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Nothing Is Sacred: Boss Fights

Nothing breaks a great story and atmosphere in a game more than an obtuse, "thrown in because it needs to be in there" boss fight at the end of the game, except for an even worse "we need to stretch this game out" end of a level/chapter bos...


Untapped Potential: Send in the mods!

I'm very picky when it comes to PC gaming. Seeing as how my budget for games, period, is fairly small, when I buy a PC game I look for two things. The first is a game that I'm going to enjoy. Yes, there's flight sims and extremely intr...

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Why some people shouldn't get involved with PR

Denis Dyack worries me a little. Julian Eggebrecht does too, along with Luc Bernard. It's not their physique that threatens me. It's the "they're playing in a different reality and could snap at any time" thing that scares me. Normall...


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