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Let's Talk Turkey (dumb name) (NVGR) (pic heavy)

I left the country for about a week and a half in April. I was visiting Turkey with my parents. It was a wonderful trip, and I saw some amazing stuff. My trips: let me show you them. In honor of the esteemed Dr. Feynman, whose book I had ju...


Aaamaazing: Gateway to the Other Side

Warning: contains spoilers for Portal (not Portal 2). This is about Portal. You probably already know the part I'm going to talk about. Throughout the game they present you with two environments. Primarily, the stark white hospital-esque, ...


Technical Difficulties: Art Strategy Games Difficult?

"In God's name, but these be obstinate and fierce adversaries," uttered the elderly thane, standing at the high battlements of his fortress. The fortress, by careful design of his forefathers generations upon generations ago, was situated a...

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In Underground 21st Century Soviet Russia...

...demons slay you! Oh wait, that doesn't really work for that joke, does it? (Note: no story spoilers!) I'm about ready to leave 2010 behind, so this is not a blog about how Metro 2033 was my GOTY (even though it was). It's also not a revi...


With Whom Doth The World End? It Endeth With Thee

Two years ago we moved out of a house we were renting and into a house we bought with our own money dollars. For the most part, I considered this moving up in the world, save for one thing: we managed accidentally to put our DS Lite into a ...


Occam's Electric Parcel

My friend (I can call you friend, right?) Occams sent me a care package in the actual hold-it-in-your-hands-and-smell-it-whoa!-that's-funky mail. That's a thing only people like my parents and my wife (before she was my wife, when we were m...


The Borderlands Effect

Borderlands is both an interesting and an uninteresting game at the same time. It's fairly polarizing, too. About half of my friends eat it up; the other half either spit it out or spit on it. But even those who love it are unlikely to say ...


A Boy and His Super Meat Blog

Sorry if this post body shows up twice. Blame NewDestructoid. I'm sorry to get your hopes up, but this is not at all about A Boy and His Blob. A game came out a couple weeks ago, which you might know about because lots of people can't shut...


What is Legendary Reach? We Just Don't Know

Apologies if this post shows up in its entirety twice. Problems with NewDestructoid. I have finally joined the ranks, alongside my buddy Beyamor, of those who have finished Halo: Reach alone on Legendary difficulty. For any of you who are ...


A Mathematical and Inquisitive Approach to VVVVVV

Drawn by the allure of a cheap indie game that I'd heard about from several sources before, I picked up VVVVVV last week. This isn't a review of the game; Anthony did a fine job there. It's just a bunch of thoughts I had when playing it th...


Experience PAX 2010 Vicariously Through SteezyXL

Last week I prepared for PAX. Over the weekend, I went to PAX. Now I'll share a bit of what I saw there. It was a blast, but I unfortunately didn't get much time to meet up with Dtoiders, because the Geometry Wars 2 tournament overlapped wi...


Si Vis Ludos Para PAX

Roughly, it means, "if you seek games, prepare for PAX." It's a corruption of the ancient adage, si vis pacem para bellum ("if you seek peace, prepare for war"). Anyway, I'm gearing up for this weekend's PAX fun, so I need to get prepared. ...


How I won an Xbox with... my MIND!

My love of Xbox may have started probably about 8 years ago when I was a dumb college kid. You see, I was able to win a free Xbox and games from a competition using only... the power of my mind! I was taking Software Engineering. That may ...


Unboxing Laughter's Rewards

I received something in the mail! There's an exclamation point there, because I can't tell you how long it's been since a real live human being (as opposed to some kind of corporation) sent a package to me. What could it be! Let's adventure...


Teh Bias: An Xbox Fanboy is Revealed

I recently got a Playstation 3, and now that I own all three of the current generation systems, I'm finally able to bang out this post in good conscience, in which I document my love for the Xbox 360 and my not-love for the other systems. H...


My Rival, My Nemesis

I've been playing a good amount of Geometry Wars 2 lately. It's my go-to game when I don't feel like playing anything else or don't have time to settle down into another game. GW2 has the unique properties necessary to put me into a kind of...


In Which I Both Deride and Exalt Your Cblogs (NVGRish)

I created a little something I'd like to share with you all. Remember last time how I made a deal that this time would be about games? Yeah well, I guess I'm reneging. Woops. I look at the cblogs every day. I like to read them; it's now pa...


This is How I (Blog)Roll (NVGRish)

Blogging is a very methodical process for me. I always follow several steps from writing a post to actually publishing it. Step 1: Write the post in HTML As you might have seen from my profile info on the right, BBCode makes me angry and...


Alternate Reality: If Cars Couldn't Kill

I pulled up to the traffic light and braked slowly. The light was red. I pulled the grocery list out of my sweatshirt pocket and skimmed over it again: grated cheese (sharp cheddar), red bell pepper, ground beef (1.5 lb)... Shouldn't take m...


The Guilty Gamer

I read Wrenchfarm's excellent musing post about guilt and games, and it reminded me of things I think about too. I feel guilty when I play games. But I play them anyway. It's kind of a constant struggle against myself, really. At times I fe...


Conjecture: Mass Effect 2 1

The great debate got me thinking about Mass Effect... as if I weren't already, heh. I liked Mass Effect 2 more than 1, but I liked the first one, too. What did the second one do better? I'm glad you (I) asked! The Mako Does anybody have ...


Mass Effect 2 is *gasp* a Role Playing Game (spoilers)

I just recently finished playing Mass Effect 2. It was one of the best games I've played in quite a while, and it had surprisingly little to do with the combat, given that I'm an action/FPS/twich/skill gaming enthusiast. I liked the dialogu...


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