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Six hours of Unity tutorials later, I'm feeling pretty stoked on this whole programming thing.


Oh shit it's summer... Are we about to enter into the birthday gauntlet?


Another birthday two-fer, huh? Wash your hands twice as long today, you filthy Dtoiders.


Jesus fucking Christ I need something happy to play after beating TLOU2.


So I've got a Last of Us 2 question for those who are playing it; it doesn't have to do with the story, but I'm putting it in the contents anyway for people who want to go in as blind as possible.


Quintessential 90s that likely shaped the rest of my musical appreciation life, both in terms of genre and album art. #90sToid


So with the Diablo 2 remaster/remake leaked, assuming (with a shot of tequila, lime, and an entire shaker of salt) that Blizzard isn't going to fuck it up, what kinds of Quality of Life changes would you want to see in D2R?


Happy birthday Guster. This may not seem like a good present but I had to try and reupload this gif like six times.


Wow. Was this seriously my first Qpost? ....k


Everyone told me and I didn't believe them, but yes: FFXIV gets MUCH BETTER after starting Heavensward. Even the bridge content to Stormblood is amazing.


Fun fact: every birthday Occams adds another cat to his face. You all have never noticed this, but I, crazy-faced cat dad, have.


I'll take Reinforcing Stereotypes for 600, Alex. https://kotaku.com/nascar-driver-suspended-for-saying-n-word-on-stream-1842839192


Happy birthday to the bongiest of acks. The kushiest of admirals. The dankest Dtoider.


Happy Chungus, goofier birthday.


Happy birthday to our Dtoid birthday folks! May your days be chill and full of cake!


FedEx and UPS *may* be forced to suspend services for two and three weeks at least, respectively. Don't panic, but get your essentials if you need them.


Sitting on my Toto washing my ass while blowing my nose on toilet paper is the bourgeoisiest thing in the world right now.


No reported cases of COVID-19 in my state, there is not a single case of toilet paper to be bought in my city. People are so fucking stupid I swear to God.


Started Children of Morta. Damn if this isn't the best mix of Diablo style dungeon delving and roguelite skill based play with static upgrades I've played in years.


About AtomicBananaone of us since 4:45 PM on 03.23.2010

The contents of this blog are opinion-based, as I have no official standing or presence in the tabletop roleplaying industry, and really just thought DICESTRUCTOID was too good of a pun to not at least attempt to engage in.

I've played a number of systems, ranging from D&D 3.5 to more than a few permutations of Powered by the Apocalypse, but some of the standouts are:

- Two year campaign of D&D 4e in the Dark Sun setting, ending in a TPK shortly before my players were set to hit level 30. Sorcerer kings can crit like nobody's business.

- Five years of various Call of Cthulhu games: Horror on the Orient Express, Miskatonic University, Classic 1920s, Secrets of Berlin, Achtung! Cthulhu, Cthulhu Dark Ages.

- Two years of King Arthur Pendragon in the Great Pendragon Campaign, suffered about nine character deaths over the course of the game, while other players lost maybe one or two.

- Two years of the Iron Kingdoms RPG, both running my own game and playing in someone else's.

- Six months running three different chronicles in the New World of Darkness (and updated Chronicles of Darkness).

Games I own and really want to run something in:

The Witcher RPG
Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Roleplaying
Firefly: The RPG
Sword Noir
Dungeon World
The End of the World
Heroquest 2nd Edition
Through the Breach