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Zelda DS - A Retraction

I hereby retract all previous statements of naysayeth against the upcomming Zelda DS game. I have obtained a copy of the game in, what one of my close acquaintences would say, "Moonspeak". After playing it a little while and getting a gr...


Comcast breaks the internets! I NEEDS MY WOW!

Hear that? Listen closely... Yes, that! That is the cry of thousands of Comcast customers complaining they cannot log onto their WoW server. Apparently some goof ball at AT&T must have tripped over a wire in the server room and disconne...


So, I bought a Wii...

It finally happened. I was browsing Craigslist, trying to score a PS3 for $400, and I came across a nice little posting; "Wii + 2 nunchucks + 2 remotes + Wii Play = $320" It seemed like a fair price to me, considering used Wii's go above r...


About Aexone of us since 3:26 PM on 03.04.2007

Best game in the world, ever, quite possibly should be, maybe, kinda, God of War.... Maybe Guitar Hero. I don't really put myself into a fanboy class, if I had to choose one, I'd probably go with the Wii ... haters. Useless, overpriced, POS. I currently own a ps2, wii, ps3, xbox360, DS Lite, and a PSP. Pirating is bad... if you are caught o.O
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