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Today I Failed at Escaping the Inevitable

It seems today, a sunday of all possible days, my destiny has caught up with me. I tried to escape it, following the wise words of John Connor, "There is no destiny but what you make of it" or something like that... Today my Xbox just red-...


Bomb Threat aka Greatest Senior Prank EVER

So I'm sitting at my drawing desk during second period when all of a sudden we hear the voice of the vice principal over the intercom. He's telling us to evacuate the main school building and head towards the football field. Thankfully our...


Cloverfield aka That's a Big Fucking Monster

So I've taken a break from all the hullaballoo that is keeping a blog on Destructoid. Well, I'm back bitches... So I just watched Cloverfield this evening, and well, am really impressed. You know what, fuck that, I FUCKING LOVED THIS MOVI...


I'm Back, Bitches. Also, Resolutions

Happy New Year to all you fuckers. I couldn't enjoy the celebrations because I was too busy flying back to LA from Cancun (that's right) and arrived back home at eleven pm. Well, I'm happy to be back home, but today I've been thinking abou...


Mass Effect is My Game of the Year

Boy, oh boy... Today at around three o'clock I finished one of the most epic and affecting, if not the best, game I've ever played. *SPOILER ALERT* I still have images of Sovereign coming into the Citadel, and the epic spacefight that ens...


Puzzle Quest Is Just Another Name for Crack

Puzzle Quest.... Where do I begin... I went to a local Target this weekend. Usually I go to check up on what movies are there, and to see if there are any worthwhile games on sale. Yeah I'm a cheapo, but whatever... I get to the checkout...


Work Etiquette

I saw this yesterday... Great way to get out of one of those boring conversations at work.Watch Me!


Dream Casting for Dragonball Movie

DISCLAIMER: I don't like DBZ I just wanted to bring attention to the lulz this story wil surely provide. I don't know if it's a moral thing to do but I am providing a link to a story from Kotaku(D-Toid editors, please don't charge me with ...


Happy Turkey Day, My Fello D-Toiders

So today is the big day where we get to pig out on a big bird and other assorted foods, and give thanks or something like that... Whatever... So in honor of turkey...I mean Thanksgiving day. I wish to heartily give my fellow compatriots a...



DISCLAIMER: I am not actually Beowulf, although that would be awesome... So as many of you might know this little indie film by the name of Beowulf, is making its way into theaters this Friday... I just happen to have won two tickets to it...


How Lego Star Wars became my Halo-Killer

I purchased Lego Star Wars 2, for the 360, this weekend. It was only 20 dollars at Target. I'd heard good things about it but never really played it, after all, it is a kid's game, and I am not a kid... I got home and popped the disk into m...


Brutal Legend is real!!!!!!

I got my Game Informer mag today in the mail, and surprise, surprise.... FUCKING BRUTAL LEGEND is on the cover. For those of you who don't know, it's a game from Tim Schafer and his studio Double Fine. These are the guys behind the awesome ...


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Sup dudes, I have an Xbox 360 (request me, I need friends... sadness...). I love old school games(Pac-Man, Galaga, Super Mario World, Streets of Rage, you get the idea.) I also harbor a love for the more modern(Resident Evil 4(die zombie bitches!!!!), HALO(YES I AM A NERD), Beyond Good and Evil(a true masterpiece), Mass Effect, Bioshock, Call of Duty 2 & 4.

I have an Xbox 360, although I suck at achievements.
I have a Gamecube, which pretty much left me in the dark of modern gaming a couple of years back, a Playstation with a large collection of RPG's, which I have come to despise, a Nintendo 64 which I never really played, damn Playstation taking up most of my playtime, and a still(somehow) fully functioning Super Nintendo & boy do I love that thing...

I attend high school in LA, shout out to my peeps!(not really)

I love indie music, makes me feel sort of crass and snotty though...Although I've recently acquired a taste for classic punk music and underground hip-hop(weird I know).

Oh, and I like stamp collecting and taking long strolls down the beach...
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