reviewing...trailers? And others complaining that it's not out yet. Crazy pills.


Robbie Amell as movie reboot Chris Redfield. Im stoked, and yeah, I've got trash taste.


Some spoopy humor for this, my Monday (took yesterday off).


Happy birthday Mike. Always a good day when we can celebrate one of the best of us. Thanks for helping to make Dtoid the awesome place it is today. Cheers!


Alright, I finally have a question worth asking. Since Hades is hot shit right now (loving it), who was your favorite Greek God before you played Hades, and who is it now? My answer in the comments.


Happy birthday Inquisitive Ravenclaw. This is the only way I know how to honor you.


So...are we really not going to talk about the Princess Peach hentai game getting a C&D from Nintendo today? Literally the most Dtoid news story since we last discussed the Darksiders franchise?


Well, finally watched The Strangers. I'm sure I've seen a movie I'd call more hateful and fear-mongering, but for the life of me I can't think of it. It's like someone travelled back in time and tried to make an 'apolitical' version of The Purge.


Taco Bell is axing the Mexican Pizza. How the fuck are they gonna win the Franchise Wars now?


New mattress. Now my neck and back hate me. Can I upload my consciousness into the matrix yet?


Too blue, true blue. To blue, for you.


Fucking hell. Rest well, black panther.


Finally got to Shadowbringers in FFXIV. I am become hype.


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The contents of this blog are opinion-based, as I have no official standing or presence in the tabletop roleplaying industry, and really just thought DICESTRUCTOID was too good of a pun to not at least attempt to engage in.

I've played a number of systems, ranging from D&D 3.5 to more than a few permutations of Powered by the Apocalypse, but some of the standouts are:

- Two year campaign of D&D 4e in the Dark Sun setting, ending in a TPK shortly before my players were set to hit level 30. Sorcerer kings can crit like nobody's business.

- Five years of various Call of Cthulhu games: Horror on the Orient Express, Miskatonic University, Classic 1920s, Secrets of Berlin, Achtung! Cthulhu, Cthulhu Dark Ages.

- Two years of King Arthur Pendragon in the Great Pendragon Campaign, suffered about nine character deaths over the course of the game, while other players lost maybe one or two.

- Two years of the Iron Kingdoms RPG, both running my own game and playing in someone else's.

- Six months running three different chronicles in the New World of Darkness (and updated Chronicles of Darkness).

Games I own and really want to run something in:

The Witcher RPG
Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Roleplaying
Firefly: The RPG
Sword Noir
Dungeon World
The End of the World
Heroquest 2nd Edition
Through the Breach